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    Killhippie reacted to sharpz44 in XR700 Firmware Version Released   
    Just got one brand New of Ebay for £260...cheapest I`ve ever seen it
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    The hints in the title name of the firmware,
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Yam Yam in No Connection at all to R2   
    Just noticed on m my unit that the password does rub off a bit easily, best be careful as you could loose the Wi-Fi password and serial number if you were a bit heavy handed when you first got it. It would rub off quite easy if your hands were sweaty
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    Killhippie reacted to Netduma Adrian in No Connection at all to R2   
    We plan to keep this open to confirm if the replacement unit fixes the problem for Yam Yam.
    We will also debug the returned unit once it reaches us to find the root of this problem, and hopefully deliver a fix for new users, in case anyone else experiences this problem.
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    Killhippie reacted to PharmDawgg in Error   
    I am not sure of what the exact cause is of the error but i do have two possible solutions:
    1. Try rebooting the router
    2. If rebooting the router doesn't work - try factory resetting the router
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    Killhippie reacted to e38BimmerFN in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    No. Thats not v3.0 FW. 
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    Killhippie reacted to Newfie in Your favorite hobby?   
    Thought I would post these as I’m clearing out a room that needs some love and care. 
    one of my old hobbies that turned into a small venture in the early 90s was building loudspeakers with a chap who worked for IMF who were famous for transmission line speakers. These were prototypes that used our Forrest filter technology.
    The Musical Fidelity A370 pulls a nice 2.5Kw and weighs in at 49kg.

    from these came the ones below and the photo was taken at the London international HiFi show. We went forward to a unique design and the large box in the middle is the worlds largest passive filter with 80000 components. We wanted to prove that sound could be projected around the room using nothing but a passive filter. Nowadays its called Atmos and uses the wizard of modern tech. I also had a full head of hair!!

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    Killhippie reacted to liveandletdie34 in Wired speeds low   
    I have sorted the issue a faulty wire by looks of things or it was me when I have made it. Many thanks
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    Killhippie reacted to liveandletdie34 in Wired speeds low   
    PS4 is in port1
    xbox port 2
    my pc port 3 
    hive hub port 4
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Wired speeds low   
    is PS4 Pro only on 10Mbps just trying to work out the devices from your list. I would get Cat 6 myself as they block more RFI. Cat 7 etc is over the top. Cat 6E would work fine but its penny's to get the better Cat 6 cables these days.
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    Killhippie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Wired speeds low   
    Thanks for that, so the router itself will get full speeds, that's why your WiFi is good. Out of the 4 LAN ports, 1 isn't being used, 1 is limited to 10Mbps, 1 is limited to 100Mbps and the other is full speed. So you need at least two Cat5e ethernet cable to replace those two as otherwise you won't get your full speeds out of them.
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    Killhippie reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR300, Vigor 130, NowTV Broadband..   
    Yep as above, sorry about that. I did let them know ages ago once they added it to the 500 to do so for the 300 but that hasn't happened yet.
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR300, Vigor 130, NowTV Broadband..   
    That would be correct unfortunately, you would be better getting a R2 or a XR500 with the Vigor than the XR300 at this time. Hope you get it working.
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    Killhippie reacted to Newfie in Netduma r2   
    That’s a hard one to answer. You could connect 100 devices which all use low level communication or you could cripple it down with just a handful. I’ve seen it mention wave 1 can handle 100 plus on a 2x2 setup. 
    its not meant for dense environments and for the normal house hold it should be fine. You have the 2 bands but you are restricted by throughput of the WiFi and in many cases the isp throughput. So you have a 25mbps isp download and you connect 10 TVs all streaming 4 k it will grind the connection out. If you have a gig and and huge number of clients streaming then it would bog the WiFi down. 
    in reality we tend to use lots of devices that simple use low level communication like phones, tablets, Amazon echo devices and so on. They don’t tend to be all on at once or using too much throughput on mass.
    manufacturers again give you spec where they say can handle for example 256 clients on my router I’ve got running at the moment but the reality is I don’t have the throughput from my isp to handle that and what clients are the 256. It’s the same with WiFi spec, you see big numbers thrown about. You might have a 1700mbps throughput but in reality you never get anywhere near it. 
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    Killhippie reacted to Richard91 in XR300, Vigor 130, NowTV Broadband..   
    Hi Killhippie,
    Once I’m home from work, I will set it up & post a photo of the Vigor 130 once it’s on.
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    Killhippie got a reaction from PharmDawgg in STP - Spanning Tree Protocol   
    You would enable it if say you were using an Ad hoc networks between say two or more wireless PCs together, without the use of a wireless router or an access point. The computers communicate directly with each other. It doesn't need to be on as default.
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    Killhippie reacted to Newfie in Connecting a WiFi extender   
    WiFi Sweetspots just checks the connection rates between the router and the device running Sweetspots. It’s an internal test only. So for example you test and get 400mbps. If your isp throughput was high enough you could achieve that, if you had a 1 gig connection the best would be 400mbps on WiFi to that device.
    Now the test relies on how accurate the app is testing the connection and like all testing there is a degree of tolerance which is never stated and you also have the tolerance of the device and it’s hardware and software. So it’s a rough indication of what your throughput is and the only way to confirm the accuracy is a lab test which none of us will be doing. It could be +/- 10% For all I know so take the figures with a small pinch of salt but it’s a good way of checking your network. 
    this applies to all testing as there is no real standard when matched all together and no devices are calibrated for such testing, you don’t send your iPhone in yearly to insure its WiFi is reading correctly and having a part 2 certificate produced to ISO standards. 
    so it’s a rough guide of throughput which not only shows what to expect but is handy to map your property. You might find it drops to 0 at times yet connection is still ok, that’s the accuracy part I mentioned above. 

