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  1. Thats really odd, I can power mine down remove the power adaptor and leave it say 15 minutes and power up and all my settings remain there, I don't have to start again using the wizard. I wonder if the NAND is corrupt? The router should obviously not loose its settings and its not something I've seen mentioned a lot. I know this will sound really silly but after applying each of your settings you did press apply? (I had to ask, sorry)
  2. There are security updates in this version, so if it worked with the modem before I would say use that again if that's the only change made in hardware configuration rather than downgrading.
  3. I get that. I had the router from day one too. In fact I beta tested it. I meant no offence it’s just recently the forums have got a bit toxic. I think if we all want to get things fixed we need not to be quite so angry even though I know that’s easier said than done sometimes. The devs should really listen to what the users are saying because after eight months we’ve had a security update and a few game fixes, which is a good thing because security updates are as important because no one wants their router and LAN compromised by a obscure vulnerability. At the end of the day though things really needed patching and they haven’t been and I agree with you they should have been fixed. I guess maybe we should try and find a better way of getting this across to the people who can sort this out, the developers themselves. Instead of a Q&A about what people want as new features maybe we should have one about patching current bags? Honestly I’ve never come across a company that release a new OS point update, which I’m guessing is going to fix the bugs in the previous one, most companies patch bugs in between new versions of an operating system, and if Netduma aren’t changing the direction they’re on with releasing new milestones and not focusing on patching in between, then I might need to look at other hardware. This current system is a really weird way of updating as I mentioned, I don’t really care about milestone 1.4 right now I’d like as many users would to have things in milestone 1.3 patched first. None of this gives me a nice cosy feeling that things are going to get better, so maybe as I said the developers should look at how they address the bugs they currently have and also the forum needs more transparency on what is going on with known current bugs, maybe have a bug fix area in the forum where they are listed for the developers to work on and get patches released via Netgear. Then people can see if a bug they have found is on a 'known list maybe. I’m not saying that’s how it should be done I’m just trying to think of ways known issues could be prioritised rather than getting lost in the sea of complaints and repetition from other users who discover the same bugs as well. At the end of the day though If the hardware doesn’t fit our needs or do what it’s meant to then we either wait it for a fix but after eight months I have to say I did expect more than this when I was given a pre release of the firmware update. So its Either wait and see what Netgear/Netduma say or move on. If you buy something and it doesn’t work or it’s not updated in a timely fashion, we can’t force anybody to make itfit our needs, but we vote with our wallets and can go elsewhere. I’m hoping that instead of people just being angry and negative which they they have a right to of course, the forum staff and it’s users could change things up a bit and try making it a more positive place and see if we can get the developers to set up a Q&A on a more regular basis so we can voice our concerns about the current issues that haven’t been fixed as Netduma's firmware good, it just needs fixing properly including things like basic GUI bugs, that after this length of time that should not be there along with the re-occurring bugs in the current update. It would be good to get get the feedback from the devs about getting these issues sorted out or why we might have to wait a while for them to get fixed, after all it is a two way street. I’m just throwing ideas out to see what sticks rather than us all just getting angry, because when there’s a lot of noise on the forum no one really gets anything sorted or fixed and to be honest bugs and GUI issues actually seem to get lost more often than not that way. That’s why I think a list of known bugs that we can see in the forum and what’s happening with them may be a good idea even though no one can obviously give a date of exactly when things will be fixed, that just isn’t possible. All I do know is I don’t want milestone 1.4 to fix the bugs in milestone 1.3 and then have to wait until milestone 1.5 for the new bugs to get fixed. I imagine by then some of the current Netgear/DumaOS hardware won’t be current any more, considering the hardware is already getting to be dated. (XR500 and XR700 SoS’s are 4 years old next year) I’m sure that Netgear is focusing on the new 64-bit SoC’s to be honest but once again this is just guesswork but all routers have a life span, some may keep going a bit longer but with the new Wi-Fi 6 standards ratified at the end of this year nobody really knows what’s in store for the hardware we have. All I know is I’d rather move on than get uptight because as I’ve said before, life is far too short to get stressed out by bits of plastic and metal that we ultimately have no control over. That’s just my own take on things everyone’s else’s mileage may vary.
