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  1. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScwkrqCGqbZOdO59GljLApa60vSVrdpaKGh_R4pEdyS3J_jcw/viewform Enter the info from your post here, it's the new and improved process.
  2. So if I am looking at this correctly then what this guy did was create a static route for a particular server IP. Which, with his game, may be the only server in that region? For Cod there could be 20+ IP from different ranges even just for one data center or server cluster. Also tonight I reinstalled MWR and had zero issues. I am going to play just MWR for the next few days and see if the issues appears over time as it seems to with bo4:blackout.
  3. This particular config came from support chat with PureVPN. But they also linked me to this page https://support.purevpn.com/openvpn-files. I hope that helps.
  4. Thanks for the reply Fraser, I will try the above. Also here is the exact config. client verb 1 proto udp remote ustx2-ovpn-udp.pointtoserver.com 5500 connect-retry-max 3 connect-retry 3 resolv-retry 15 dev tun auth-user-pass persist-key persist-tun nobind <ca> -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIE6DCCA9CgAwIBAgIJAMjXFoeo5uSlMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBCwUAMIGoMQswCQYD VQQGEwJISzEQMA4GA1UECBMHQ2VudHJhbDELMAkGA1UEBxMCSEsxGDAWBgNVBAoT D1NlY3VyZS1TZXJ2ZXJDQTELMAkGA1UECxMCSVQxGDAWBgNVBAMTD1NlY3VyZS1T ZXJ2ZXJDQTEYMBYGA1UEKRMPU2VjdXJlLVNlcnZlckNBMR8wHQYJKoZIhvcNAQkB FhBtYWlsQGhvc3QuZG9tYWluMB4XDTE2MDExNTE1MzQwOVoXDTI2MDExMjE1MzQw OVowgagxCzAJBgNVBAYTAkhLMRAwDgYDVQQIEwdDZW50cmFsMQswCQYDVQQHEwJI SzEYMBYGA1UEChMPU2VjdXJlLVNlcnZlckNBMQswCQYDVQQLEwJJVDEYMBYGA1UE AxMPU2VjdXJlLVNlcnZlckNBMRgwFgYDVQQpEw9TZWN1cmUtU2VydmVyQ0ExHzAd BgkqhkiG9w0BCQEWEG1haWxAaG9zdC5kb21haW4wggEiMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUA A4IBDwAwggEKAoIBAQDluufhyLlyvXzPUL16kAWAdivl1roQv3QHbuRshyKacf/1 Er1JqEbtW3Mx9Fvr/u27qU2W8lQI6DaJhU2BfijPe/KHkib55mvHzIVvoexxya26 nk79F2c+d9PnuuMdThWQO3El5a/i2AASnM7T7piIBT2WRZW2i8RbfJaTT7G7LP7O pMKIV1qyBg/cWoO7cIWQW4jmzqrNryIkF0AzStLN1DxvnQZwgXBGv0CwuAkfQuNS Lu0PQgPp0PhdukNZFllv5D29IhPr0Z+kwPtrAgPQo+lHlOBHBMUpDT4XChTPeAvM aUSBsqmonAE8UUHEabWrqYN/kWNHCNkYXMkiVmK1AgMBAAGjggERMIIBDTAdBgNV HQ4EFgQU456ijsFrYnzHBShLAPpOUqQ+Z2cwgd0GA1UdIwSB1TCB0oAU456ijsFr YnzHBShLAPpOUqQ+Z2ehga6kgaswgagxCzAJBgNVBAYTAkhLMRAwDgYDVQQIEwdD ZW50cmFsMQswCQYDVQQHEwJISzEYMBYGA1UEChMPU2VjdXJlLVNlcnZlckNBMQsw CQYDVQQLEwJJVDEYMBYGA1UEAxMPU2VjdXJlLVNlcnZlckNBMRgwFgYDVQQpEw9T ZWN1cmUtU2VydmVyQ0ExHzAdBgkqhkiG9w0BCQEWEG1haWxAaG9zdC5kb21haW6C CQDI1xaHqObkpTAMBgNVHRMEBTADAQH/MA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBCwUAA4IBAQCvga2H MwOtUxWH/inL2qk24KX2pxLg939JNhqoyNrUpbDHag5xPQYXUmUpKrNJZ0z+o/Zn NUPHydTSXE7Z7E45J0GDN5E7g4pakndKnDLSjp03NgGsCGW+cXnz6UBPM5FStFvG