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  1. Hey supafastguy.. Lets just say we share that pain about H5.. And so many other players alike.. I do feel that H5s multiplayer could have been one of the best.. But just as you stated if it played the way it was suppose to on a more consistent basis then yes it would be amazing.. If you look at H5 from the start that is where the game had so many issues.. Not to mention a very big lack of content and what was given out at release seemed rushed out the door before it was even ready itself.. Its like buying a new car with wet paint yet..lol.. H5s low population is from this one big issue we have talked about here.. Ive gamed for years and have never seen a game have issues like H5 has.. I could compile a list of just the major issues and still would forget something.. Such s shame too because if the game played well or more consistent for players alike it would still be the go to game.. No doubt hands down!! Now back to these prioritizing ports! A little update! There is no doubt with your help and others from here my game play is much better.. I think we are on the correct track! I still feel we are likely missing one or two more critical ports but are on the right track! In order to get H5 to work more correctly is by selecting ports for the game ourselves.. Trial and error is our only option really.. But for the first time in along time H5 played very well for me last night.. Just so im understanding you correctly are you using the R1 when playing H5 over the XR500.? Are there any other ports that you see that seem to have a pattern? Id download wireshark and run the game through that myself and see what I can figure out but my XR500 is very shaky in the knees right now and don't want to disturb it to much either.. For some odd reason this router may go down as bad as H5!! LOL.. If there is anything else you care to share by all means do! If you have a screen shot of ports you see in a game or two let me know! I maybe able to see if certain ports play a more vital roll then what we are currently using. Also let me know what playlist your playing.. Im curious to see if ports differ between playlist types.. I may end up getting an R1 if this XR500 continues the path its on.. For some reason I think I made a big mistake buying this over the R1!! Btw if you want to play a few games add me.. ZippySkippy is my gamer tag.. Heck we can at least give Quickplay a test to see how the game plays when we are both partied up!.. Again thanks!!
  2. Im also having this same issue and hopefully is the cause of other issues im having that seem to pop up after the Device Manager starts getting wonky.. Netduma should be aware of this issue by now as more seem to be reporting about this.. The only thing that cleared it up for me was a factory reset.. But just a warning.. Don't be surprised if the issue starts again.. We will have to wait and see if Netduma comes up with a fix or solution.. Good luck! Zippy..
  3. Hello Netduma Admin. I just wanted to give you an update. Currently I am running on the most current firmware. And this issue is not a random issue just with us both.. As you have probably noticed more and more are starting to post about issues like this. It all starts with things getting mixed up in the Device Manager. Things will show offline when online or the wrong device will be shown for the another device or even a wired device will be represented as being connected to WiFi.. These are not just a cosmetic type issues.. At least not from my experiences.. Once things start to get mixed up the first thing that ive noticed right away is online gaming starts to perform poor.. Even though the performance is subtle it is noticeable.. Someone watching youtube or Netflix likely wouldn't even notice.. Even myself once I first noticed this I really didn't think much of it but then UPnP started to get effected by this as well. It just seems like this was taking on a domino effect. And once I couldn't even delete devices in the device manager that weren't even online I knew it was time for a full factory reset. The minute a full factory reset was done all the devices in the device manager were showing in there correct spots and status. UPnP was back up and working as it should. The most critical thing I noticed right away was how well online gaming performed. And that is key for me.. Basically the router was working as it should.. Since I only rebooted the router late yesterday once I get home tonight I will check and see how its going and report back here if you want.. If you really think I need to down grade back to an earlier firmware then I will.. But please let me enjoy some online gaming first while the router is still working as it should.. That's all I ask.. Thanks Netduma! Zippy.
  4. Thanks for your reply Netduma Admin. My network traffic prior was showing red but then I noticed it had also quit lighting up! My console at the time this all took place wasn't showing in the Network Monitor also it was saying offline in the Device Manager but yet it was online. During this time I also tried to delete my work laptop from the Device Manager because it was at where I worked and not at home. Which is 12 miles away.. But when I went to try and delete it from the Device Manager it wouldn't let me delete it because it said it was online but yet in the Device Manager it showed offline.. Which it was because it wasn't even in my home.. Another thing I noticed also is that UPnP will show port 3074 active when my xbox isn't even online. At first I thought my xbox must be still making connection.. So I unplugged the network cable and check the next day and sure enough UPnP was still showing it active to my Xbox.. Even after trying to refresh UPnP it always said active.. There is no doubt I have some working gremlins going on with my XR500.. My only course of action was to do a factory/hard reset.. But what I don't understand is what is causing these things to take place.. I will monitor this and see how things go.. But something has to trigger these events to unfold..