  4. Not seeing that issue or some of your others with the interface, not even in pre release testing. When I updated even before doing a factory reset it showed Maybe worth doing a factory reset and then having a comb though the firmware, there are good reasons to do it, see Merlins post I published a link to below. Not sure if Netgear have released the source code which they are meant to do for the GPL license. It makes sense for the kernel to have been recompiled as they should have released patches for the kernel to fix CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478 and CVE-2019-11479. Netgear do seem to be getting slacker at doing what they are actually meant to do in relation to publishing changes. <sigh> https://www.snbforums.com/threads/faq-nvram-and-factory-default-reset.22822/
  5. Min is working but my printer always shows offline instead. UPnP still not showing a thing for me even after a factory reset. These issues were reported in testing, but I think security fixes meant that it was pushed out. I have to say after 8 months I would have expected a few more fixes, maybe we will see them in Milestone 1.4 because the R7800 never had these issues and that's the same hardware, so this doesn't appear to be a Netgear issue. Also boring but still under r-apps Hybrid VPN undefinedB 0.0KiB is still present in this version, that was reported to Netduma just after milestone 1.3 I seem to remember. I get the feeling we will see more fixes with the 1.4 update as that's the path Netduma seem to be taking instead of patching between updates like most companies, yes more could have been done I feel to address issues in this release tbh. The thing is its out now and I really can't be bothered to keep repeating myself.
  6. Well since you can’t make Netgear move any faster or Netduma how do you plan to make that happen? Once again we can’t but, I stand but by statement on spreading FUD because riling more discontent over software that hasn’t even been released yet is pointless and we have no control over the process anyway. All this is is doing is causing people to get even more frustrated right after an update has dropped. (I agree 8 months is way to long though) but starting a potential flame war that could go on for months on end will have really no point, its just getting old now. Sometimes our thoughts should be kept to ourselves and this is coming from someone who’s been pretty vocal about how frustrating I found the huge gap between milestone 1.3 and this update and the lack of bug fixes, but I can’t change the outcome I can’t change when the milestone 1.4 will come and I can’t be bothered to get that upset about something that I will never have any control over anyway I can make my feelings known but maybe in a more constructive way with some form of discourse with Devs again considering how bug fixing is going. Now if you can develop new firmware yourself faster and with less bugs feel free to make your own fork. (I wish Voxel could be involved in this) Yes it’s frustrating that there are bugs but at the end of the day there are always going to be issues with firmware after all there is no such thing as a perfect software. Also you’ve decided things aren’t going to be fixed at all, well that's how it comes over to me, so how about just giving the guys some breathing space and waiting for 1.4 to come out before condemning it. Now if it’s a mess then fair enough, but until we get to try it take the new fixes (what few there are) be glad you’ve got some security patches that may stop the router being compromised and see what happens next. This forum is just getting way to toxic and that’s no good for anybody, and getting people fired up about something neither you or I know anything about isn’t the best way forward as I see it. Your mileage may vary though. Also how did the update go for you, how was your XR router? You haven’t said what bugs you have found with the new firmware and sharing them would obviously be really helpful in getting those things fixed...
  7. Not at all, it does say in the release notes as follows: Fixes the issue that cannot detect and prioritize game traffic of Fortnite Fixes the issue that in traffic prioritization, it can't detect "league of legend" traffic and some other pc games, such as Apex Legend, Monster Hunter and Rainbow Six Siege. These sound like DumaOS fixes to me. Also Netgear's release notes are not comprehensive, why don't you download the update and try it out, you do have a XR500 or XR based router I take it, so hows the update going for you? Speculating when Milestone 1.4 comes out is not helpful when we know absolutely nothing about it and neither is spreading FUD for the sake of it, which just causes unnecessary unrest.
