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  1. I have a number of services running through an NGINX proxy. which work fine until I enable the VPN Service. As soon as I tick that box no-one can access any services I publish to the internet and the VPN Client cannot connect either. It seems that the XR500 just throws up a firewall and blocks all incoming traffic. I've restarted the router after enabling but this makes no difference. Even Remote Administration stop s working after approx 2 mins after the router restarts when the VPN Service is enabled or as soon as I enable the VPN Service manually. My settings are: If I leave UDP ticked the VPN Service will not enabled at all when clicking the apply button. Instead the subframe refuses to load and I have clk out and back in again and start all over. This just seems like a very specific issue that should have been fixed in alpha if not beta releases. It just doesn't seem to be provide what it states on the tin. Can anyone advise if you have to do anything other than tick the enable tick box to get this working?
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    The original question was never answered. Is there a reason why we cannot configure DHCP to distribute custom local DNS servers for local client devices? This does not answer the original question. This answer changes the DNS server that the "router" uses to request or forward DNS lookups. This does not allow the DHCP function of this router to configure a custom DNS server for local client devices that make use of the routers DHCP function. Setting the DNS servers manually on each client device is not in scope of the original question, and does not answer the inferred question. Not a helpful response Fraser. Can you answer the original question? Is there a reason why we cannot configure the DHCP service on the router to configure custom DNS servers on client devices that request settings from the DHCP service? I have some ideas as to why, but to have this confirmed by you would be much more useful than thanking us for feedback.
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    BENORMOUS, could you explain what benefit this gives you? With your suggestion all I can see is that you'd stop using the internal Modem on the SR102 and starting using the hg612's modem instead. The SR102 is still required for authentication via DHCP Option 61 to SKY's MER service. Unless I am missing something any router you then attach to the LAN side of the router will still have its traffic NAT'd as the external IP is assigned to the SR102. Unless the SR102 can pass-through external IP assignment and not apply any firewall rules/traffic shaping, to that traffic (which I don't think it can), you'll just end up with a setup that makes use of an external model when the internal one on the SR102 work perfectly fine and two routers. You might as well just make use of the SR102's modem and save the electricity used to power the hg612. The ideal would be for DumaOS to provide DHCP Option 61 as a configurable option on the WAN (VDSL) port of their router.