  5. kungFoo Im having the exact same issues your having with my xbox.. What im wondering is when I go back online but yet the device manager doesn't show my xbox back online is QoS being applied to my xbox even though it is back online but the device manger says it isnt?? I wouldn't think QoS is being applied while a device is offline.. Does anyone know what might be triggering this so called bug?
  6. Ha ha your right there isn't many of us left! And don't even get me started about the aim in that game!! Yikes!! One game the aim is decent the next its like a rubber band!! What really gets me is when I see a player with an accuracy of 23% but manages to get 23 kills.. And here I sit where im at 61% and hardly drop a player! I do believe something did happen with H5 that couldn't fully be fixed. Very likely something in the netcode. I do know MS did develop teredo so both IPv6 and IPv4 could work together and port 3544 is the port used for that protocol. Could you share how currently you have yours setup? Like what ports and what port numbers your using for source and destination? Id really appreciate it if you can!. Im not sure how much difference there is from the R1 to the XR500.. I have the XR500. I just want to compare what your doing to what im doing! Thanks supafastguy!
  7. Thanks Fraser! It would be nice to see that info.. Is my later idea even possible at all? I was curious.. If it is that would be a nice long term goal.. Thanks again!
  8. Hey!!! Thanks for sharing! That is very interesting! Those port numbers ive come across as well.. Its interesting to see 3544 in there. I think MS uses that port for teredo tunneling for connections.. That maybe a more critical port then what I thought.. Ports 30001, 30004 im almost sure are udp ports at the server level. Which have been for me.. Its good to see im not the only one left playing Halo5! For a minute there I thought I was alone! lol.. If you come up with anything else please share! I will do the same.. And trust me im with yah when it comes to registering headshots! Im going to give this a closer look when I get a chance tonight.. Again thanks supafastguy!
  9. Hey Fraser, I wanted to add a side note here also in why I think having this feature added back in.. Now im not sure if the XR500 ever had this because I bought my router back in August but info like what kinel has mentioned would be very good in so many ways. Even those that don't feel its needed I can understand why. If a particular game is working for them why would they support this feature.. Regardless if it doesn't even help me but does help other gamers alike then Im here to support them and the feature! If one size fits all would work for everyone then we would be living in a perfect world.. But as you know already that isn't the case.. So having such a feature like this I feel is key! And really I feel you would have to agree. What I was wondering also is if such a feature could be added that not only would it show what ports a particular game is using but also if it could show how much data a particular port is receiving or sending?? I think if that is possible then one could help define what ports are critical.. Of course also defining what ports are udp and tcp also.. Anyways those are my thought! Thanks!
  10. Id be curious on what you find. One thing I did like about my ASUS router is you could prioritize ports individually similar to what we have with Netduma but ASUS also would give you options on how high to prioritize a port and how much data you wanted to allow it to send or receive.. Up to 1500 kbps per port.. Very cool feature if one knows what ports to plug in there.. One thing I did notice when playing H5 with my ASUS hooked up I had a lot of TCP ports with 443 in there and only usually one or two UDP ports per game.. Its been awhile since ive had my ASUS hooked up but I may just hook it up and see what ports it logs and see if there is a pattern.. With Wireshark does it give you info on how much data a specific port is receiving? Thanks and keep tinkering!
  11. IIIRL is it possible that one might need a specific port that is TCP giving that a high priority? Maybe we are focused all on UDP when maybe there is actually a TCP port that needs a high priority also.. What are your thoughts?
