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    NoMoreMyFriend-S reacted to robcore in QOL recommendations for QoS and NAT for DumaOS   
    Please look into
    - Device Independant Type of Service prioritization, capable of re-ordering various common ports/traffic types as needed.  Allowing a "custom port" option would go a long way as well.
    - More common protocol types in the prioritization fields than just tcp and udp, as sctp has become a common protocol for gaming, for example.  As well, "all" or "0" would be a useful option for full device prioritization.
    NAT/Port Forwarding:
    - Real full cone support (I can link the patches if it helps) or a dedicated console dmz would be very helpful.
    - Again, more protocols supported for forwarding.
    Thanks and have a good one!
    Edit: For QoS, device prioritization as a separate option from bandwidth slice would be good too, as often the services whose packets we need to go out first don't necessarily require high bandwidth.
    Also, offline devices NEED to be removed from QoS calculation AUTOMATICALLY.  Frankly, I was surprised to see that I needed to remove an offline device from dhcp reservation and manually update the distribution table when a device leaves the network.  You guys need to base distribution solely on connection status because I don't want to have to manually update router settings every time I turn off a computer.
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S reacted to bbursley in Anyone else having time to kill issues on bo4   
    Same 25-30ms and people just trash me. Could be jitter on the ISP end though even if your overall ping is low. I know some people have the ping plotter showing jitter but when I’ve done tests related to it, it shows mines low. Though someone with a fiber line might have zero jitter and guess who’s bullets will work better? Even then I don’t think it always matters, the games so busted.
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S reacted to DARTHXX in Getting really pissed and annoyed!!   
    After hard resetting it works again, but i do not know a few weeks ago it was really enjoyable to play on the spanish server or better
    said black ops 4 , but it seems that this game is so broken. Now i get instamelted with one to two bullets every time ... this will be my last
    call of duty until they make a decent net code ... u unload a whole clip to them just to get instamelted it is so annoying and frustrating.
    U watch the killcam and this super pros just to not say something else are not even hitting u full ... 
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S got a reaction from RL317 in Preemptive versus Reactive   
    played teh shit out of IW before I moved to Thailand. From here you connected to servers in Japan or Australia, same for WW2. It was a drama. BUT: still more consistant than the shite I face with BO$ having a server right in front of me in Singapore (27-32 ms, instead of 120+). I guess the game code is just shite and too many folks in the area connecting from their McDonalds hotspot....
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S got a reaction from RL317 in Preemptive versus Reactive   
    You are describing my life with this thread.
    no clue why I have lagspikes, most games unplayable on BO4. I have a fiber to the home with 200/50 beside my playstation and r1. And it is frustrating the hell out of me. I spend more time tweaking than playing, e3xchanging cables and devices, hard drives, etc. and still shit results.
    R1 original software seems to work better than the Duma OS on R1
    but overall, unplayable for me.
    about to give up
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S reacted to RL317 in Preemptive versus Reactive   
    I signed up two months ago so no, I just missed it. Typical
    It's a good 99% of the time, no exaggeration. It'll take me 100 or even more games just to find one on the same server (or even one with a higher ping) that randomly gives me a great connection, and if I'm lucky it'll last two or three games before going back to weeks of nonsense. For the most part I get on expecting the same and just play 15 or 20 minutes before I get off again. If I'm feeling really stubborn (like "why the fuck shouldn't I be allowed to play? I'm gonna sit here for a while") I'll just be testing connections for an hour or more. 
    I can only think of a few days since February of LAST YEAR where I got more than one smooth responsive game during a session. There was the 8th of March this year (5 solid games, shite the next day), the 21st of April (2 hours of constant good connections, shite the next day), and then a few weeks ago on DumaOS. It was awful to start with, then I tried this new setup messing around with bandwidth allocation to different devices rather than global bandwidth control and I got four smooth games one day on 7ms to the UK server, and the first six games of the next day before it went back to one bar jokes. It's gotten even worse since then.
    The only other time I've had decent connections in that time was on the 17th and 19th of May this year, where I set my filter in the north of Scotland when connecting to online services and avoided servers, then disabled the geofilter and got player hosted lobbies. In two games I pulled host and it was incredible. In the rest I connected to random hosts around Europe and on anything up to the 60ms I got to a host in Denmark, it played better than 99% of my games on servers, including the UK one at 7ms. I distinctly remember one game where there was a host migration and suddenly there were hexagon (packet loss) icons on screen for a full five minutes, and the connection was still better than most I've played on 7ms. Unfortunately it would take me up to 30 minutes just to get a lobby that was populated enough for me to start a game, so it's not exactly a reliable method of forcing decent games; my attempts to do this in the week following those games all failed to find a game. 
    This was from 8th of March. My jaw hit the floor when I started playing, and most of my time was spent laughing because it was so unbelievable
    Naturally the next day it was back to desync dogshit 🤣 what's really weird is that I'd been using the "typical" R1 setup that day - 70/70 preemptive, CoD Ultimate profile, PSN in hyper lane and auto everything else. That setup had never given me these results before. I've tried literally hundreds of different settings - optimal or otherwise, and tweaked one at a time or as a combo of new settings - and never attributed any brief moments of success to them because those good rare games are truly random. 