dDeModeSUyoS9fjk+mYROvmiy5EiVDP91sKGcPLR7Ym0M7zl2aaqV7bb98HmMoBO xpeZQinof67nKrCsgz/xjktWFgcmPl4/PQSsmqQD0fTtWxGuRX+FzwvF2OCMCAJg p1RqJNlk2g50/kBIoJVPPCfjDFeDU5zGaWGSQ9+z1L6/z7VXdjUiHL0ouOcHwbiS 4ZjTr9nMn6WdAHU2 -----END CERTIFICATE----- </ca> <cert> -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIEnzCCA4egAwIBAgIBAzANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQsFADCBqDELMAkGA1UEBhMCSEsx EDAOBgNVBAgTB0NlbnRyYWwxCzAJBgNVBAcTAkhLMRgwFgYDVQQKEw9TZWN1cmUt U2VydmVyQ0ExCzAJBgNVBAsTAklUMRgwFgYDVQQDEw9TZWN1cmUtU2VydmVyQ0Ex GDAWBgNVBCkTD1NlY3VyZS1TZXJ2ZXJDQTEfMB0GCSqGSIb3DQEJARYQbWFpbEBo b3N0LmRvbWFpbjAeFw0xNjAxMTUxNjE1MzhaFw0yNjAxMTIxNjE1MzhaMIGdMQsw CQYDVQQGEwJISzEQMA4GA1UECBMHQ2VudHJhbDELMAkGA1UEBxMCSEsxFjAUBgNV BAoTDVNlY3VyZS1DbGllbnQxCzAJBgNVBAsTAklUMRYwFAYDVQQDEw1TZWN1cmUt Q2xpZW50MREwDwYDVQQpEwhjaGFuZ2VtZTEfMB0GCSqGSIb3DQEJARYQbWFpbEBo b3N0LmRvbWFpbjCBnzANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOBjQAwgYkCgYEAxsnyn4v6xxDP nuDaYS0b9M1N8nxgg7OBPBlK+FWRxdTQ8yxt5U5CZGm7riVp7fya2J2iPZIgmHQE v/KbxztsHAVlYSfYYlalrnhEL3bDP2tY+N43AwB1k5BrPq2s1pPLT2XG951drDKG 4PUuFHUP1sHzW5oQlfVCmxgIMAP8OYkCAwEAAaOCAV8wggFbMAkGA1UdEwQCMAAw LQYJYIZIAYb4QgENBCAWHkVhc3ktUlNBIEdlbmVyYXRlZCBDZXJ0aWZpY2F0ZTAd BgNVHQ4EFgQU9MwUnUDbQKKZKjoeieD2OD5NlAEwgd0GA1UdIwSB1TCB0oAU456i jsFrYnzHBShLAPpOUqQ+Z2ehga6kgaswgagxCzAJBgNVBAYTAkhLMRAwDgYDVQQI EwdDZW50cmFsMQswCQYDVQQHEwJISzEYMBYGA1UEChMPU2VjdXJlLVNlcnZlckNB MQswCQYDVQQLEwJJVDEYMBYGA1UEAxMPU2VjdXJlLVNlcnZlckNBMRgwFgYDVQQp Ew9TZWN1cmUtU2VydmVyQ0ExHzAdBgkqhkiG9w0BCQEWEG1haWxAaG9zdC5kb21h aW6CCQDI1xaHqObkpTATBgNVHSUEDDAKBggrBgEFBQcDAjALBgNVHQ8EBAMCB4Aw DQYJKoZIhvcNAQELBQADggEBAFyFo2VUX/UFixsdPdK9/Yt6mkCWc+XS1xbapGXX b9U1d+h1iBCIV9odUHgNCXWpz1hR5Uu/OCzaZ0asLE4IFMZlQmJs8sMT0c1tfPPG W45vxbL0lhqnQ8PNcBH7huNK7VFjUh4szXRKmaQPaM4S91R3L4CaNfVeHfAg7mN2 m9Zn5Gto1Q1/CFMGKu2hxwGEw5p+X1czBWEvg/O09ckx/ggkkI1NcZsNiYQ+6Pz8 DdGGX3+05YwLZu94+O6iIMrzxl/il0eK83g3YPbsOrASARvw6w/8sOnJCK5eOacl 21oww875KisnYdWjHB1FiI+VzQ1/gyoDsL5kPTJVuu2CoG8= -----END CERTIFICATE----- </cert> <key> -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- MIICdgIBADANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAASCAmAwggJcAgEAAoGBAMbJ8p+L+scQz57g 2mEtG/TNTfJ8YIOzgTwZSvhVkcXU0PMsbeVOQmRpu64lae38mtidoj2SIJh0BL/y m8c7bBwFZWEn2GJWpa54RC92wz9rWPjeNwMAdZOQaz6trNaTy09lxvedXawyhuD1 LhR1D9bB81uaEJX1QpsYCDAD/DmJAgMBAAECgYEAvTHbDupE5U0krUvHzBEIuHbl ptGlcfNYHoDcD3oxYR3pOGeiuElBexv+mgHVzcFLBrsQfJUlHLPfCWi3xmjRvDQc r7N7U1u7NIzazy/PpRBaKolMRiM1KMYi2DG0i4ZONwFT8bvNHOIrZzCLY54KDrqO n55OzC70WYjWh4t5evkCQQDkkzZUAeskBC9+JP/zLps8jhwfoLBWGw/zbC9ePDmX 0N8MTZdcUpg6KUTf1wbkLUyVtIRjS2ao6qu1jWG6K0x3AkEA3qPWyaWQWCynhNDq u2U1cPb2kh5AJip+gqxO3emikAdajsSxeoyEC2AfyBITbeB1tvCUZH17J4i/0+OF