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    Fuzy reacted to crawlgsx in Xr500 firmware updates   
    Have been feeling this way as well, a little disappointed at the updates/fixes/releases for the XR500.
    For such a pricey and Niche device I thought the priority would be a little better. Seems like NetDuma and NG have prioritized product pumping over current customers (XR700, XR300, XR450 all coming out since XR500's release with very few Firmware updates and even fewer additional features or fixes in the same time frame)
    Not pointing fingers, certainly know this isn't your fault Fraser, just adding a +1 and sharing my agreement in the disappointment.
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    Fuzy reacted to Sunaikinti in Xr500 firmware updates   
    Sounds like you need more testing done on the new firmwares. Release them as betas and you could have thousands of beta testers, us! This will track down bugs faster. Openwrt has new builds daily. Let us help you make your product the best it can be!
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    Fuzy reacted to Netduma Jack in What are the chances of the XR500 getting a dual wan feature?   
    Thanks for the feedback, always handy to know why people want certain features we'll let everyone know what is included in our future firmware releases.
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    Fuzy reacted to Netduma Admin in Telnet or SSH   
    Thanks Muffin - I've added this to our Roadmap for consideration. And I assume you're referring to an R1 right? XR500 / 700 has a Telnet option at: http://routerlogin.net/debug.htm
    Edit: just saw you have an XR500 - so please follow the url above and enable Telnet there.
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    Fuzy reacted to Netduma Fraser in Xr500 option dhcp60   
    Not at the moment. It's most likely that it will appear in the next firmware
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    Fuzy got a reaction from Apofis in Conseils d'achat   
    Le xr500 c'est Netgear qui gère les mise à jour, tout les trois mois a peut près !
    Alors que pour le R1, tu peux t'inscrire à la béta, le suivi et les mise à jour sont distribué par l'équipe duma.
    Le geo fonctionne trés bien depuis qu'ils ont rajouté le ping assist !
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    Fuzy got a reaction from Apofis in Conseils d'achat   
    Tout dépend de tes besoins !
    Le Duma ne va pas te changer la vie radicalement, il y aura toujours des lags et des bullshit.. mais moins !
    Ces problèmes ne viennent généralement pas de ta connexion mais des serveurs BO4 ou COD en général !
    (Voir mon topic de ce matin !)
    Le Duma te permettra de faire le Tri et d'optimiser le ping max sur les serveurs auxquels tu te connectes.
    De prioriser la connexion d'une console ou d'un PC, sur le reste de ton réseau perso.
    R1 c'est bien pour une connexion ADSL ou VDSL2 (mais Wifi 2,4G) moins chère
    XR500 pour une connexion Fibre (VPN hybride, wifi 5G) plus chère et surtout mise à jour très très très longue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fuzy reacted to Netduma Admin in QoS   
    To where exactly? The current publicly released firmware is here: https://www.netgear.com/support/product/XR500.aspx#download
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    Fuzy reacted to Netduma Jack in QoS   
    Il devrait certainement y avoir ... Une grande partie de cette année a été consacrée à la retouche de nos systèmes et à la construction de notre flux de travail avec Netgear. Notre objectif est que ces mises à niveau se produisent beaucoup plus rapidement à l'avenir
    There definitely should be... Much of this year has been spent reworking our systems and building our workflow with Netgear. Our aim is to get these upgrades happening much faster in the future
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    Fuzy got a reaction from Netduma Admin in besoin d aide suite remplacement console   
    Renouveler l'upnp
    enlever le dmz sur l'ip de l'ancienne 
    tu ne peux pas avoir 2 consoles en nat ouvert sur le même routeur en même tps sur le même jeux.
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    Fuzy reacted to Killhippie in NEW FIRMWARE OUT (Netduma R1): DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3   
    Yet oddly there used to be netgear beta firmwares available. They were even given out in the forum via pm. I wonder what’s changed ☹️
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    Fuzy reacted to Mement in NEW FIRMWARE OUT (Netduma R1): DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3   
    As it stands Netgear users are very frustrated with their current duma OS due to:
    The Geo Filter Currently doesn't work as it should due to cloud server misplacement issues
    The Allow and deny servers doesn't work either as it should due to whatever issues etc 
    QoS kinda works better on the download then the upload (for me anyways)
    These core components of DUMA OS are the reason a large majority of the people bought this gaming router in the first place
    These problems should be treated with highest of priority by Netduma within a timely manner there is no need to keep passing the blame on to netgear  or avoiding peoples questions regarding these matters
    There needs to be more transparency with your consumers acknowledging what the current problems are because everybody I see coming to the forum at this current time is asking the same set of questions 
    Please dedicate a pinned thread telling people of known issues and workarounds if any
    Not doing so is  just adding to the frustration of the consumers as well as yourselves its wasting a lot of peoples time
    Also What is so wrong in offering us ping assist in beta at this time  if you unable to offer any respite with the current problems it may help
    We may be able to work it out together
    Some how there must be a way to solve the current divide that is starting to become more apparent as the days go on
    What I'm failing to understand is the R-apps where initially created for a specific reason by Netduma and that is ease of expandability
    Most of these DUMA OS features are an R-App and are Independent to Netgears actual router firmware
    Quotes from this link -  https://rapps.dumaos.com
    "R-Apps are independent features on your router. Just like an app on your smartphone, each R-App solves a problem to give you the best connection possible.
    It is so easy to add new R-Apps to your router. This extendibility means you will always have the latest, powerful features to take control of your network.
    Yet as Netgear DUMO OS Users we are unable to test the new R_apps in beta ourselves or even experience them or have our issues fixed without having to wait for them to be implemented by Netgear as part of their annual/ seasonal router firmware update whenever that may be
    The current issues are unacceptable and even more-so with the new features being released on the R1 that Netgear users may find beneficial right now
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    Fuzy reacted to Killhippie in NEW FIRMWARE OUT (Netduma R1): DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3   
    Sadly ive gone back to the R7800. I miss DumaOS but streamboost works well  enough and I'm using Voxels firmware so I know the GPL packages that he can change will be much more up to date than either the XR500 and XR700, both which are using old versions of OpenSSL to begin with yet again <sigh>