    Actually thinking back to February 2017... I think that's when I got my R1. November 2016 was awful on IW, but December through February were comparatively great (say around a third of games were on great connections) while I was using just my BT Smart Hub. Most would come to the conclusion that the R1 is the problem, yet I've had great games with the R1 too. Clearly my network is capable of giving me these great connections because they do sometimes (well, seldom) appear, and I've spent so long on bad ones I can detect them straight away, in my first gunfight of the game. The problem is there's nothing in my settings that would logically affect my usual connection performance, so I just get on confused and get off confused - whether the game plays well or not. 
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S reacted to Foedus Gratiae in Maddening Inconsistencies   
    This game drives me crazy. I can go 41-3 one match and the very next match 5-10, unable to kill a soul. From god mode to insta-death mode. 
    Rant over...
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S reacted to billcline in Open Beta of DumaOS on the Netduma R1: General Discussion   
    while the dumaos has made bo4 better for me, I think the programming of the game itself with lag comp, sbmm, small maps, bad spawns and unbalanced gameplay.....it is just not fun. And blackout's PS3 level of graphics is terrible!
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S got a reaction from Cécé in Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3   
    As much as I admire them to try to make things better, sadly I agree that the original seem to work much better. Hope they get a grip on it
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S got a reaction from Cécé in Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3   
    With the R1 I have no issue to connect to Singapore.
    What I notice is that the players I am teamed up with do lag and jitter badly and most lobbies I have to put entire magazine into a player to kill him.
    The safeguard mode is completely unplayable for me.
    The better my own connection, it seems also the more the server punishes me. Today I have a boost of 300/300 and it is worse than with 100/40. When I throttle with Netduma to like 4/3 then it seems to work much better than when at QoS settings 25/15 MB/s
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S got a reaction from Cécé in Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3   
    It goes even further.
    I now upgraded again and when I start the PS I do get the Singapore router (mostly). The I play a few games, it gets bad and I back out of lobby or restart the game and then I do not get connected to the Singapore router anymore. Have to restart the game 4-5 times, also the router and console before I do get again onto Singapore Server. Nothing changes on router settings while I play.
    That is so strange since with R1 OS I am on that server every time, without fail.
    What is not working with DUma OS is when I flush the cloud. It is like trying for a minute and then I do get an error. Any idea what this could be?
    This afternoon after the third time I did this, I couldnt access my PS games anymore until I did a connection test on PS. And never got back into Singapore server.
    I checked the IP of my console (fixed), same as the one shown in game and on router. I have this since IW that I do not see other players when I am connected to a dedi. When P2P then I do see some of the other players.
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S reacted to TheDude2850 in Black Ops 4 Support   
    I'm not seeing peers when playing regular multiplayer, not blackout.  I'm not sure I'm seeing dedicated servers either.  I occasionally will see a peer or server, sometimes nothing.
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S got a reaction from RL317 in DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!   
    Same thing. with the first big patch it seems they messed up what they left on good in the game from the beta.
    And either teh way they write the netcode it makes Netduma not work, or there is an issue with Duma OS in itself. The only thing I can use my R1 at the moment is QoS within my home, but nothing of the geofilter and ping assist seems to either work or matter....
    Not a happy camper at the moment
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S got a reaction from RL317 in DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!   
    Definition of insanity.
    put that into youtube and watch the FarCry 3 clip coming up. cracks me up every time....
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S reacted to dav581005 in BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush   
    I have downgraded to original firmware today as tried the workaround last night on DumaOS but no luck tried it again on original but still didn't work so loaded up cod ultimate profile and way better connection so might stick with this until either cloud update or next firmware for DumaOS comes seems like ping assist is the way to go at the moment 
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush   
    Thanks for sharing this work around.
    Facing the same with the singapore server. will try your suggestion and see if it works also for me.
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S reacted to witton90 in Unable to play any call of duty games   
    Have you tried flushing the cloud settings, had a similar problem and that worked for me, untick both cloud settings, hit apply, tick both settings hit apply again then reboot console and router hope this helps
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    NoMoreMyFriend-S reacted to Netduma Luke in DumaOS Update - Recent Progress   
    A long awaited update on DumaOS
    We have made a lot of progress over the past few weeks. The OS is currently being beta tested by more of our UK based users and their feedback has been great. Thanks to their testing we have been able to make the OS very stable. This is a big milestone. DumaOS is such a big undertaking so getting to this point, where we know the firmware is solid, is a very good feeling.
    Now we have stability we can shift our focus to usability. This means making things as easy as possible to use and much more 'plug and play' than the current R1 firmware. For example, we have developed an 'Auto Congestion Control' feature, which automatically applies Anti-flood and Hyper Traffic whenever you are gaming (this can be turned off by the more experienced users who prefer to manually configure things).
    Once usability is in place we can then widen the beta to more users. So this means we will be expanding the beta pool soon through the Coal Mine. Open Beta should then follow not long afterwards. We've deliberately not given exact dates here - it'll be ready when it's ready!
    After usability comes the fun stuff, when we can create many new features that we have in our Development Roadmap. We will continue to roll these out on a regular basis even after DumaOS is fully launched, meaning your router will just keep getting better and better.
    Finally we just want to say thank you for all your support and patience. We realise it's frustrating when we don't send out status updates so we're going to make sure we do more to keep you guys in the loop. What we will say is be assured we are working as hard as we can to get DumaOS ready. It's a big step up for our company so we want it out there as much as you do. But only when it's ready!
    Thank you for your understanding,
    The Netduma Team
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