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  1. After the latest patch of fortnite on pc I'm not able to connect myself to the closest server who gives me the best ping, that server was the one of Paris, now I'm only able to connect to the servers of germany and one in London. This servers give me a ping of 40-50 and the one of Paris was giving me a ping of 30ms. What can I do??? The server of Paris was this:
  2. I finally found a solution, I bought an extender which gives fulll speed for every device in my house which is connected to the netduma wireless and for my gaming my pc I connected the powerline adapter who gave me also full speed. Now my question is how do I physical setup all the devices for an optimal QoS settings? Current setup is: isp router--netduma r1-powerline connected lan to the duma and the extender connected also to the netduma---all devices. Shoul all devices be connected to the extender, because my device manager appear like this.
  3. I already tried it, I connected the tplink av600 powerline pair for expand wifi signal around the house and then connect the tplink av1000 powerline only for my gaming pc but after that the av600 have no internet, I think is because only one pair can be connected on the wiring of the house or is possible to connect multiple powerline adapters???
  4. These are the screenshots, about wan, lan and miscellaneous page what are those??? Thanks for the help.
  5. I just did a speedtest with the powerline adapter connected directly to the isp router and I get 65/75 and I also did another connecting the pc to the netduma wired and I get my full speed 95/95. The problem Is the powerline(tplink av600) probably but is the only one I have that can be used via wifi and ethernet. I have another couple of powerline adapter(tplink av1000) but they only work trough wired, they give me full speeds but If I use them all the members of my family wouldn´t be able to use wifi because the routers are in the ground floor and at the 1 and 2 floor the wifi is weak as I explained in the previous post. Is possible to connect the powerline adapter (tp link av600) and the (tplink av1000) or will cause interferences or something like that??
  6. I found the proble, I did a test with the pc connected wired through the isp router and I get 97/97, I did a test with the pc connected wired through the netduma and I'm getting 55/75 and after I did the same but now the pc plugged directly wired through the adapter which is connected to the duma and I'm getting 56/78. I followed the guide of the dumaos about not getting full speed but nothing. The problem here is the netduma I think.
  7. My current setup is modem-netduma---powerline adapter connected to netduma with ethernet cable---the extender powerline with ethernet ports connected to my pc via ethernet---from that extender powerline the rest of devices via wifi are connected. I'm using the tplink av600 powerline
  8. Now with the powerline adapter connected I'm not getting full speed via ethernet, I'm reaching only 60mb download and 80 upload. What can I do? Thanks for reply.
  9. Thanks for reply, I bought a powerline adapter with wifi and ethernet ports I put it in the middle floor and now is a lot better, also I think I will buy the xr500 but what are the differences between the r1 and the netgear. My r1 is getting older, already have more than 2 years, Thanks for help me out.
  10. Hello, I moved out into a new house with 3 floors and I hired a fiber connection of 100/100, the router was set by the technicians at the ground floor and I connected with through ethernet cable the netduma r1 to the router. At the first floor the signal is decent but in the living room the signal is weak with 2 bars of connection. The second floor is worst and the wifi can barely reach 1 bar. What can I do for expand the wifi because is impossible for me working in the second floor with my laptop. Thanks.
  11. Hola, me acabo de dar cuenta que al establecer mis ajustes en el Qos ajustando los sliders a 70% cada uno y activando el when high prioritization detected, Fortnite no es detectado al jugar por lo que supongo que es como si los sliders estuvieran al 100% ocasionando pequeños tirones jugando ya que hay miembros de mi familia que estarían viendo Netflix o youtube. Como podría arreglarlo? Gracias por la ayuda.
  12. Perfectly, now the ping is more stable and I'm always between 40-45ms without lag spikes I was having before.
  13. Okay, I bought today a powerline adapter with mains passtrough. Now I just connect the powerline with the ethernet cable to the duma and the other directly to my ps4 right?
  14. Now is worst, I'm getting a high ping around 60-70 and when I play wireless I have a ping of 20-30ms.
  15. I already have a powerline adapter without mains passthrough, and I can't spend for a new one. Do you recommend me plug one adapter into a power strip and go to the netduma and the other in my room directly in to the wall socket and go to the ps4 or keeping playing wireless???
  16. Hello, I bought a Wi-Fi adapter that works by LAN cable, my question is if I can plug one into a power strip (because I do not have more free plugs) and plug the other in my room directly to an outlet, but I have read is worse being connected to a power strip and not directly to an outlet and will causes lag spikes. Thanks for the help.
  17. Hola, me he comprado un adaptador wifi que funcionan por cable lan, mi duda es si puedo enchufar uno a una regleta(extension lead) ya que no tengo mas enchufes libres y el otro en mi habitación directamente a un enchufe, ya que he leído que es peor que esté conectado a una regleta(extension lead) y no directamente a un enchufe. Gracias por la ayuda.
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