  8. It’s a netgear router that runs DumaOS as well, netgear update the router as it’s their hardware. It needs updates from netgear to patch security holes and to update drivers which netduma can’t do with DumaOS on this router as it’s not their hardware. Also it was a turn of phrase too, because there were things that needed fixing in the netgear side of it while netduma work on milestone 1.4
  9. Its a stabilty and security update really. There are a few tweaks, that are apparent, maybe some fixes to issues under the hood that are not in the release notes, but this is more of a Netgear update as has been said. Hopefully laying a more solid foundation for Netduma to do their thing with milestone 1.4. Netgear seem to have taken ages updating a whole host of their routers recently, no idea why though. Maybe there is something going on we are not privy to, but there is no point in dwelling on something we will probably never know the answers to.
  10. Not assuming people will do anything that's straightforward or logical has served me well over the years. Its always best to explain it in black and white for all users, not just the more tech savvy ones, after all even they can make mistakes too. Patience is a real virtue when it comes to any technology I find.
  11. Worst thing to do is restore from a back up. New updates bring new features and other changes, like in there is now a separate NTP time server, a new password setup, and probably a bunch low lying changes that can be incompatible with older backups from previous firmware versions. These changes can cause problems so you should always if you do have issues start fresh with a factory reset, then add everything back yourself without using a backup. Not every update is about new features but also stability and especially security. Netgear wait a while to release security exploit details so people get updated before the exploits are on the Netgear site for all to see (and abuse) Below is a extract from Melin's piece on factory resets and why they should be done, I'll link to the whole article and then if you want you can read more as to why factory rests are better than using a backup, from a great firmware writer who even Asus took notice of. The instructions below and in his article apply to all routers when things go wrong. Why do I sometime need to do a factory default reset? In addition to those user-entered settings, there's all those system level settings I previously mentioned. Sometimes, the manufacturer will need to change some of those low-level settings, either to resolve an issue, or to adapt to a newer wireless driver that they started using. If you fail to do a factory default reset, then your router will still have the old values, and it will keep using them. That can lead to performance issues (especially in changes related to the wireless driver), or flat out odd behaviour (if one of the settings no longer works the same way as before). Can I just restore my saved settings after I do a factory default reset? No. The idea behind a factory default reset is to have your router start using the NEW default values. If you restore your saved settings, you will overwrite those new values with the old ones, and you are back to square one. This is similar to having a PC with a corrupted Windows installation. If you reformat, and immediately after you restore a Ghost/TrueImage/Clonezilla backup on top of the reformatted Windows, you are back to where you were before you did all that work. https://www.snbforums.com/threads/faq-nvram-and-factory-default-reset.22822/
  12. Wait to the GPL code form Netgear has been released and more people are using it as well, then we will get to see what's been updated code wise hopefully. Netgear are not known for their comprehensive release notes.
  13. New Features and Enhancements: Support France Free and Orange ISP of the IPTV configuration. Support GUI login weak password protection. Bug Fixes: Fixes security vulnerability issues. Fixes the issue that cannot detect and prioritize game traffic of Fortnite Fixes the issue that in traffic prioritization, it can't detect "league of legend" traffic and some other pc games, such as Apex Legend, Monster Hunter and Rainbow Six Siege. Fixes the issue that the speedtest download speed result will be limited at 500Mbps Firmware Update Instructions: Download Link : http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/XR500/XR500-V2.3.2.56.zip
  14. Shame after a whole 8 months it still says under r-apps Hybrid VPN undefinedB' 0.0 KiB
  15. Vous semblez toujours ne pas avoir compris la nature des tests de microprogramme / matériel pré-version / bêta. Vous n'êtes pas autorisé à en parler! La première règle du test bêta est de ne parler qu'à ceux que vous savez utiliser mais par les canaux appropriés. Ce fil est encore un exemple des retombées de quelqu'un qui ne respecte pas ces règles. Il est spécifiquement demandé aux personnes de ne pas discuter du firmware publiquement en acceptant dans certains cas un NDA (accord de non-fermeture) ou par le fournisseur du firmware vous demandant de ne pas le faire, dans ce cas, Netgear. C'est si simple. Ce fil va vraiment dans des cercles de plus en plus décroissants maintenant. Je crois comprendre que vous êtes frustré, mais quiconque utilise peut-être 0,56 ne peut en parler publiquement, car ils ne sont tout simplement pas autorisés. C’est les règles établies par la société / les membres du personnel des sociétés qui distribuent les microprogrammes à des fins de test, sauf s’il s’agit d’une version bêta publique, ce qui n’est pas le cas. Il n'y a plus rien à dire sur le sujet.
