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  1. 1 minute ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    That's interesting, thanks for the update. Have you asked BT to stop the Fon network after turning it off yourself to see if it's something they need to do their end?

    yeah it is something they need to do on their end, but they are adamant it's turned off, even though I can still see the SSIDs of the signals. I'm just accepting it now and trying to save up enough to get a XR300 to then use with the openreach modem. 

  2. 1 minute ago, HOLGATES HERE said:

    It's a bug where the firmware doesn't have the correct names in the menus. They should be the same as yours.

    ahhh then I have no idea cause your graph looks identical to mine. Try closing the game completely then restarting it and then load up a few strikes and see what the result is.

  3. On 3/14/2019 at 10:07 PM, Netduma Fraser said:

    Okay thanks for the information, seems like auto channel is the only thing that may resolve this issue, I have given it to the team to look at

    just returning to this, I found the issue with the WiFi drops after receiving a new R1. Its the fact that BT Hubs transmit the Fon network hotspots and they refuse to turn signal off for me even though I have opted out. This means as long as I have my Duma plugged into my Hub it will always have interference issues. I have a openreach modem but due to the PPPOE limitations in DumaOS that cause my speeds to half I've had to remove the R1 from my set up unfortunately and make do with the bog standard so called "Smart" hub. Hope this might help sorting future peoples problems.

  4. 11 hours ago, HOLGATES HERE said:

    I have been talking to someone on discord who has the XR500.  He is able to load into games without any other player connected.  He doesn't use strict mode, just small radius and 0 ping assist.  Could this be a problem with the XR300?

    I've done this on the R1 before. Had my geo location over Antartica, then ping assist on 0 and strict mode was off. It gave me instances for just me, so I could run Escalation Protocol solo to get the grenade and melee kills for each class triumph.

  5. So my wifi dropped for the 900th time this month. Managed to see it in the system info and it just said a whole lot of this

    -  IEEE 802.11: disconnected due to excessive missing ACKs


    - deauthenticated due to local deauth request

    At this point do you guys think its just hardware failure?

  6. 4 minutes ago, Netduma Admin said:

    TrayDay response above is great. Could you follow this advice. 

    If you still have problems, could you take a screenshot of your entire QoS page please and put it on here so we can look at your settings.

    Weird you both had it, perhaps a PS4 problem. See my response just above this for next steps. Thanks.

    Happens for me with my Xbox One too, only had it happen once though.

  7. 28 minutes ago, Dmaune said:

    So basically in Destiny the only time the netduma helps is when I'm playing solo?  

    With the way both Destiny 2 and the Duma are working at the moment it's a bit difficult. I have had times where I have had people in my fireteam from america and it's done its job, but its more common for it to fill the lobby with people outside my radius. When I match it pops up with me connecting to a dedicated server for when everyone is connecting (When the ship begins to fly) and then whilst in flight I go back to peer to peer matchmaking for the game. So I think thats where the Duma gets tripped up.

  8. 8 hours ago, Dmaune said:

    Ok question time.  been messing around with the ping and if I go too low obviously I can't find a match.  Totally expected.  Then I decided to play some comp and two of my buddies joined my fireteam.  They are both in my allowed list.  So I go to search for a match expecting the wait time to be very long but instead, it found matches incredibly quick and they weren't lag free matches at all.  Is that because they, being in my allowed list, are making connections outside my geofilter parameters?  

    would it help at all to deny them?

    side note, when I had a full fireteam it didn't seem to matter how low I set the ping it would still find us matches fairly quickly.

    Fireteams basically screw the whole process. Back in D1 it worked flawlessly, regardless of if you had a fireteam from across the globe. For D2 they added this hybrid dedicated server and peer to peer matchmaking which screws it all up.

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