  12. I have the same issue with the ports not reading the correct device. In the network map table it says im using port4. In the system monitoring statistics its saying port 1. This is far more then a visual issue. It impacts the performance of this router greatly!! Another issue I have is I cant delete a device in Device Manager even though its offline. When I go to delete it I get a message saying cant delete because the device is online..when it is not.. Again this is not a visual issue only.. I cant stress enough of how major of a performance impact it has on this router.. All QoS becomes useless at this point.. All key Netduma features are impacted in some sort or fashion.. Another strange issue is I cant reboot the router through the GUI. Once I do this it never reconnects.. And I don't need any special credentials from my ISP to manual enter. Should be plug and play but it isn't.. Hard resetting it has the same issue. Its more then a pain in the ass to get this router to finally connect.. The only way I can get this router to reconnect is to power cycle it numerous times and hope and pray.. This could take up to hours and not minutes.. Once I do finally get it to reconnect and if I quick jump in and play a online game it performs well.. But something takes place where all of a sudden the performance of online gaming becomes unplayable!! And its coming from the router.. I have no idea if this is a Netgear issue or a Netduma issue.. One thing I do know is its a real pain that this router has technically two softwares/firmwares on it.. One Netduma and one Netgear.. Double the chance for issues to pop up! Ask me how my experience has been with this router thus far?? Any takers?? Ask me how much time ive screwed around with this?? Ask me if my patience is getting thin?? And lets not forget about the price tag!! Zippy.
  13. Fraser if 1024-65535 is being used for consoles wouldn't that also mean that it would cover what IIIRL is doing with regards for him using 30000-60000? Not sure if your following this or not but was curious on your thoughts. Also does DumaOS port prior do this in both directions? Like upload and download? The reason I ask this is when I watch my ping graph while playing a game my ping stays steady.. Flatline. In fact all my lines are steady.. Ping is steady, Tickrate steady, Sendrate steady, Only one that doesn't stay steady is my receive rate.. That jumps all over the place and wasn't sure why that is. I had thought maybe that im not getting a clear path for receive rate.. If all my other lines are steady why is my receive all over the place? I would think that also should remain steady or at least somewhat steady. What is your thoughts on this? Something isn't making sense to me here. Thanks Fraser!
  14. Thank you for the detailed info on how to do this with Wireshark! I greatly appreciate this.. Im going to tinker a bit first and see what happens.. Thanks again!
  15. IIIRL you are definitely on to something here. Excellent job on doing some homework on this.. I actually may try the same range you did. You don't happen to have played Halo5 have you? Id be curious to see what range of ports you get on that game. I currently have the XR500 and not quite sure if I can bridge my connection like you did with the R1 to test for myself. I had a ASUS router before and that would always give me detailed info on what ports were vital and whether they were udp or tcp. and one could prioritize from there. But sad thing is this Netgear XR500 doesn't seem to give much for info in this department.. What I find interesting is the range you have set up I think would cover the range I recall when playing H5. I always seen udp ports 30000-60000. Im just not totally sure if any would fallout of that range. I don't think so but again not a 100% sure. If you have anything you would recommend im all ears.. Currently I don't feel im getting a smooth lane of traffic in both directions.. Again if you care to share anything else id like to hear it. I do actually find this interesting and very good info and would really like to play H5 the way it was meant to be played.. Thanks again!
  16. Thank you Fraser. That's good to know! My question is say if 3074 udp port is the main port it seems for xbox. Are there other ports that get mapped into just that one port 3074 udp? Im confused a bit why I see other port numbers having udp protocol that never show up in UPnP.. All I ever see is 3074 udp but yet I know there are other udp ports that are involved. And some of them seem to be random and always change each game. Is this all normal? Thanks again and I hope what im asking makes sense.. lol..
  17. I voted!! excellent post!! Ive also noticed ports changing. And there is absolutely no pattern to them.. Does anyone know how we could do a work around on this? Thanks!
  18. Personally if Spectrum in your area is using DOCSIS 3.1 then I would buy a modem that is DOCSIS 3.1. Just my two cents.. The more channels you have to bond the better. In time everyone will have to have a 3.1 modem. We use to own the cable company here and have sold out to Charter Spectrum. And DOCSIS 3.1 is what I would go with as long as Spectrum will allow you to have it.. This varies by location and what is allowed by Spectrum in your area..
  19. It would be safe to look at Spectrums approved list of modems. But also do your homework to make sure it doesn't have a puma6 chipset. Because for some odd reason Spectrum and other cable providers are still giving out modems with the puma6 chipset.. Likely because most people wouldn't notice there is an issue. But if your a gamer you would notice right away with very poor gameplay riddled with jitter and ping spikes. A 16x4 modem would be plenty for your speeds. But the more channels one has the better flexibility one has when congestion in Spectrums network becomes congested.. Hope what im trying to tell you makes sense and not confusing you.. The modem you currently have seems to be doing a good job right? and that's a 8x4?