  16. Vous devrez attendre et voir. Il y a quelques personnes qui testent le firmware, aucun commentaire ne peut être fait jusqu'à ce que netgear décide de le publier. Aucun routeur n’est tellement bogué qu’il a besoin d’être jeté. Je conviens que c’est trop long, mais vous n’obtiendrez pas plus d’informations sur le micrologiciel, c’est inutile de demander. Quand il sera publié, vous pourrez décider. Désolé, c'est la façon dont les tests bêta sont destinés à tous ceux qui les testent. La fuite de firmware a causé assez de problèmes lorsque quelqu'un a dit qu'il était sorti, mais ce n'était pas le cas et ils n'auraient pas dû le faire. Il est inutile de poser d'autres questions pour le moment.
  17. The R7000 was a good router that suffered at the hands of bad updates for the longest time. After adding the Arlo stuff and removing it the router never felt 'whole' again for a long time, and there were so many complaints on forum about it. The R7800 has so far been one of Netgears best router based on just netgears own firmware, but that's been buggy of late with high ping spikes in 5Ghz and attached devices not working properly even with Voxels great fork. Also no real updates to that router either for a long time, and QoS on the R7800 has not been updated since 2017 as Qualcomm has given up on Streamboost. Right now is not the time to buy Wi-Fi 6 gear either as its based on draft 3 not the final ratified version and next year we will see new silicon that can take full advantage of the final draft at the end of the year, rather like wave 2 for Wi-Fi 5. Yes this XR500 router is unusual and has had its fair share of bugs since I got one as a beta tester and a later launch model. (without the messed up port printing on the back) However looking over the forums I don't think the XR500 is any worse than the R7000 for issues with firmware tbh. Googling R7000 Netgear router bugs bring up a lot of unhappy users and bug info. I hope the long gap means Netgears management has finally got a grip of the lousy firmware that was being written for very good hardware. When three separate firmware devs in Taiwan all are using different versions of the same code for routers, so the XR500 had a later version of OpenSSL compared to the R7800 which had a newer version than the R9000 which has a really outdated version but was the flagship at the time, it boggles the mind (no wonder the XR700 is buggy as its a R9000 warts and all.) Apart from making it known we don't like this practice and voting with our wallets there is nothing we can do. So its either move on or just realise this is the way of modern life and find a good third party firmware from the likes of Voxel or Merlin and many others who take time and have pride in their work. As long as you don't mind maybe not always having the latest Wi-Fi drivers all is good unless you brick the router, and then you are on your own as Netgear don't support using third party firmware as far as I know. DumaOS when working as it should is a great OS (because its not created by a multinational company and they take great pride too) but they need full IPv6 support I will say. I may not like the length between patches one bit for Netgear's DumaOS routers, but that is more to do with Netgear than Netduma I imagine. Netgear really dumbs down their interface, maybe so they can avoid support calls as someone I know mentioned elsewhere. Asus make great firmware (Merlin based) but some of their hardware has been lacking and the number or times radios have failed even on the RT-AC86U which is a great router is quite surprising. You will never find perfect hardware or firmware or the perfect OS, it doesn't exist and if you are looking for it you will just drive yourself mad.
  18. All software has bugs every router, every phone, every TV every operating system. It’s impossible to have tens of thousands to millions of lines of code and not have bugs or now and then regressions. Netgear is not the only company that has issues believe me. Sonys android firmware for their TVs is buggy beyond belief and if you bought an OLED TV in 2018 you actually bought 2015 hardware which is now out of date. This is the world we live in nothing is ever perfect but each update will bring something new to the table and maybe some bugs. The longer it’s tested the better chance we have of a good and stable final release and even though I have been one of the ones complaining I am well aware after many years of beta testing firmware and hardware that patience is at the end of the day is the only thing we have, we can’t control who writes the firmware we can’t control the company that publishes it, we just see how it turns out when released.
