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  1. My daughter wants to horse Minecraft do I have to for forward 25565 or if I put it there computer on game Consol well then it recognize the port to open on my XR 1000
  2. I just want to use traffic prayerization on my xr500 is that possible without having to use the buffer bloat sliders
  3. Can I just use traffic prioritization I just want my device to be first don't want to have to use the buffer bloat sliders
  4. When do you guys think you will have an app for the forums
  5. Yeah I can wait besides I can use it on my neduma r2 or Duma R1 through the xr500 and just my modem router comboI wanted to be a stable version I don't want to sit there and worry about everyday something going wrong I'll wait till you guys are 100% sure that 3.0 is good and even then there might be a little bit but at least it'll be on netgear's website.
  6. But beta is it at my own risk and if something was to happen is my router covered or not. don't mean to sound like a bum bum but I don't want to lose 300 bucks either
  7. So downloaded the 66 and then download the 3.0
  8. Yeah I kind of thought so if it isn't on Netgear website don't download it I've been using it behind my xb7 but I wanted it to be bridged so I can use my xr500 but thank you I'll use the beta when it's on netgear's website that way I know it'll be safer I know you can use it behind another router but it isn't the same
  9. Does new xr500 firmware safe to install since I have beta 3.0 version or do I have to downgrade back to and why isn't the beta firmware version on Netgear site does that void any warranties for my xr500
  10. The,beta🤔🤔🤔I'd like to give it a go as well
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