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  1. The next Milestone, is now DumaOS 3.0. It may be a few months before anything appears on the horizon. Then you have to figure in Netgears release schedule as the XR500 is their product.
  2. True, but some people consider a reboot pulling the power which if the update has not 100% finished could brick the router.
  3. Beta Hotfixes can cause off behaviour. No need to reboot the router afterwards, in fact let it sit for a few minutes and then do factory reset (small hole on the back of the router i always prefer this method and make sure you are logged out of the router before doing it. Hold for 20 seconds or there about and wait for it to reboot (don't reboot it yourself) then when all the lights are back on, you can set it from scratch up but not from a backup. New firmware may have changes that are not compatible with the backup, low level stuff that's not needed or may make the router unstable sometimes. Netgear routers do seem to prefer this way of updating, especially if a lot has changed.
  4. So why couldn't you just patch Milestone 1.3 then, if you have not got enough staff you fix what you have already made surely before starting a new project? Anyway I wish you luck with it and look forward to seeing what's coming.
  5. I appreciate the more transparent side of things here now, Fraser. I still think your devs have patching backwards, I know of no other company that releases new operating systems without patches for their software in between major releases. Its just seems to me a retrograde way of doing things. Apple have just released macOS Catalina and its buggy, now imagine if no point releases came until next year with macOS 10.16 Users would go mad and Apple would never sell another computer probably, same for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux etc. That is just not how you do things in my view and no matter what the new version hopes and expectations are it will have bugs, you cant make bug free software, its impossible. I'm just hoping DumaOS 4.0 or another incarnation of DumaOS wont be the fix for DumaOS 3.0's bugs. Until I can see a point release path rather than 8-12 month gaps between updates to fix issues with DumaOS software pushed to Netgear hardware, I've had to remove the XR500 as my daily driver for now and box it up. I'm aware this may not be all your fault believe me, and I know you guys work really hard and I will continue to help where I can, but the XR development cycle in my view is unacceptable as it stands. I look forward though to seeing what your plans are with DumaOS nevertheless. Right time for more more coffee
  6. Sadly that's something I may not be able to do any more. With no guarantees as to updates for releases in the future, let alone no DumaOS updates for months to come and no promise of XR compatibility (because of company NDA's) let alone no guarantees this wont happen again, its time to find another router as my daily driver instead of the XR500 I think. Just imagine if Microsoft/Apple/Google etc released a new operating system then left it for over a year with no updates for bugs until the next version and then no guarantees your hardware would get it. Its almost back to front in my view. Companies patch so that if there is no new OS for your hardware you have the best version you can have on the hardware you own and to just fix bugs too as a matter of course. The whole create a new version of DumaOS instead of patching the old one will always be my sticking point.
  7. Thanks Alex, unfortunately that’s what I kind of feared. Basically bugs that came out in milestone 1.3 in what is rapidly going to become a year soon aren’t going to get patched in other words. Anything DumaOS related will be left until version 3.0. Also no one has a real clue how much Netgear will be interested in any of these new features. Also Current bugs with VLAN tagging, QoS getting slow, port mapping in table view and antibufferbloat getting stuck on and and the leaky hybrid VPN won’t be fixed until this new version is ready and that probably won’t be this year and once again may not come to the XR routers. Is that a fair assumption of the current situation? I appreciate you coming up with a new operating system and it takes great effort to create one, but I am a little taken aback by the lack of patching in milestone 1.3 considering it’s almost a year old and virtually nothing has been done to fix the issues with it on the XR routers, as I can’t speak for the R1. I really wish you had focused on bug fixing Milestone 1.3 first before creating yet another new OS rather than leaving things unfixed and with an air of uncertainty as to whether they ever will be patched , because this all rides on Netgear. I think this could be a problem possibly especially since obviously you can’t promise how long this will take, and I have noted the words ‘early days’ which doesn’t bode well for further fixes in the pipeline for DumaOS as it stands on current Netgear hardware with your firmware. So we could be waiting possibly until next year with no fixes at all on the DumaOs side at all. Also a lot depends on Netgear wanting the new version as well, is that correct? I’m not trying to be negative, I’m just trying to understand where Netgear users stand. I hope you understand my concerns, router stability is created hopefully by fixing issues in current firmware no matter how welcome new features are. However the continued lack of support for patching your own firmware on Netgear hardware I find to be a bit odd. Personally I would need fixes and stability not long gaps where nothing is happening visibly for DumaOS software thats on existing XR routers, because you are busy creating another new version.Fixing the issues first before moving on seems the more logical approach but that’s just from my point of view. Are you going to focus on patching rather than creating new versions of DumaOS, because all new operating systems inevitably are buggy. So Will you patch 3.0 or move onto the next version? I hope you can see my concerns. Good luck with version 3.0 nevertheless.