TEQp/wJAb/zEOGJ8PzghwK8GC7JA8mk51DEZVAaMSRovFv9wxDXcoh191AjPdmdz zCuAv9iF1i8MUc3GbWoUWK39PIYsPwJAWh63sqfx5b8tj/WBDpnJKBDPfhYAoXJS A1L8GZeY1fQkE+ZKcPCwAmrGcpXeh3t0Krj3WDXyw+32uC5Apr5wwQJAPZwOORea C4YNfBPZN9BdHvVjOYGGUffpI+X+hWpLRnQFJteAi+eqwyk0Oi0SkJB+a7jcerK2 d7q7xhec5WHlng== -----END PRIVATE KEY----- </key> <tls-auth> # # 2048 bit OpenVPN static key # -----BEGIN OpenVPN Static key V1----- e30af995f56d07426d9ba1f824730521 d4283db4b4d0cdda9c6e8759a3799dcb 7939b6a5989160c9660de0f6125cbb1f 585b41c074b2fe88ecfcf17eab9a33be 1352379cdf74952b588fb161a93e13df 9135b2b29038231e02d657a6225705e6 868ccb0c384ed11614690a1894bfbeb2 74cebf1fe9c2329bdd5c8a40fe882062 4d2ea7540cd79ab76892db51fc371a3a c5fc9573afecb3fffe3281e61d72e915 79d9b03d8cbf7909b3aebf4d90850321 ee6b7d0a7846d15c27d8290e031e951e 19438a4654663cad975e138f5bc5af89 c737ad822f27e19057731f41e1e254cc 9c95b7175c622422cde9f1f2cfd3510a dd94498b4d7133d3729dd214a16b27fb -----END OpenVPN Static key V1----- </tls-auth> key-direction 1 remote-cert-tls server cipher AES-256-CBC comp-lzo route-method exe route-delay 2 route script-security 2
  5. Set you settings how he described above; set desired play location, BUT turn ping assist to 0, strict ON, Fast Search OFF, make sure the device is Filter ON, turn OFF device (xbox/ps4), flush cloud, wait a few minutes then boot console. Search for game and wait. This should allow for at least a few matches within the filtered area. You may still get games outside of filtered. If so leave the settings alone or you risk a timing issue with duma built in anti cheat. Search again if you get a server outside of filtered settings. With ping assist on at all you will also connect to ANY server that even momentarily is within the PA settings off what you have, 200ms shown above, or what he stated 30ms.
  6. Bueller, Bueller, Bueller ....this is why nothing ever gets resolved other than user errors.
  7. Also, can I get an answer on why Port Forwarding does NOT work ONLY with the DumaOS hybrid VPN? Hopefully Alex you read the post, since you're combining them, you seem to have an issue with comprehension. Earlier posts you literally posted a link to explain how to use the advanced tab to connect when I said there was an issue within the Hyrbid VPN for selecting Houston UDP. The very post before yours shows that I stated I was already connected with the advanced tab and a config file work around. It would help the matter along if everyone involved was trying to offer actual solutions versus adding links from the same resources we all have. All of the issues that have gone unanswered for those of us having issues with hybridVPN and GeoFilter are something outside of the box, not to be answered by documentation that still shows these items functioning normally for all, they don't.
