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  1. is a private IP address. Private IP addresses are used inside a local area network (LAN) and are not visible on the internet.
  2. Ive never seen such childish posts in a long time and attacking Fraser is unnecessary and damn hurtful. Wait for your beta and think about what new router you are going to buy later next year as your XR700 is now END OF LIFE so after 3.0 no more updates! So be glad its getting 3.0 at all. When you buy a router you purchase what's in the box not a right to never ending new features. Hell my RAX120 is being replaced with a RAX120v2 with a CPU revision (still a 2.2Ghz Quad core) but its more up to date silicon, and I'm not lashing out at Netgear. These posts are vile and the issue here is not Fraser, but a case of toys out the pram. Can someone please close this puerile thread.
  3. New firmware for the XR1000 line below contains bug fixes, security updates, data connection and in the QoS menu you will see the new Control Auto Setup as well. https://www.netgear.com/support/product/xr1000.aspx
  4. Why are you unplugging the router to 'organise' things so much? Routers are kinda designed to be plugged in and left on, and since there is no power switch on the R2 I hope you are not pulling the connector out the back and back in with the power adaptor still on as that can fry a router as it can arc when you push the connector back in. A router should be mounted high up for better Wi-Fi, not hidden behind furniture and electronic equipment that can cause issues by blocking Wi-Fi and inducing RFI and sometimes EMI also its better for the router to have as much ventilation as possible. Mine is on a shelf way up out the way so it does what it needs to do and very rarely gets unplugged. Unplugging it and plugging it in will eventually shorten any electronic devices life as booting up from a zero power state is one of the most stressful times for any device, also with NVRAM there is the potential to cause corruption if its done to often.
  5. The only problem I can see is DumaOS would have to be compliant with every computer on the planet for it to work as they have no idea what 'box' you are installing it on, this could be an issue as its not a fat binary as far I'm as aware.
  6. No, this router does not support third part software. a Dynamic QoS is in the pipeline but no idea when that will arrive.
  7. Please don't make multiple posts in different forums, your post will be seen as will your email I'm sure.
  8. I'm sure @Netduma Fraser will be able to help you out somehow. Cant you just cancel your order?
  9. Reinstalling windows is easy, move all your stuff from the main SSD and put it on the storage drive, tbh big files like photos etc belong there anyway as they are not often accessed. Once you have confirmed its all moved reinstall. download before you do any drivers you need like graphics etc. A clean install will sort out bugs and avoid 'tool's as they are generally not needed at all, or can cause more issues (registry cleaners are always to be avoided) I have reinstalled both my Macs and windows machines from a full erase its easy if you need to go that far. You really don't need a new SSD if your one is working fine. Also all data on the storage drive will be available to access and drag and drop back. Just erase your C drive, make sure its named C for the reinstall. Do some research on reinstalling windows 10, I installed windows 7 then 10 on a friends machine with a new SSD and it went fine. You may be better off downloading a bootable version if that's available and putting it on a thumb drive. Once you have done it you will wonder why you thought it would be hard, Windows does all the work these days pretty much. You can do I believe to do a non destructive reinstall which would be even better as well and that should fix any issues. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/reinstall-windows-10-d8369486-3e33-7d9c-dccc-859e2b022fc7
  10. Well you got two years support I suppose didn't you? I understand its frustrating, my router is getting updated but after all with COVID 19 hitting this this year, personally I have other things to think about other than plastic and metal. I hope the XR700 gets 3.0 at least. As far as wifi 6 all new Macs (M1 Apple silicon going forward) and iPads and iPhones now have Wi-Fi 6 as well as many windows laptops and both next gen consoles. After all it is the replacement for the worlds Wi-Fi standard from Wi-Fi 5 and that is pretty big considering the benefits it brings.
  11. Where has the 1 to 1 forum gone? I'm sure it was there the other day.
  12. Are you sure? I think you missed lan lan wan wan lan wan wan lan wan possibly
  13. I have to say apart from trying to work out what's going on in this picture, there are no Ethernet connections to your router and 2.4Ghz is lit up as above. I have no idea what that arm is unless its for the monitor? Its all spaghetti hell mixed with inception nightmare perspective so I cant make anything out clearly.
  14. You need better airflow too that's really not a place to put a router and the R2 may run warm and needs better ventilation. In all honesty I would place it in a clear space so no EMI is causing issues and where it gets much better airflow. Where it is now is not good for any of that.
  15. What’s 3k bandwidth how did you reset your router if it doesn’t reset if the rest button does not work. You use a paper clip into that small hole hold for 30 seconds let go wait for the router to boot fully then enter your settings. Also contact @Netduma Fraser He has a beta firmware to help this router. He should see this post now I’ve tagged him. After updating reset but once only it does not need multiple resets.
  16. If the clone was from a very different build with different components that would cause many issues. ram can cause BSOD's like yours but tbh it could be anything. I would clean install Windows, also why would you suspect the SSD, surely you have tools to check its integrity?
