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  1. Shame Voxel cant get in on the act, yeah that would be different, have you seen the price of their RBK52 Wi-Fi 6 units? £533 or $700
  2. I hated the winged look but the range is amazing as it fixes the antenna in the correct position, although if they had made them Orbi coloured it would be better. Also its not another dead spider. Considering Netgear just gives Netduma hand me downs it may get a RAX80 but there is one that looks kind of normal which is the RAX40. With the RAX120 you have 8 antenna, so hidden and fixed makes sense. I get 86% coverage over 5Ghz for my OLED TV using the RAX120 vs 72% using the XR500 and a much higher data transfer rate too, the RAX look may be ugly but it works. I now have no dead spots and my router is far from central, so the wings do work. Personally I think the XR700 is ugly , I don't like the red striped stuff, the R9000 looked better being plain, gaming routers don't need go faster stripes as far as I concerned. My RAX120 is ugly too, but performance is what counts and its insanely fast, best looking router is still the R7800 I think, it always seemed to have better 5Ghz coverage over the XR500 too in my home but environment can effect that. I think though that was down to aerial design tbh. There is no reason the XR500 has to have the outer aerials at an angle or for all of them to be shorter, in fact vertical is better on a single floor generally, although once again environment and placement will effect this. I think they did that angled look for aesthetics so it looked extra mean.
  3. "Thanks for putting up with our whining" right about there! If you had said "Thanks for putting up with my whining" that would have been different. By saying 'our' you are implying your post is covering a group of people whining, by saying 'my' you are saying the post is just about yourself.
  4. OFDMA is baked into AX ratification, you wont be seeing OAM Vortex in up coming routers, it may be better but the specs for AX routers are fine and wont be changed much now. Especially when OAM Vortex is more for Radar over short distances than routers
  5. It seems to suffer more issues with GUI and hardware bugs than the XR500, the R9000 did to, its like the more high end Netgear routers get the worst they behave....
  6. You may be right and I may be getting mixed up with Thinkbroadband. The DM200 does not get great reviews even though its a lantic/Infineon modem, as I looked at it and decided to avoid it after reading the reviews, its a later chipset though than the Vigor. Netgear just dont do well with firmware. <sigh> The VR-268 SoC in the ECI Openreach B Focus and Vigor 130 never played nicely with Huawei cabs though, and the half sized board in the Vigor 130 can run hot to although not when its this nippy. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=Vigor+130+loss+of+speed+with+Huawei+cabs&spell=1&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiC7OWq6Z7mAhXLYcAKHQ42A8MQBSgAegQIDBAm&biw=1324&bih=844&dpr=2
  7. What makes you you think its okay to apologise for those that whine with genuine issues? Sure you like DumaOS and the router is the best in your view maybe but not everyone agrees though. It's always best to speak for yourself, not other people on mass. We all have different views, yes sing its praises that's fine, but do that for yourself as your voice is not that of all DumaOS users probably. Also to say "Thanks for putting up with our whining" is a little patronising I find. I cant speak for anyone else of course though
  8. Be aware in Northern Ireland most cabs are Huawei, the Vigor is Lantiq based, ( think ECI cab) so you will loose speed as they are not wonderfully compatible you are not the first person to loose a chunk of speed using a Lantiq modem on a Huawei cab.. The Vigor is great with other ECI cabs, just not Huawei ones, (if you are on a Huawei) you need a broadcom based modem. The chipset in the Vigor130 is a VRX-268 the same as in BT's old ECI modems that you can get for a tenner or less on Ebay... Id stick to the HG612 you were using tbh or pick up one of ebay and flash it with the latest firmware so you can see the stats (got to kitz.co.uk to do that) or use a Broadcom based modem.
  9. XR700 is based on the R9000 withn a shiny coat of DumaOS, it had problems at launch, and even though its radios are good the R7800 (XR500) was better at dealing with bufferbloat. Try different settings, saturate your network etc the settings for both routers will be different due to router design, also why buy a XR700 when the XR500 was perfectly capable, if you don't mind me asking? A NAS instead of Netgears messy Plex would work better. Sadly the bigger number on the packet does not always mean the best product. Honestly I'd keep the XR500 and take the XR700 back its plagued with issues. Unless you needed the bigger pipe at 10Gbps (still only has 1Gbps Ethernet though ) the XR500 is more than capable. Also gaming packets are tiny so you don't need a quad core SoC to push less than 1Mbps of data really. If its not broken dont fix it as they say. Also save some money tbh. (sorry if I sound blunt Its not meant in a nasty way but the XR500 is perfectly capable and unless you use the Plex media server I cant see the point in spending the extra cash when the XR500 has enough grunt)
  10. I know you would, Fraser. Things as they stand just seem to be rinse and repeat for you guys with the same problems keep rearing their ugly heads, if the Devs had patched any of this, life would be easier for you guys and the users who are somewhat frustrated depending on their level of technical knowledge and how much they push the router which is when it starts showing the bugs that have not been patched in almost a year now. Milestone 1.3 was just abandonware, I truly hope your devs change direction on patching because if not this will simply happen again and I know a few people who will move on, as you know ive taken mine down due to issues with antibufferbloat, QoS and IPv6 that cannot be fixed at this time, and it's sad when you have such a great OS. DumaOS is like Swiss Gruyère, looks lovely tastes good on the first bite but is full of holes...