  8. Will patching continues on Milestone 1.3 issues on DumaOS or is any further development now for Netgears firmware side only? I assume you and Netgear have some agreement over patching issues and if DumaOS 3.0 will make it to current hardware (I know NDA's are all over the place these days) but some words of support to Netgear XR users would go down well as Milestone 1.3 issues are still ongoing. DumaOS 3.0 looks good though from the glimpse above. Really liking the Data history.
  9. With a need for IPv6 and WPA3 being the new standard in town soon (unless that's not a priority for Netgear on older kit as it can be updated), also Wi-Fi 6 is replacing Wi-Fi 5 quite fast and I will be looking at hardware that keeps up with new clients and my networking needs. I love the GUI of DumaOS but not the failed promises and the never ending bugs that Netgear and Netduma don't get fixed, I'm guessing more Netgear than you guys, but still Ive seen to many promises just fade away on these forums. Also this XR hardware is getting old. SoC's and Wi-Fi chipsets from 2016 are hardly cutting edge any more. Basically buying a R9000 or the gaming equivalent, the XR700 means people are buying 3 year old hardware, the XR500's CPU hits 4 years old in January 2020 as that's when the IPQ8065 landed on the shelves in home routers like Netgears R7800, which the XR500 basically is just in a new body shell and a bit more flash NAND that seems to not even be used.
  10. I know the feeling. my routers antibufferbloat got stuck the other night again, thats been a royal pain and has put me off gaming a bit as it screws up streaming etc even turning antibufferbloat off wont turn the red dot off neither will unticking Duma classified games, or any other setting I have been asked to try. You have to reboot the router.and the more you do that the more screwed up it gets QoS wise. Since getting two bits of kit which are AX empowered I am tempted to splash out on the Orbi AX kit when its available and have hopefully signal all over my home and take the XR500 down to the local shooting range and get them put it out of my misery. I so wanted this router to work but its like ground hog day with promises that never come to pass its just rinse and repeat. I'm beyond caring if its Netgear or Netuma at fault, but the lack bug fixes from both sides is mind boggling. All this tells me is this unholy union in one router isn't really working well enough for either side to be transparent about what's' next (or not) or for me to want to continue to use it, I've just had enough now. I'm not even disappointed, I'm just bored or it continuing and lessons about patching and false promises never being learnt because it appears the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Its a shame because this had router had so much promise, but equally Ive never had so many bugs in a device go unfixed because new features take precedent every time. So basically nothing gets fixed between milestones unless there is a security update needed.
  11. Yes, the chipset in XR700 and XR500 are almost 4 years old. Now I have two new AX clients, so I'm looking at a new AX router but not until Qualcomm's new silicon is used which will be next year. Also Wi-Fi 6 is close to being ratified I would hope, until then any Wi-Fi 6 routers are potentially incompatible with the 'wave 2' style updates coming after Wi-Fi 6 is ratified, same as Wi-Fi 5 really. The Wi-Fi 5 chipsets in the XR routers hardware are old as i mentioned, 4 years old next year (2020) for the XR450, XR500 and XR700. https://blogs.cisco.com/wireless/wi-fi-6-powers-real-world-wireless-enterprise-applications
  12. FF does not tell you the password is not good or long enough unless you are talking about Firefoxes master password which is not the same as logging into your router. In the update it does say 'Support GUI login weak password protection' So if you are talking about the login for your router then if its weak Netgears code will ask you to change it and for good reason as its to protect you.
  13. And I have and as I mentioned it just all goes around in circles, you know what Netgear is like. Also you get no real support after 90 days, just vitriol from some very rancid users quite a lot of the time. Its not a good environment to deal with bugs, some people don't even realise its a Netgear router! On this forum people can talk without anger and that's a good thing and the forum does feel friendly, also the staff are great. Id rather voice my concerns to Fraser or Alex or Jack than deal with the bowels of hell, sorry I meant the Netgear forum.
  14. They have been fielded at Netgear believe me. Netduma are responsible for fixing bugs in DumaOS and passing them on to Netgear and it seems many which arrived with Milestone 1.3 point to DumaOS for which they acknowledged some, and others are Netgears, but they all have just have just vanished into a black hole of promises, with each side seemingly passing the blame to the other. No matter what, it does not take 8 months to release a patch which virtually no fixes in it for major bugs like VLAN tagging, or DumaOS's QoS issues or port mapping GUI bugs or actual port mapping bugs. Netgear say talk to Netduma, and vice versa and the users are none the wiser and this process of going in ever decreasing circles just continues. You of all people know how fast Voxel can turn around an update, so there really is no excuse for the lack of fixes from Netduma to pass to Netgear as I see it apart from red tape at Netgears end, but even then Netgear used to kick out quarterly updates. Most of the bugs seem to be relying on milestone 1.4 to fix and that's in my view not a good way to patch a router. I really think this side of the Netgears router business is not being prioritised at this time with AX being pushed so hard now, but that's just a theory I'm well aware you can't just release fixes "willy nilly" too but with promises of fixes for bugs almost a year old still not fixed after Netduma said they would be fixed or at least if its not one of their they would communicate with Netgear who do we hold responsible? As to "Be patient and show some understanding" I have for 8 months and look where that landed us <sigh> I think the Netgear ,Netduma sandwich is not working well at this time as far as fixing issues. I also can't see it improving when Netduma don't appear to have a timescale for bug fixes. The issue is when you get answers like " Of course we plan to continue to fix issues and keep improving the firmware but no specific news on fix timelines" it does not give you renewed confidence that things will improve.
