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  1. 1 hour ago, Netduma Admin said:

    Good job in narrowing it down. I think at this point the problem is likely to be a hardware issue, probably with the R1 but possibly with the Ethernet cables. The one thing that’s puzzling is the fact the speed is almost exactly halved. 

    Are you able to try one more thing - factory reset your R1. Click the ‘i’ in the top right corner to open the option. See if that changes anything. 

    If not, could you email us at [email protected] about a replacement. Thanks. 

    So I had unplugged for about an hour the openreach modem and duma.  Home hub had been off for about a week, decided to set the duma back up through the home hub, factory reset everything, put it back in the DMZ of the homehub and set up QoS all properly and It's coming through at the speeds it should now. So all good in that regard, only worried about the wifi drop issue again that I had before with the home hub being plugged in. But I also still lag horribly on Rocket League on PC when someone is watching something on the Fire TV Stick as it uses and absolute mega ton of data, its running like 4-5Mbps even when im giving it only 1% on the flower and i got the sliders at 50%. I never lag when the kids are watching netflix on their iPads or phones but as soon as the fire tv is turned on my ping is all over the place. Going to try and see if I can change some settings on it, might have to sacrifice some picture quality so I can get some good gaming in.


    Also might be a bit late for me to get a replacement, I've had my Duma since Oct 2015

  2. So I ran BTs speed test to see if i could get down to the problem plaguing my internet and these were the results. I am getting around 76Mbps from the exchange to my house but as soon as it comes out the router it drops to around half, this is the same when I'm on both power line adaptors and also properly hard wired. BT wont help as they say everything is all fine which to be fair it sort of is on their end as they are supplying the right speed its just when I try get it out of my router it is halfed.


    (This was with QoS turned off so I could get a more accurate result)


    Super disappointing news but just removed Netduma from my set up and my speed is right where it should be, I'm getting 72Mbps in my third floor bedroom. So My Netduma is 100% destroying my speeds.


  3. 56 minutes ago, Netduma Admin said:

    Hi both - could you do this please:

    1. Set Anti-Bufferbloat to Never and run a speedtest. 
    2. Enter those exact speeds in Anti-Bufferbloat's advanced options (click the three line, 'burger' menu in the corner of the panel
    3. Now set Anti-Bufferbloat to 'High Priority Traffic Detecetd
    4. Finally, move the sliders to an even lower amount. Try 50%

    That will prevent the rest of the house from causing you to lag.

    Just one other thing - are either of you gaming wirelessly? If so, the lag could be a wireless issue rather than a bandwidth issue

    I'm playing through a BT powerline adapter, as my router is three stories away from my room. Can't run a ethernet cable all the way through the house so they were the only solution. I do have a feeling the powerline adapters are causing issues but i'm not sure theres much i can do about it.

  4. 47 minutes ago, Evangelisuk said:

    Short time period but the wifi doesnt seem to have dropped!

    Bad news is my ping is sky rocketing when someone is streaming video in the house even with all the above settings in place.

    I have unticked share excess so that said devices cant take more than what i have specified and see how it goes from there.

    Im playing a game called Overthrow ( 1 man project remake of Paragon )  which runs on a peer host system. At the lobby join it will show

    around 150ms which is bareable and in game that can rise to 200 ( actually still bareable ) but i will get loads of spikes which leave my movement rubberbanding ect

    and this only happens when theres someone using a nice chunk of the bandwidth.

    Even with said streaming devices limited and there should be loads of connection left to not ruin my ping its still happening all the time and its extremely bad.

    I get exactly the same issue on Rocket League on PC, I can sit happily playing at a solid unmoving ping but as soon as someone turns on Netflix on the Fire TV stick my ping will bounce between 200 and 30 constantly making it unplayable. This is even with me having bufferbloat set at 70/70 on always and with me giving my pc more bandwidth but if I turn off share excess they complain because Netflix starts to buffer.