     Tbh I have a great line, without QoS I get pings to London of 7ms from he south coast and 33ms to Germany, I live on my own so things are more under my control, and I have very low latency, in fact I started getting better results on the XR500 with everything turned off towards the end. None of this is the fault of the Neduma guys, but Netgear should realise you cant run a gaming router with quarterly (ish) updates and now the XR500 is at the back of the line behind the R1, a router with a 600Mhz processor that seems to preform better than the Qualcomm/ Annapurna units with their bigger more powerful cores and more powerful wifi. I just need a router that I can game with and stream with and the XR500 was not really good at being a gaming router with the issues it has any more for me, and its way to buggy after being out 9 months as a home router too. I cant even have basic access control, let alone work out what's online and offline as things get stuck in the Network monitor sometimes and when I'm not gaming I would like to be able to use IPv6, no matter what it is 2018 and my ISP natively supports it. IPv6 may not help gaming much but  if DumaOS can't use IPv6 maybe it should recognise non gaming traffic and let IPv6 work when its just being used as a non gaming router. Maybe this could be possible in a future update?

     I'm not sure about Netgear though as their IPv6 implementation filters ICMP, which it shouldn't. They wont change their mind and i'm guessing it would mean maybe a major overhaul of their firewall code maybe, who knows but they are certainly not bothered about it as its been going on since way before the R7000 was launched. Asus routers manage to deal with IPv6 this just fine. Netgear are way to slow with updates too, they even left in a bug using the '/' symbol  that effects passwords  that I found and reported on the R7800 which was fixed last year. ( The R7800 has exactly the same internal hardware as the XR500 with 128 MB less flash memory as its not running DumaOS, so it has 512MB ram 128MB flash compared with XR500's 512MB ram 256MB flash)

     You can see really see here that a smaller company  that cares about its product can push out updates  very quickly, unlike Netgear, whose firmware in my opinion feels like its just getting worse with each update.  I'll go back to Netduma when they make a more powerful router, I need wireless 802.11ac to stream 4K but I don't want a three box set up (Modem, router and another router as a access point) but for me at least the XR500 is underperforming, and Netduma cant really do anything about it as their hands are tied and now they are up and running with the R1 (good for them) I think Netgear is starting to look like are fading memory in some ways. Netgear have fragmented DumaOS basically as I see it.
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    Fuzy got a reaction from Tony in Comparaison entre 4G et Fibre ! (Xbox) BO4   
    La Blag ! en mettant ma zone sur des serveurs espagnoles avec un ping à 140 ms en Fibre... je suis en mode GOD !
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    Fuzy reacted to Uzumaki619 in NEW FIRMWARE OUT (Netduma R1): DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3   
    Cause it's only for R1 users only
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    Fuzy got a reaction from Netduma Admin in XR 500 OPTION 60 ISP SFR   
    YES n°40613095
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