  8. These are two separate issues but whatever.
  9. Please don't close this until it's resolved just saying a bunch of words that don;t even apply to my issue is not a remedy. Using hybrid VPN to run through different scenarios today why do I keep getting a connected then after a few minutes failed? I'm trying to test in London today. This failure is exact same message minus the fact it is for Manchester. Things connect with warning then disconnect. I can use PureVPN app and stay connected but that doesn't help me when trying to use the router feature. This happens with all servers in UK for me today. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 OpenVPN 2.4.3 arm-openwrt-linux-gnu [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [LZ4] [EPOLL] [MH/PKTINFO] [AEAD] built on Apr 17 2019 Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 library versions: OpenSSL 1.0.2n 7 Dec 2017, LZO 2.06 Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 WARNING: No server certificate verification method has been enabled. See http://openvpn.net/howto.html#mitm for more info. Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 NOTE: the current --script-security setting may allow this configuration to call user-defined scripts Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 TCP/UDP: Preserving recently used remote address: [AF_INET] Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 UDP link local: (not bound) Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 UDP link remote: [AF_INET] Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 WARNING: this configuration may cache passwords in memory -- use the auth-nocache option to prevent this Sun May 12 22:32:34 2019 [PureVPN] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET] Sun May 12 22:32:37 2019 TUN/TAP device tun0 opened Sun May 12 22:32:37 2019 do_ifconfig, tt->did_ifconfig_ipv6_setup=0 Sun May 12 22:32:37 2019 /sbin/ifconfig tun0 netmask mtu 1500 broadcast Sun May 12 22:32:37 2019 /dumaos/apps/usr/com.netdumasoftware.hybridvpn/openvpn-event.lua openvpnup 3 tun0 1500 1558 init Sun May 12 22:32:39 2019 Initialization Sequence Completed Sun May 12 22:34:37 2019 [PureVPN] Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart), restarting Sun May 12 22:34:37 2019 SIGUSR1[soft,ping-restart] received, process restarting Sun May 12 22:34:42 2019 WARNING: No server certificate verification method has been enabled. See http://openvpn.net/howto.html#mitm for more info. Sun May 12 22:34:42 2019 NOTE: the current --script-security setting may allow this configuration to call user-defined scripts Sun May 12 22:34:42 2019 TCP/UDP: Preserving recently used remote address: [AF_INET] Sun May 12 22:34:42 2019 UDP link local: (not bound) Sun May 12 22:34:42 2019 UDP link remote: [AF_INET] Sun May 12 22:34:48 2019 [PureVPN] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET] Sun May 12 22:35:03 2019 Preserving previous TUN/TAP instance: tun0 Sun May 12 22:35:03 2019 NOTE: Pulled options changed on restart, will need to close and reopen TUN/TAP device. Sun May 12 22:35:03 2019 /sbin/ifconfig tun0 Sun May 12 22:35:03 2019 /dumaos/apps/usr/com.netdumasoftware.hybridvpn/openvpn-event.lua openvpndown 3 tun0 1500 1558 init openvpn-event.lua: bad argument #3 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) -> stack traceback: ?: in function <?:73> [C]: in function 'format' ?: in function 'safe_execute' ?: in function '?' ?: in function 'on_vpn_down' ?: in function 'on_vpn_down' ?: in function '?' ?: in function '?' ?: in function '?' ?: in function <?:48> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ... [C]: in function 'run' ?: in function <?:345> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in function 'try' ?: in function <?:261> (tail call): ? /dumaos/api/cli.lua:48: in function </dumaos/api/cli.lua:30> [C]: in function 'xpcall' /dumaos/api/cli.lua:59: in main chunk [C]: ? Sun May 12 22:35:03 2019 WARNING: Failed running command (--up/--down): external program exited with error status: 3 Sun May 12 22:35:03 2019 Exiting due to fatal error -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Setup: -Ps4 connected to internet -Filter set to ON for ps4 -Select Auto Ping Off -Map set to largest viewable area Dear ps4 players, Can you please open your filter expand your map to the largest size please and run a network/speedtest within the PS4 settings/network/test internet connection? While the test is running please pay close attention to your geofilter map and you should see the PSN auth/test server populate and possibly a player icon. If you see a player Icon try and click it as if you were ID'ing a server/player to allow or deny and see if it is yourself. Please post your results here. Please do not post you IP and/or ID. Just let me know if you ID'd and appear on the map and if it is in the correct location; country/state, distance correction etc. I am only trying to narrow down if and how many of us can see ourselves on the map when a speedtest is ran from the ps4 settings menu. Also let me know what model router you're using please with firmware version as well. Thank you!