  15. So you didn't learn that people need regular bug fixes in those 8 months? Not new milestones? New features are great but fix the bugs at a regular intervals, new features can come later when we have had old bugs that have been around for 9 months squashed. Seeing Netduma being proactive in bug hunting and fixing those issues inspires confidence, rhetoric about new features and zero talk about fixing issues does not. Right now I have no faith in Milestone 1.4 because there are so many bugs from almost a year ago that are still not fixed in DumaOS. Why is that? I really want to know why in those 8 months no major bug fixes were pushed to users with issues with QoS and VLAN tagging and Geo filter issues, and the mess that's the device manager that is still being back to front in table view compared with Netgears own port map? All these issues came with Milestone 1.3 in December 2018, almost 9 months ago now, Its a simple question, that really deserves an answer I believe. Why cant You guys just release regular fixes rather than making a new milestone with zero fixes in between or just add new features along the way instead of lumping it all together in what will always be a buggy update, not because you are bad devs but because that's the nature of big software re-writes, they all have bugs, hence patches to fix these bugs after release. Patching only by milestone seems an insanely bad way of dealing with these issues in my view and a very easy way to lose your customer base. More transparency about what's going on would really help too, If the updates are DumaOS related why do you have to get permission from Netgear when DumaOS is your code?
  16. So the XR500 is ageing hardware now and cant handle QoS? 🤫
  17. So we have had no real fixes in almost a year, a update that really fixed a few game issues but was mainly a kernel security patch and you have no idea when you will fix bugs? Also no posts about Milestone 1.4 as promised either, in fact that's all gone silent. It seems nothing has changed or has been taken on board from the community, no lessons learned from the 8 month gap between milestone 1.3 and this last patch. So many users have said we need fixes between milestones not fixes in new milestones! Not the best statement for Netduma or DumaOS tbh from my point of view, let alone in keeping those who stayed on board invested with seeing regular patching of bugs and a timeline laid down for doing that. Some users have had their patience pushed pretty much to the limit already by the lack of structure in regular bug patching and also the lack of any meaningful dialogue going forward about how to change this apparent stagnation, it feels like nothing is going to change. 😒
  18. Firmware updates put a lot of strain on routers or any equipment and that’s most likely when will fail, how many times have you seen computers and phones go down when there is a firmware update on forums. I’m not saying it’s hardware but the only way to check would be to go back to the previous version and test using that then update without doing a factory reset maybe. For the small amount of time you’ll be online with the previous firmware you will be fine just to see if it is a firmware issue then have the latest firmware version downloaded ready so after testing you can update straightaway. If you are still having issues I would contact netgear too as they are in charge of the hardware side of things.
  19. Not buy much and TX wise all routers are at thier limit, the so called active antenna don't do that much and you cant transmit any more powerfully than a XR500 or a XR300 as their are legal limits that all powerful Netgear routers tend to reach they just add things like 'active antennas as part of the price justification. If the small gains are worth the price go ahead. I would say you wont really notice that much tbh. (R7800 compared with the R9000 (XR500 vs XR700) nothing has changed hardware wise apart from the XR500 gained a as yet unused extra 128MB flash NAND to bring it to 256MB vs the R7800's 128MB. Below are some tables showing wireless performance for the R9000 (XR700) and the R7800 (XR500) and a complete review of the R9000. Nothing has been done to the XR700 to make the Wi-Fi better than the R9000 its just in a new shell with a new paint job, and is still buggy for its price as was the R9000 which is no surprise as they are identical hardware as I mentioned. https://www.smallnetbuilder.com/wireless/wireless-reviews/33046-netgear-r9000-nighthawk-x10-smart-wifi-router-reviewed
  20. Netgeasr cant predict when Netgear is releasing a firmware update
  21. Weird how these bugs work on different set ups, I'm not dropping anything out on Ethernet at all, streaming etc is flawless. This why Netgear should really do more controlled public beta testing as there are so many permutations to check out. Also it could be hardware, you could downgrade briefly and see if things work okay and then update again, but I understand you not wanting to.
  22. Delays seem to be the one thing we can guarantee will happen it seems. I know this stuff happens but surely this was something that really didn't need any delays and should have been gotten in front of ready to be posted, otherwise it's just another case of rinse and repeat.
  23. Thought you said you used Ethernet? (which is what I meant by cable)
  24. Don't you also need DHCP option 61 with SKY which I think the XR500 got with as well?
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