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  1. Which percentage do you recommend me? I have 300/300Mb
  2. But I don't have any type of disconnection issues, Do I install the firmware anyways? Also, if I install this version of the firmware, will it fix the packet loss problem?
  3. I'm using the latest firmware, what do you mean by dropouts?
  4. Results: -Isp router no devices connected: -XR500 QOS disabled, no devices connected -XR500 QOS ENABLED 70/70 anti-bufferbloat, 3 devices watching streams and playing music: QOS PAGE: NOW, WHAT CAN I DO?
  5. What can I do?
  6. But Is very laggy I can't play smooth edit: now I just received ping spikes from 25ms to 65ms and packets loss.
  7. I removed game console service and still having download packet loss but now is 1%. I have the server on europe, using also geo-filter to always connect me to Paris server being the nearest for me as I live in Spain.
  8. Hello, I've been getting 2/3% packet loss in Fortnite pc, my ping is good 30ms and there is no spikes, is just the packet loss that don't let me place some buildings or sometimes I'm not able to edit, this issue seems to appear more on creative games but also on normal game modes. I have the xr500, 300/300mb and my setup is this: isp router----xr500---ethernet to gaming pc. I have 70/70 anti-bufferbloat and traffic prioritization with dumaOS classified games enabled and also my pc with games console service. What can I do to fix this, because is really frustating. Thanks in advanced.
  9. I already solved the issue, thanks for your help but now I have a bigger issue, while playing fortnite on pc I play on 60ms being connected to the paris server being this server the closest (I live in Spain). I always played on 30ms and don't know what is happening, I reboot a few times the xr500 but nothing and also doing a test on cloud ping.info my ping to Paris is 60
  10. Hello, I basically can't download games or update them on my ps4 with the xr500 and don't know what to do, with the isp router I'm able to download games and everything. Help please.
  11. When I click bridge wan it appear a option that ask me to put a vlan multicast id ipv4. What can I do? Because on my ps4 with the xr500 I can't download any update but with the isp router I can. Also the nat is type 2 but in all the games is moderate and from what I read bridge mode is the solution for this double nat issue but I don't know how to enable it. Thanks in advanced
  12. I play on a gaming pc and is never detected by the when high priority traffic detected option, I already tried to put the pc as a console at device manager page but nothing. What can I do?
  13. I don't know what happened but right now the wifi of the xr500 doesn`t work, either 2.4ghz and 5ghz but I have internet through wired, also the led of 2.4ghz and 5ghz are off, I rebooted the router but nothing.
  14. I was doing a lot of tests with the app wifi sweetspots that newfie suggested me and I saw that 5ghz give me a lot faster speeds but with less range through all the house and 2.4ghz a lot more range but speeds are slower. Which one should I choose?
  15. I already switched the channel to the best one, but it not seems to improve nothing.
  16. I will probably do a refund on amazon for the router as it not helped me with wifi range at all and for what I see there is no solution.
  17. qos is disabled and I'm using speedtest from chrome as pc view
  18. Im connected to the xr500 2.4ghz through the devices that are upstairs, via speedtest, the extender is used just for one device in one room upstairs, the extender TL-WA850RE
  19. Yes, I am using the extender for the room upstairs which is a dead zone, I can`t move the router because the optical rosette is placed at my gaming room. The aerials are in the right slot but how do I know if they are correctly fitted and working??
  20. Still having poor range, what can I do??
  21. 70/70 when high traffic priorization, the problem is when I'm connected through wifi, wired I get 300/300 doing a speedtest.
  22. I don't know how to know if they are good fitted but yes I arranged as the picture of the xr500 guide said, I'm not using smart connect, every device located upstairs is on 2.4ghz with the less congested channel choosed and all the devices near the router on 5ghz.
  23. Today has arrived my xr500, I went from the netduma r1 to the xr500, I have 300/300mb and the main goal of this upgrade was for improve wifi range and also my gaming experience. My current setup is isp router---xr500- ALL DEVICES, I live in a 2 floors house being the xr500 placed at my gaming room which is located at one end of the house, before the xr500, the netduma was able to provide wifi to all the rooms except one which is located upstairs straight to the opposite end of the house, being the only solution plug an extender for just that room, but now with the xr500 all the rooms in the second floor struggles to get speeds over 25mb/25mb. What can I do? And also which are the best settings for the xr500 in general for improve wireless experience?
  24. Do you know how to disable the wifi of my isp router? Becuase I've read that is better to have it disabled. Is the wlan option?? Because the isp router have 2.4ghz and 5ghz, I don,t want to mess up anything on the isp router.
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