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  1. Today I'm going to buy the xr300 or xr500, but I don`t which one to buy? What are the differences between both. My main goal is a strong wifi coverage.
  2. Can this be the option for bridge mode???
  3. how do I put it as modem mode? The isp router is the huawei hs8546v5.
  4. I'm not using ppoe and everything is connected to the netduma.
  5. Already disable and only getting 250-260mb download and upload 170mb, no devices connected only the pc wired. With the isp router wired I get 295/295.
  6. Hello everyone, I have the netduma r1 with duma OS and I want to know the best settings for achieve full speeds wired for my gaming pc and also wireless for other devices. I have a 300/300mb connection, my setup is this ISP router----netduma r1----all devices. I live in a very big house and I want to get the highest speeds possible. Thanks.
  7. I just did the factory reset and it worked, I now have 295/290mbps. Thanks for your help and sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. The netduma is directly plug into a wall socket. I didn't changed anything about the setup.
  9. I think nothing special happened.
  10. I use the netduma r1, I'm not using PPPoE, I disabled the option of qos enabled. This problem has appeared 3 weeks ago as before I never had this problem. Is there any solution?
  11. What can I do???
  12. speedtest, no devices are connected, just the pc
  13. Hello, the wifi still dropping on my phone and I followed all the steps.
  14. Hello, since a few weeks I can't reach 300/300mb with the netduma, the download speed is perfect being 298mb disabling the Qos as I don't use it, for reach my full speeds but the upload speeds can't reach more than 20mb. I tested switching ports on the duma and my isp router and also switching ethernet cat7 cables but nothing. If I connect my pc wired to the isp router I reach 298/295. So the problem is the duma. What can I do? Help please.
  15. Okay, thanks and is not a problem to use both upnp and dmz??
  16. I'm using both dmz and upnp. Also I saw the new xr300, do you recommend me the xr300 or xr500? The xr300 have a really good price. My main thing is to have a better wifi signal and also 5ghz with my 300/300mbps.
  17. By setup you mean hardware setup right? Since the technicians come for change the location of the isp router for get 300mb is like this: isp router----netduma r1-----all devices. Also does nat is important on pc and how do I check nat type on pc. Yesterday my new gaming pc arrived. Thanks for your help.
  18. Still having not open nat on bo4 but yes on ps4 test as before.
  19. Ok, I will update you as soon I can do that. Thanks
  20. Even if I disable geo filter before boot up the game I still haven't an open nat. The game says the 3074 port hasn't been open but on the netduma upnp it says yes.
  21. The technicians have come a few hours ago and they changed the isp router location to my room and now I have full 300mb even with qos enabled. My final setup is this. Isp router---netduma---all devices. But now the problem of nat has appared again, I have put the wan ip in to the isp router dmz and have upnp enabled on the dumaOS. Doing a ps4 test I have nat type 2 but when entering to bo4 my nat appears as moderate because the 3074 port is not open but if I go to the upnp page of the duma, the 3074 appears open. What can I do?
  22. Hello, now I have another problem, I can't reach 300mb without any devices because I think the problem is the powerline adapter because it only gave me 100/100 I have this one TP-Link TL-PA7010P but is supposed to be 1000mb. Can you tell me a good powerline adapter for 300mb. EDIT== Ok, the problem is not the powerline, I put the two powerlines in the same room and I got more than 250mb of upload and download. But when I put again the other powerline in the first floor I only achieve 100mb. What can I do with the distance?
  23. Okay, I'm also thinking about buy the xr500 because my netduma is getting old, already have 3 years. Is the xr500 a good purchase right now?
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