  17. Can you explain that please, its a tad odd.
  18. You don't seem to get the fact that the XR700 carcass was released in 2018 with Duma, the PCB and CPU was from 2016, its old tech in a shiny new box, so your router while you only had it two years is in fact 4 years old internally. Netgear still sell the R7800 from 2016, so its not Netgear not supporting routers as such its them not supporting routers that make them a loss financially as the XR700 was expensive and a niche product and like any company they will sell the most popular not the most expensive to produce if its not selling in the expected numbers. Oh and then along comes Covid! Who is going to buy a £450 sorry £248 router when they have been made redundant. Its about business really not the fact you feel stung for not doing research and finding out it was a R9000 (2016 router) in a new casing. Hell my routers (RAX120) is going to be replaced for a v2 with a newer CPU, it happens. As I said before try and buy last years top of the range TV from which ever company made it this year, because you cant as they have built newer and better ones and ceased production on last years year old TV models. This is life get used to it. Sorry if this sounds harsh but its just about profit and introducing new tech, with AX pushing into the market quickly all AC routers will be obsolete soon technologically. Also Asus, Netgear, etc want to make money from new products and its been a damn hard year. Maybe if AX had not come along so soon the XR700 would have had a longer life, but I'm guessing the XR500 made Netgear more money.
  19. MU-Mimo has no effect on my ping in a RAX120 it shouldn't on yours also you do need two MU compatible devices to gain the best from it, but leaving the flag on should not cause issues, unless you have enabled wideband 40Mhz on 2.4 and 160 on 5Ghz.
  20. Stop yelling! Large font is seen as shouting, in your case its ridiculously large. Just because something is there does not mean you have to use it and there is forum etiquette also. No need to have a go at Fraser who works really hard on here and who is at no fault.
  21. Actually its £248 on Amazon so not much more than a XR500, the price drop is to get rid od old stock. Its the same as buying a top end TV, the following year new features come out and your TV looks old fashioned spec wise, but you don't spend say £2000 a year to keep up your TV up to date and after a year they also stop making your model as the new model comes in, tech moves forward. As Newfie has pointed out the XR700 is based on a four year old PCB the R9000 was also not a great seller back in its day, research helps but its down to what makes a company money, and 802.11ad didn't take off, that was an added expense to manufacture, the routers ended up I imagine sitting in warehouses not being sold at the same rate as the XR500, hence the fire sale to get rid of the old stock which means a loss for Netgear and hence the XR700 being made EOL. Its life, it happens to us all. Not all Netgear routers have such a short life, the R7800 is still being sold four years later and still supported even though its just security updates as it has a full feature set. Its probably one of Netgear's bets sellers, like the R7000. You just got unlucky as it wasn't a great seller by the looks of it and its not Netduma's fault its just business.
  22. As you can see from what Fraser said the XR700 router is now END OF LIFE so after 3.0 if it even gets that it will have no more updates from Netgear or Netduma as it is not in production, basically the AX1000 is the official replacement for the XR700. On Amazon as well as the price having been dropped to clear old stock and it states there is a newer model available as you can see in the link below. So The XR700 wont even get security updates after its final patch which may or may not be 3.0 who knows patch. Here is the Amazon UK link showing the AX1000 as the newer item for replacing the XR700. Sorry guys its bad when this happens but newer tech always replaces old and you bought the router as it was and it had no promise on the packaging for 3.0 so if do get that as a final patch be thankful, but also be aware your router will become a security risk as it no gets security patches, I'm not even sure it will get plex updates as a EOL device. In all fairness even my router is having a v2 revision in the new year and will need replacing (RAX120) its having a newer CPU added for wave 2 AX features, this is just life and you 'You pays yer money and you takes yer chances' Nothing is future proof. https://www.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-XR700-100EUS-Nighthawk-Gaming-Router/dp/B07GZ138X8
  23. Not surprised considering the rapid drop in price and its brother the R9000 being made EOL earlier in the year. Now the router wont receive security patches from Netgear as its EOL (end of life) after 3.0 which will be the final update, so after that the security on that router will eventually become an issue. All good things come to an end and at its original price point I'm guessing more XR500's, and XR300's were sold. Best not to buy one now. I have to say I am surprised they are putting 3.0 on it as the XR700 is now an end of life product, I personally wouldn't hold your breath for a beta as it seems odd to keep technicians working on a product that's no longer in production, but who knows. I noticed on Amazon UK it states there is a newer model of this item, which is the XR1000. I imagine that will be the unit that warranty XR700's are replaced with. https://www.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-XR700-100EUS-Nighthawk-Gaming-Router/dp/B07GZ138X8
  24. Milestone 1.3 was released in December 2018 as version v2.3.2.40 There has never been a 2.0 ever! It feels like people are just making numbers up now. Oh look im going to download DumaOS v32.456.916! Argh!
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