  20. Correct if the 7620 is in the bad list I would for sure stay away from it.. Anything with a puma chipset.. Specially if your a gamer.. Most cable companies are now or have deployed DOCSIS 3.1. And if deployed proper and dialed in correctly you would benefit from it.. But if you would rather play it safe then I would understand your reasoning in keeping with DOCSIS 3.0 modems..
  21. If they recommend the 7620 that would get you better performance.. Do you happen to know if your area in TX is running on or supports DOCSIS 3.1? That's one of the things I would check. I have Spectrum here but I don't live in TX. Im all the way north of you in MN. I have the same speeds as you and they are telling me to update to DOCSIS 3.1. Basically this whole DOCSIS upgrade to 3.1 is to help with congestion and deliver higher speeds.. Even if your not on a gig plan the benefits of DOCSIS 3.1 is more channel bonding.. And the more DOCSIS 3.1 modems that are deployed the more it helps the whole Spectrum network congestion.. That's the theory behind it.. Just figured Id share that..
  22. Ive got a similar question regarding this.. I noticed for my xbox 3074 is open and upnp shows this.. But with the game I play none of the other ports are ever shown in the upnp table. I find this very strange. With my ASUS router it logged in all ports that were used and it told me if they were udp or tcp.. Now with my XR500 when I used a port checker tool to see which ports were open the other ports except 3074 always came backed as closed.. The game I play is H5 and according to the developer they said that all ports to there game must be open.. port 88 udp port 3074 udp/tcp port 53 udp/tcp port 80 tcp port 500 udp port 3544 udp port 4500 udp. Shouldn't these ports show up in the upnp table? Specially the udp ones? Im confused about this.. Something is not making any sense.. Also another bit of info is I am behind what they call a Cone NAT.. Does being behind a Cone NAT have anything to do with my issues? Thanks! Zippy..
  23. Hey Fraser, No PPPoE. I just plug n play. No credentials needed in the router for my ISP.. This is the only router ive ever had this issue with before..If I plug my ASUS back in it connects right away with no issue.. And I can reboot it without issue as well. But cant do that at all with the XR500.. Ive always liked to reboot my router once in awhile to refresh things.. I dare not do that with this gem. I agree.. Im going to hide this router when I have my ISP over. Thats good advice there.. Its a shame that's the first thing they look at..Im having them over to update my modem and check my cable.. They said it was time to upgrade my modem to the new DOCSIS 3.1. I just want to make sure this new modem has nothing to do with the Puma chipset.. That's a no go!
  24. Thanks Fraser I understand what you mean. When I seen msn.net I knew this likely wasn't going to be easy to get fixed. And I still am going to double checking a few things just to be absolutely sure there isn't another cause. Last thing I want to do is say something without certainty.. With that said I also need to make another post about my XR500. For some reason if I reboot my router it never reconnects. And when doing a factory reset/hard reset it does the same thing. Another very odd thing.. Seems im having some very bad luck thus far. I want to have my ISP to come over and double check everything but I know if my XR500 is acting up that's going to be the first thing they point too.. Thanks again for your time..
  25. I could try to upload a couple of games.. I will have to figure out how to do that though and when I have some free time.. Ive been focusing on a couple factors though and one in particular. I know MS uses msn.net for all there routing. And I did notice a hop between two MS servers/routers and what a peers to be with in the same location or even at the data center level. Between these two hops the latency is very unstable.. It is naturally higher and even seems to spike! I have a funny feeling that maybe the cause of my issues. The only reason I feel this to be the cause is because Josh from 343 explained to me what takes place when lag spikes are detected while playing a game. He mentioned that when a spike is detected ones upload gets throttled down to about nothing and slowly brought back up until another is detected.. Ive dug into this even a bit further and noticed that players north of this data center hit that same bad hop and the game play results tend to be the same.. My only question is who would one talk to about this? I think I could give them the id's/addresses of the server or router that is causing this.. It would never hurt to have them check this.. But something tells me I would get the run around... Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks again for your time!
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