  5. On 11/22/2018 at 12:25 PM, Netduma Jack said:

    What speeds are you guys on? If your speeds are lower than about 25mbps then Netflix will struggle to get the bandwidth it needs. If you're watching 4k, even more so. That's going to put a massive strain on your whole network.

    Give your consoles more bandwidth through Bandwidth Allocation. You could even untick Share Excess if the device running Netflix still has enough bandwidth to use.

    For the WiFi drops, download a channel analyser and find the best WiFi channel for your area, then select that in settings.

    I pay for 80 down and 20 up from BT. Their speed test tells me I get 80 down and 20 up but Speedtest.net tells a very different story of just about 40 down and around 15 up.

  6. So I was previously having WiFi issues and recently removed my BT Smart Hub from my set up and now just have the Duma plugged into an Openreach Modem. Everything was working great until this evening where all my WiFi dropped again, I've pasted what the system log said at the time. The fix is super simple all I have to do is change the WiFi channel on the duma to a different channel, 6, and then go back to the one I was on, 11, that was suggested by a network analyser. As I'm sure you can understand I dont want to really be doing that constantly.


    Any Ideas?

    Running - R1


    System Log:

    Thu Nov 15 23:35:21 2018 user.warn com.netdumasoftware.settings: Error opening wireless-mirror with error wireless-mirror: No such file or directory.

    Thu Nov 15 23:35:18 2018 kern.info kernel: [211603.328000] send: nf_ct_get failed

    Thu Nov 15 23:35:18 2018 kern.info kernel: [211603.328000] recv: nf_ct_get failed

    Thu Nov 15 23:35:11 2018 kern.info kernel: [211596.532000] recv: nf_ct_get failed

    Thu Nov 15 23:34:55 2018 kern.info dpiclass-daemon: Kill flow due to timeout

    Thu Nov 15 23:34:47 2018 daemon.warn odhcpd[846]: Failed to send to ff02::1%br-lan (Operation not permitted)

  7. I've done a factory reset on both the Smart Hub and the Duma, put a static IP back on the Duma and placed it in the DMZ in the hub, increased the DHCP lease time on both boxes and will now wait and see. I'm 90% sure now though that this isn't a Duma issue and is a BT issue.


    When I was changing the lease time I saw there was an option for "Authoritative DHCP" that was set to on, don't know if that has anything to do with it?

    Its description is - "If your device is using the wrong IP address, the BT Smart Hub will try to correct it so the connection doesn't break."

  8. WiFI was on and working fine this morning with QoS turned off.


    I done some more digging and I think it may not be the Duma at all. I think it may be my Smart Hubs fault, there's something happening around 4am where it disconnects the duma on its own even though its plugged into the ethernet port and then reconnects it and then says - ":DHCP Confirmation of Request" It does this every morning at 4am. Could this be why my WiFi is so intermittent? The problem most of the time is that I can see the duma outputting a signal and everything is connected but it says no internet access, very rarely can I not find the Duma signal.


    So basically the software in the so called BT SmartHub is disconnecting my duma every morning at 4 am.

  9. Every morning I'm waking up to an angry family saying they have no WiFi, all my wired connections work flawlessly but the wifi is so intermittent its painful. The only fix I have found is to change the wifi channel and it comes back instantly doesn't matter what channel i put it on. I've done an analyser and found that channel 6 is best for me at the moment, so I always have it set to that.

    My set up is simply the Netduma plugged into at BT Smart Hub, Netduma is in the smart hubs DMZ and everything in the house goes through the Netduma as WiFi is turned off on the Smart Hub.

    My Smart Hub and Netduma are completely segregated from anything wireless. they sit on their own in the middle of the living room.

    The system log on the Netduma constantly shows these messages -

                      user.warn com.netdumasoftware.settings: Error opening wireless-mirror with error wireless-mirror: No such file or directory.

                      kern.info dpiclass-daemon: Kill flow due to timeout

                      kern.warn kernel: [145584.580000] HTB: quantum of class 10001 is big. Consider r2q change.

    any help would be appreciated, my Netduma is getting old now got it in October 2015, could it be on its last legs?

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