  11. Fraser I honestly think it has nothing to do with the setup or what dns etc.. I feel 90% confident that the issues is within something that has been changed for the backend on the OS. It's almost like when an IP changes it works for a bit then after it learns all of your habits it starts working against you. I can change the IP with the VPN at will by changing servers. Wipe the Allow/Deny list. Start an entirely new list for that geo location, let's say Chicago now. The first 1-3 days everything is beautiful. After that it's right back to the same song and dance as before the VPN. It learns your range, you provide detail after detail with allow/deny and preffered latency them WHAM... blocking your normal servers within range or within PA and choosing outside of both set parameters. Once I get it set I have no use to tinker with turning the filter off and on. I am familiar enough to know where the server locations are as well as new ser IP are lost/added and PA can come in handy to allow those outside of the range due to age of IP and not being added to the cloud with the correct location because they are new or whatever reason. So by that setup with no changes until things go south, in theory my setup should never "go bad" due to user errors or the filter not being in use quick enough or booting the game with it on vs off since it's always on. I have tested this by changing firs tto the VPn to rule out an issue with my CGNAT from ISP as well as to move my IP at will. I have now tested again moving from Dallas server and IP to Houston and it was the exact same scenario. A few days in and the filter creates it's own errors.
  12. This does not work either. Same message and once it starts doing that, everything slows down it's taking 30-45 seconds for the hybrid vpn page to even be displayed also after about 15 minutes the vpn tunnel is disconnected and won't reconnect.
  13. OK. I've done that for the last 45 minutes, were on the same page. But the only place to use it is with either the ps4 or router and in the router I can only add it as the WAN DNS. This resulted in this message over and over. "The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App." On the filter page.
  14. 😁 Are you sure? From what I'm reading in those two links I only see taking the hostname for my udp server and converting it to an IP. I can't find the spot where it says here is the DNS. Should I just use the gateway IP as the DNS? Thanks
  15. ok so check this out. since I have been testing this with vpn I have noticed that my allow/deny list is basically only good for your existing IP. So if you create a list of friends to ALLOW. And your IP changes, which I can do with a vpn easily, those same allowed friends are not allowed and show as a yield sign as if they have never been Identified before and added to the list. I can then click on their ping icon from the allow list, allow them, and it will let them in the lobby with me or chat party without NAT restrictions. So whatever is causing my issue has something to do with that. Before my IP wasn't changing but for some reason it acts identical to as if it were. Make sense? And it's not just me it's several other users in this forum. These are the shared common instances that have been posted and unanswered. -Servers being allowed form outside the filter range -Denied servers from the deny list being allowed -Nat restrictions; intermittently with party and or game -servers within the filtered range being skipped over or blocked entirely -servers on the allow list being skipped over or blocked entirely inside filtered range -servers on the allow list being skipped over or blocked entirely outside filtered range -servers within the threshold of Ping Assist being skipped over or blocked entirely inside filter range -servers within the threshold of Ping Assist being skipped over or blocked entirely outside filter range -servers outside the threshold of Ping Assist being allowed outside filter range
  16. Its fine, just giving you shit. Is that referred to as 'taking the piss?' 😁 I believe pureVPN uses or someone correct me if I'm wrong. I am using already. The server is one that's been on my list for quite awhile since the most recent router reset frenzy. What you've mentioned though, " or it was denied after a connection was made," is exactly how all of our filters are behaving that have complained about the filter. It is allowing you to connect to banned servers and then it finally bans it after you are already connecting to the lobby so you basically appear to the game to leave the match and forfeit. With error message in game lobby is no longer available or similar. Another thing it's doing is half the time it chooses a server outside of the range like the one displayed above, it will be one that's in my DENY list but still shows a yield sign vs. the blocked sign. Seems to be just outright broken. It does all of this with or without vpn now. Why?
  17. So basically I've had 3 days of good servers and no real issues. Today it's back to the pre-vpn frequency. It's like the filter took awhile to narrow down where I was located and which servers I prefer and starts fucking with me again. This is beyond useful. How can I be connecting a an obviously blocked server if the filter is on and has NEVER been off? Once I get it working well I generally leave it filtered. There is nothing else connected to that ISP but my pc to control the router if changes are needed. Right back to square one with this POS. More matches than not are outside the filtered range and then I get kicked to the start menu, LOBBY UNAVAILABLE because the filter finally decides to block it. FUCK ME
  18. Fraser........ I'm in the Nighthawk forum. Are you trolling me right now? Yes I will see if I can make changes to the DNS.
