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  1. Just tried it but nothing still on double nat, can be the ethernet cat5 fault? Back when I was on 5ghz I had open nat on the xbox.
  2. every devices is connected to the xr500: phones, laptops, tablets.
  3. Upnp and port forwarding are disabled on the hs8, on the xr500 I'm using only upnp. I don't understand what do you mean by interact with the connection.
  4. No, the xbox one s still showing this whole time double nat and nat moderate. Ps4 nat has always been type 2 but on cod even with geo filter on spectating mode is moderate.
  5. never mind, there isn't an internet connection even connected through ethernet to the isp router while on bridge mode, when I tried that I was using the default route wan. I also tried to see if on cod bo4(ps4) I also don't have open nat, the game says to open the 3074 upnp port and on the xr500 it appear as open, and on the network page of the ps4 it appear as type 2.
  6. Still not having internet connection , I also did the dhcp range to the xr500 and re-enabled dmz but I still have double nat and nat type moderate. I also plugged the pc through ethernet directly to the isp router while being on bridge mode and there is internet connection but with the xr500 there isn't.
  7. But when I do all the bridge wan steps, do I have to disable DMZ? because all this time I've had dmz enabled with the wan ip of the xr500. Can this be the issue? As soon as possible I will try the new settings from the link you provided. Thanks for your help.
  8. Ok, but imagine if I remove the first connection and apply the bridge wan config and after that I still without internet access, how am I going to be able to go back to the first one that give me internet connection? that's why I'm afraid to delete it. edit: I deleted the first connection and tried with PPPoE and without PPPoE but still no internet connection. I took a screenshoot of the first connection so I am able to go back for have internet access.
  9. Just did it with PPPoE but I don't have internet connection. This is how the wan page looks: -Also on the xr500 and the idp router do I leave the static ip config or I delete it on both?
  10. As soon as I get home I will do it, but PPPoE will not cap my speeds at 100/100Mb? I have a 300/300mb connection.
  11. I had no internet connection, I deleted the bridge wan config and now I have again internet connection. Why is that?
  12. Okay, now the page looks like this. Do I delete the old wan configuration that was always there (1_INTERNET_R_VID_10) and leave only the new one (bridge mode)?
  13. -This is the wan page, the bridge mode option is in wan mode and is called bridge wan and if I choose it, it appears like the second image. The first image is the current internet configuration.
  14. When I go to the isp router wan section for bridge wan ( I think this is the only option I see of bridge mode) it asks me to insert a multicast vlan id, what is that? Edit: right now I created a new wan configuration and disabled the one that comes enabled by default of route wan. How do I set up this? I also saw that on the isp router on ipv4 information there is a section with nat type and it is selected port-restricted cone nat by default and I'm able to choose between this and full cone nat. What is that?
  15. This is how it looks from pc, applied everything but nothing, still having double nat issue. Can something happen if I have my pc with the xbox icon on the device manager and causing some issue with the real xbox one? As I put the xbox icon for my gaming pc to be recognized while traffic prioritization.
  16. I just did it and still having double nat and wan ip has changed again. 😔 edit: can the problem be having upnp and dmz both enabled? because I have upnp enabled on the xr500.
  17. I've configured everything like you said but I still have double nat type on the xbox, do I have to reboot both routers to apply all this changes?
  18. Well, I just switched the xbox from using the wifi to use the cat5 cable and double nat has appeared again, the wan ip of the xr500 is correctly put in the dmz of the isp router. What is the problem? edit: I also tried to put a static ip for the xr500 on the isp router, but it doesn't seems to work as I restarted both routers and the wan ip of the xr500 has switched from .15 to .16, what I did was, on my isp router I went to the lan section----DHCP static ip from there I introduced the mac adress of the xr500 and the wan ip. What can I do? Thanks in advance
  19. - I added the games console service for the xbox and now is solved😁, but imagine if I go to play on the gaming pc, will the games console service affect me while I play on the pc? because the warning message of enabling this service says that it could affect with unprioritized packets. -the xr500 is in the dmz of the isp router, there is also a option on the wan mode settings of my router that says bridge wan and asks a multicast VLAN ID. Edit: I discovered why I had this double nat issue, now my nat is open, I checked the wan ip on system information and it has changed example: it was on and when I checked, it was on, why is this happening and it is possible to prevent this?
  20. -I re-enabled Qos and disable traffic prioritizarion and it works 😁 but now the detect when high priorization doesn't work, what can I do? -My physical setup is isp router------cat7 ethernet cable-----xr500-----all devices through wifi and my gaming pc and ps4 with cat7 cables. -So do I plug the cat 5 to the xbox even If I will lose a lot of speed? -Also what about this double nat issue? Thanks for your help.
  21. I just disabled the Qos and now the xbox one update is downloading but I want to play with the anti-bufferbloat on. What is the solution for this? edit: I'm also having my nat moderate from the xbox connection page with a double nat issue, I always had this problem and never had open nat. Also do you recommend me use the 5ghz wifi or play with a cat5 cable as I don't have any cat5e cable left and I have a 300/300mb connectione
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