    so when you run Sweetspots say on an iPhone and you place it down on a flat surface you should see a nice straight line and a small fluctuation on the number output. If you  pick the phone up and move it around in your hand you might see the line drop then rise then drop and rise. If you notice when you place the iPhone for example on a flat surface and you see the line fluctuating it could be interference from either neighbouring networks or background RFI. Wi-Fi will always have more variables involved in the quality of service than a LAN connection but with each generation of new Wi-Fi specs we see improvements across the board. 
    The way around the WiFi and to get good performance would be to use let’s say an EAX80 AX WiFi extender in AP mode. You would simply have it sat in the same room as the router and then disable the R2 WiFi. The extender is £278 which is a heck of a lot of money which is down to the latest tech inside. I’ve a pair of EX8000 extenders and have tried one in AP mode on the R2 with great result, they are about £150. 
    as you go down the price range the performance drops and this is where you can’t simply find the holy grail of routers because everything boils down to the end cost to the consumer. 
    The R2 does a decent job WiFi wise, it’s not meant to be on par with say the XR500 just as the XR500 is not on par to the new generation of WiFi. It’s all about costs but you can add hardware to improve performance depending on your pocket and what you want.
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    Killhippie reacted to Newfie in Connecting a WiFi extender   
    Hi Nigel
    just a heads up that they are working hard on the WiFi to improve performance so you could hold back. 
    i have a couple of the Netgears EX8000 extenders that I use if need be. Ones set up as an access point as I wanted my Arlo basestion well away from my router and that works fine. I’ve also used them as extenders but it does require the router to be in DFS100 or above and they are a bit of a miss match on the WiFi side as it’s different spec.
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    Killhippie got a reaction from fuzzy clam in can't access the Dumaos interface   
    The reason the message appears in because the login is http as you probably know but you are only logging into your own device, it could man in the middle attacks I suppose but Netduma seems very secure.  Maybe they can change the login to https long term. I Lao am. Mac user and using the R2 on Firefox on my iMac with 10.15.6 I can login fine. 
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    Killhippie reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR300 Firmware update   
    Thanks, all done!
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR300 Firmware update   
    Latest version is now as seen here for a security vulnerability. This should be added to the latest firmwares please.

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    Killhippie got a reaction from Newfie in Received a faulty router (in Kenya)   
    Speak to @Netduma Fraser  He will be able to test with you and decide the best course of action. If It was faulty on arrival he will know what to do.
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    Killhippie reacted to Newfie in Received a faulty router (in Kenya)   
    That’s great thanks.
    @Netduma Fraser I’ve linked Fraser into this thread for you. It’s early here, just gone 8am and I’m sure he will be able to help once he pops in.
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    Killhippie reacted to Zippy in Received a faulty router (in Kenya)   
    Hello, Ive watched your video and my first recommendation would be to do a factory reset to the router from the little pinhole in the back of the router.. Hold the reset in for 30 seconds then release and see if the router will fully boot up.. See if that gets you any further. should get you into the UI.. 
    If the above doesnt do anything try the same thing again but have nothing connected to the R2 but your computer.. Dont have anything else connected..
    Give those a try and post back here..
    Good luck.
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    Killhippie reacted to Netduma Adrian in No Connection at all to R2   
    Hi @Yam Yam, its me again 😂
    If after trying everything that Iain suggested you keep having problems, could you enable the "Remote Access to Tech Support" option on your R1, and DM me your public ip? (you can check this by googling "What is my public ip", it should tell you).
    I'll try to access your unit remotely to add extra log information.
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