  19. I recently found this as well. In my case, Call of Duty, I would turn the VPN on after and still see OPEN nat but it is a glitch in how they test for the NAT type within game. Similar to having type 2 NAT which for networking standards is OPEN or able to open upon request rather. The game however tests a specific port 3074 for direct comms. If it detects the port is open once as in when you're vpn is Off then it will assume it is open until the connection to the server is reset within the game. So if you boot game with VPN off, gain OPEN nat then turn the VPN on it will be listed as OPEN still. If you leave the VPN on and reboot your PS4 you will see the connection has been change to reflect MODERATE nat in the game. There seems to me to be an issue with port forwarding as well as UPnP once a device is assigned to the Hybrid VPN. If it functioned to actually make the ports open then we would show OPEN nat in game. So far all testing points towards an issue from within the router. In your particular situation your questions don;t really pertain to double NAT. The only way to avoid being double Nat'd locally is to allow for the Netduma router to either be in DMZ of the ISP gateway/router provided by the ISP or set the ISP gateway/router to bridged mode if that is an option. If you are double NAT'd from CGNAT at the ISP level then you can avoid double NAT with an OPEN NO NAT VPN tunnel. Even then you will have moderate NAT in game until port forwarding WITH hybrid VPN is functioning.
  20. Fraser if you really want to support this service and fix a large issue with features here is the ticket number. I have given them full permission to give you details of the testing and help work on this issue since it's a supported VPN. I'm sure you'll have to prove your credentials and Netduma position and all but it would be worth it. Pure VPN ticket id 1390765.
  21. @BIG__DOG would you be so kind as to test on your end? Do you have port forwarding setup on your pure account? If not they'd be happy to let you test I'm sure, as a representative of an approved router listed on their site. If you have any questions about the test setup let me know. Pretty straight forward. Download port listener app, choose any port you want, hit the listen button. Create firewall rules for the port. Go to canyouseme.org and test it. Then throw up your vpn in openvpn mode and test again. Still OPEN. Now same server but use the hybrid VPN setup within xr500 menu. Not open. Proven and done.
  22. It's not about the game Fraser. I'm using a port listener to test with and can verify that all works well and ports are opened as long as I am not using VPN via the xr500. When I connect to the exact same server address and udp port through purevpn app the ports are open. They can and have been verified in realtime by myself and purevpn Sr. Engineer. I realize most just lump everything into the same old story that you will get moderate or strict NAT but you shouldn't if the VPN server and service allow for port forward or in my case all ports open. The only time it's an issue is with the XR500. It works on two different ISP with edge routers, dd-wrt as well as openwrt routers. If we couldn't open ports via VPN and just said oh well it's always going to be strict or moderate then half my company would not be able to stay connected across the US. If I can prove the ports open behind the VPN on other routers, their windows app, and the forwarding rules work with the xr500 WITHOUT vpn active then that only leaves the XR500 to be the culprit. There's nothing else to blame as it's all been proven working otherwise.
  23. I am having issues with HybridVPN and ports. Should I create a new thread? -I can get OPEN NAT type with my port forward rules and the hybrid VPN turned OFF. -I CANNOT get OPEN NAT type with my port forward rules and the hybrid VPN turned ON. I can use the pureVPN app connect via any of their OpenVPN modes and use port listener to open any port then verify it's OPEN with canyouseeme.org without issue. Adding my PC added as a device within the hybridVPN menu, however, results in not being able to see those same ports open with canyouseeme.org. Of course I am turning off the app while testing with the router etc. Is this just a known issue that we have accepted that port forward rules within the XR500 don't work with hybridVPN?
  24. Yea so far, for whatever reason, I have hit servers within the filter range minus that one appearing in Florida. Hopefully we can all figure things out to help everyone fine tune their setup, I know first hand how frustrating it is when it works and then without any changes on the user end it just stops working as expected. Also Between .32 and the latest hotfix firmware upgrade, I did have it in DMZ for about an hour of testing without any difference. It's not something I would normally want to use.
  25. At this point I'll just stay with whats working. I'm tired of throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. Also answering the same questions to different staff is tiresome and nonproductive. But I would seriously look into this cause I think at the root of all these similar issues is an error somehow with the cloud tha tis gumming up the works on the NAT, UPnP and geofilter server selection. If we could find the commonality between all the users with issues we'd find the cause.
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