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  1. 10Gbps pipes are the kind of thing small niche ISP's have, although they would gave multiple ones. You would never saturate that pipe unless you ran your own small ISP
  2. You would need a port that could handle 10Gbps and the XR700 could do that but not the XR500. Also QoS etc would be pointless at those speeds. That's something to ask Netgear as well, as its a Netgear router running DumaOS. I'm sure the Netduma guys would be happy but it may be a Netgear setting as that speedtest feature is Netgears I think...
  3. From what I remember that was a hot fix for a Wi-Fi issue, it doesn’t contain the kernel patch. So just keep an eye on your network for intrusions. Let’s hope that Netgear pushes out a new firmware update sometime next year because I doubt we will see one before Christmas now, and there’s only been one proper update since Christmas 2018 which is .56, the .40 hot fix was never a public release to download on the netgear site.
  4. Vader streams is shut down look on YouTube (I had to google what Vader streams even was) also its pirated material so this isn't something to be talked about on this forum. I will also say I have never used or would condone the use of such services.
  5. I know its a dumb question but sometimes your ISP PPP may go down briefly, or if you are on a FTTC or FTTP product maintenance work or the DLM adjusting things can cause drop outs, its not any on those possibly?
  6. .40 has the kernel vulnerability just so you know. It was patched in .56 which is not much help to you, but be aware your router maybe at risk.
  7. You dont need to reboot when making changes just press apply, rebooting causes more issues than it does good if you do it all the time.
  8. Never had that issue on .56 most odd, just be aware your router has a few security flaws now.
  9. It uses teredo tunnelling if IPv4 is only available, I believe, Fraser.
  10. I would try the reboot first as downgrading puts the security of your router and LAN at risk as there is a critical kernel update in .56. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, so to speak.
  11. 20-30 seconds is more than enough you could corrupt the memory doing it for to long. Lets hope it holds out.
  12. So the missing JSON response is happening at login? I didn't see that mentioned by the OP just that he gets it when rebooting a lot. I think rebooting does more harm than good tbh especially multiple times and should not be something that needs to be done.. I may need more coffee though its a grey wet day and the energy levels are low...
  13. Hi Alex, he is using a mobile browser on an Android handset and I was thinking thats the issue as DumaOS does not respond well to smartphones for logins?
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