  19. Read Derren Brown's book 'Happy"' if you have not already. Lots about just what you were taking about, and taking a more stoic approach to life. After all no point in getting upset about things you can't control, yes you can debate and think about them but not to the point they stress you out, or you start feeling depressed or fixated let alone angry. Life is to short to worry about lumps of metal and plastic of any kind.
  20. I didn’t mean to step on your toes it just seems like a good idea.
  21. When a very unsettling person started started accusing me of being a killer and killing hippies because of my Internet handle after going on google and saying they would contact the FBI, maybe one of mods thought it a good idea to delete the whole thread. Also that post contained information that was not meant to be in the public domain at the present time, another good reason to get rid of that thread. As Alex said the firmware does exist and it is being tested.This is why trust and in some cases a NDA are so important. Now I think everything has been said that can be said about this new firmware subject and can I ask for one of the mods here to separate the firmware rumour update from the main thread thread and then lock it please. It’s probably best all round
  22. If its got the latest firmware it may be a bit better, but probably not much if at all, but yes you can see stats.
  23. Its a Lantiq SoC in the Vigor 130 same exact chipset and revision as in the Openreach ECI modem, but a half board and they get really hot unlike the ECI modems. If you have a unlocked HG612 just grab another off ebay, you can pick brand new ones up for next to nothing and they work fine if unlocked and updated and its easy to do it yourself all the infor and updates are on kitz. Lantiq modems don't always work so well if you are on a Huawei cab, so worth checking your cab type as Lantiq modems can cause loss of throughput compared with a Broadcom chipset which Huawei cabs have. I'm on a ECI cab with a Lantiq chipset and picked a unused boxed ECI modem, made in 2016 with the latest firmware, both ECI and Huawei (HG612) Openreach modems only had one update in their lives, all for £10. A unlocked HG612 can be had for £20 lots less than £80 Vigor. The Netgear DM200 modem is much cheaper and is also Lantiq based so If you are on a ECI cab grab a Netgear modem and they run cool like the ECI Openreach models.
  24. I would avoid the RT-AC88U it's known for its radios failing , woefully underpowered with a dual core 1.4Ghz CPU, and 128MB Flash NAND and 512MB ram. I would buy the AX version this late in the game or the RT-AC86U, the RT-AC88U router was first reviewed in December 2015. The RT-AC86U has better Wi-Fi and a better CPU too https://www.smallnetbuilder.com/wireless/wireless-reviews/33158-asus-rt-ac86u-dual-band-ac2900-wireless-router-reviewed?start=0 https://www.snbforums.com/threads/ac68u-vs-ac3100-vs-ac86u-wifi-testing.43055/ If you do buy it use Merlins firmware. Seriously though with AX being ratified at the end of the year buying old AC kit is unwise, just turn off the stuff you don't need in the XR500 and use it like any other router. No matter what happens you cant beat the laws of physics. On the 1st August with the update for Fortnite X patch ISP's like BT in the UK saw a 40% spike in traffic just for the patch. How do you think that effected peoples lines while gaming? I'm not defending the XR500 all the way here, but some things are beyond the capability of any router, just saying. Fortnite is massively popular and while playing it even with the voice chat enabled is relatively low bandwidth (should run on a 500 Kbps symmetric service if latency is stable and relatively low) the reason gamers want really fast broadband is the size of the digital download when you first download a game or the increasing frequency of large patches. Also there is of course bragging rights to having the fastest connection in a group of people, though the best players will of course value a stable low latency connection rather than just having the absolute fastest for downloads. Fortnite Season X appeared on 1st August and the download was around 8GB in size for MS Windows and BT has released a graph of traffic indicating that they saw a 40% spike in traffic attributed to the patch. Fortnite along with a lot of other online games will not let you play until you have patched to the latest version. https://www.thinkbroadband.com/news/8492-fortnite-season-x-patches-causing-spikes-in-data-use-for-broadband-services
  25. Try setting the XR500 to when high priority traffic is detected. Then the sliders only kick in when needed.
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