  11. So have a go and see if your router gets hacked, or your LAN but we cant fix this because we never patched these flaws in the last year. Its not a good look or good advise, Fraser. I understand its all you have but this should not be a scenario to get caught in if patching bugs had been priority over new features which needed almost a total re-write of DumaOS. Surely after the very pubic debacle with the R1 and DumaOS this should not even be happening.
  12. Wait for 3.0 (I imagine it will be in the new year but who knows, you wont get a fix now, and 3.0 is still in development from what we are told) also bear in mind the R1 will get it before the XR500, as Netgear have to test its compatibility with their firmware and hardware, so nobody even knows if the XR500 will get 3.0 for sure, and if they did they cant say (NDA). There are more secrets here than at the NSA headquarters it seems...
  13. Your router is secured by a password, a complicated one I hope using the latest firmware, its not a "site" You are loging into a device, not Amazon. Although HTTPS would be better its does no harm as that side of things is not internet facing unless you have remote management on. Still use a complicated password and don't loose it and you will be fine.
  14. its the same as the XR500 with slower wifi speeds on 2.4Ghz. May as well get the XR500 really. XR500 came out first. XR500 AC2600 (800Mbps @2.4GHz—256QAM support +1733Mbps @ 5Ghz 11ac) XR450 • AC2400 ([email protected] [email protected] 11ac)
  15. It will if you type routerlogi.net possibly, try typing routerlogin.net. or routerlogin.com or if you have not changed the routers address also since you are logging into the router not a website, although not ideal http is how Netgear tends to do things, and is fine on your own LAN since I take it you have not set up remote management.
  16. I think it was a hotfix for wireless 802.11k issues with the router (fast roaming) it definitely does not contain the latest security patches.
  17. Reading this makes me believe that IPv6 will not be fully functional in the release of 3.0. I hope I'm wrong. Its the current internet protocol that supersedes IPv4 as there are no more blocks of IPv4 addresses (not enough to go around) and all the big and small ISP's are transferring to it the biggest in the UK are all using it pretty much now. Maybe have a chat with IDNet, they have been using it for over 5 years. You need to have PPPoE working, VLAN tagging working and IPv6 working, these are basic router functions that a £30 ISP router that's posted though your letterbox can do, yet it appears DumaOS cant handle these functions. The Netgear R7800 could do IPv6 with filtering on ICMP for supposed security, yet its brother the XR500 cant handle QoS and IPv6 on the upstream, and its as your devs quoted "it's not a requested feature" Some features are not meant to be requested they should be part of the routers basic functionality, as simple as that. With all the new options and oddities like seeing your internet usage where I know most people have unlimited plans these days (I imagine there are a few that don't and that will be useful but it feels like maybe you could have skipped that one) you are not making the routers foundations as a tool to handle the internet in 2019/2020 rock solid on the basic features, well that how it looks. Also you keep skipping conversations about patching, lots of new features no news on patching still. Why so secretive on some of the basic things people need to know? Right now seeing new users asking the same questions over and over because they are hitting bugs introduced last December with Milestone 1.3 is truly painful, yet you guys have such great ideas and are truly thinking outside the box with new featues, so maybe get the basics done first?
  18. 10Gbps pipes are the kind of thing small niche ISP's have, although they would gave multiple ones. You would never saturate that pipe unless you ran your own small ISP
  19. You would need a port that could handle 10Gbps and the XR700 could do that but not the XR500. Also QoS etc would be pointless at those speeds. That's something to ask Netgear as well, as its a Netgear router running DumaOS. I'm sure the Netduma guys would be happy but it may be a Netgear setting as that speedtest feature is Netgears I think...
  20. From what I remember that was a hot fix for a Wi-Fi issue, it doesn’t contain the kernel patch. So just keep an eye on your network for intrusions. Let’s hope that Netgear pushes out a new firmware update sometime next year because I doubt we will see one before Christmas now, and there’s only been one proper update since Christmas 2018 which is .56, the .40 hot fix was never a public release to download on the netgear site.
  21. Vader streams is shut down look on YouTube (I had to google what Vader streams even was) also its pirated material so this isn't something to be talked about on this forum. I will also say I have never used or would condone the use of such services.
  22. I know its a dumb question but sometimes your ISP PPP may go down briefly, or if you are on a FTTC or FTTP product maintenance work or the DLM adjusting things can cause drop outs, its not any on those possibly?
  23. .40 has the kernel vulnerability just so you know. It was patched in .56 which is not much help to you, but be aware your router maybe at risk.
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