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  1. Solucionado sin soporte, al final se me ocurrió usar el teclado pulsando la tecla tabulador hasta que se iluminó el icono de actualizar y pulsando entre se me abrió la pop UP y pude meterle el firmware de nuevo, por si alguien le pasa ya saben la solución, usar el teclado y listo.
  2. I reply These message, from 19 h to 23 i disponible for remote, thanks
  3. This is not serious ...
  4. If you send me a private message on Monday, asking for the error again, after replying, I have not received any response again ...
  5. Que tristeza de soporte por no hablar ya del precio que cuesta aun a estas alturas el router seguir con un producto que desde que salió esta plagado de errores en software contando el limitado hardware que tiene. Seguiis sin darme respuesta ni por aquí ni por privado... What sadness of support not to mention already the price it costs even at this point the router to continue with a product that since it came out is riddled with software errors counting the limited hardware it has. You continue without giving me an answer either here or privately ...
  6. Nothing, It had been days since I entered, when I installed the bo4 I wanted to change the profile and after trying to clean the cloud, it started to give script errors and r app error, icons for update or reset are invisible. What day could they connect for solve??
  7. i try reset in the back of router and wait minute, and unplug and wait minute but the problem persist. log-1548544547280.txt As I can not restart it through the menu, disconnect it from the power and wait for 5 min to restart and once it is on, wait another 5 min to access it, but everything remains the same, it is not a browser as I am trying on other laptops with all the possible browsers; Opera, firefox, safari, chrome, edge and I have the same problem. I also put a clip behind to give him the reset ... there is some way that you can access remotely
  8. and again with the same thing it seems that the message is not read well or the English of the google translator is failing ... well I did not say that the browser is not because apart from cleaning the cache and entering incognito mode, it happens to me the same with chrome, opera and firefox ... apart from not being able to update it or restart it, it does not stop going out windows every time I enter in some option like "script error".
  9. version 29. I just can not change any configuration as I said before, I want to fix it by updating the firmware again but I can not give the update icon because it does not detect it as I told you before and you can see in the photo. pass me the link above the browser to update to see if it can be solved
  10. i cannot configure nothing, geo antibuffer... i clean cache of all browser firefox chrome, i dont have antivirus. need update to previous firmware but dont put the icon
  11. i have problems in all menus of netduma router page, i cant acces to factory reset and update( the icon of update is invisible and dont work), need a local link of update menu(type i cant upgrade by ever r-apps problems. i try reset in the back of router and wait minute, and unplug and wait minute but the problem persist. log-1548544547280.txt
  12. jordi08110

    Netduma R1 (dumaos), como router principal

    si precisamente mi pregunta es esa, solo me funciona como principal el netduma mediante ppoe introduciendo los datos en settings/wan/network y eligiendo pppoe, si pongo dhcp no me funciona internet, mi pregunta sigue siendo la misma parte de meterle el DMZ en el router del isp hay alguna otra solucion? gracias
  13. jordi08110

    Netduma R1 (dumaos), como router principal

    buenas, pues yo quisiera hacer lo mismo,pero tengo movistar, puse el router en modo bridge pero en el netduma solo me funciona mediante ppoe, y la conexion va mas lenta, hay que realizar alguna configuracion para poder usarlo en DHCP, ya que me es imposible, agradeceria algun minitutorial para usar el r1 como principal y dejar el otro como ONT. gracias chicos
  14. perfect i received, for futures updatings, how received the update? thanks