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  1. Surely they cant because of a non disclosure agreement to do the beta?
  2. Possibly a false positive, upload it to Virustotal to check. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload
  3. Most ISP's give you a static IP which wont really help in a game. My ISP gives static IP's for free to all customers. They may well have enterprise routers certainly not soho gaming ones and possibly have link aggregation or just a second line for backup. They can also probably afford fibre for the small gain it will get you. You have to rememberer they probably have loads of bad games like everyone else and post the best, also its their job to play and post videos, so they are probably really good at them too. I think that's about as special as it gets.
  4. This thread is 4 years old. Also deleting Windows tmp files is fine, when I used to use windows as my OS CCleaner was a great app. That malware issue was sorted out back in 2017 too.
  5. Probably not helping you have two lots of 2Ghz running at the same time, one on the XR and one on the Trendnet. Have they both got the same SSID and password?
  6. XR500 supports support 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz. Sounds like you have a dead radio tbh, especially if the guest network isn't working. Best to RMA it via Netgear possibly. Have you tried a factory reset as a last resort and followed admins suggestion to divide the channels to confirm no 2.4Ghz visibility.?
  7. It may have suffered a slight surge when the power came back on if not on a surge protector or UPS with AVR. Sadly it sounds like its dead. Turning it off for 24 hours would not make a difference as most devices loose power after a few minutes tops unless they have industrial capacitors in them of Fraser knows something I don't about the R1 which is very possible. Ive never seen a router like the XR500 for instance hold power for very long when turned off. Maybe 30 seconds to a minute tops, you can discharge all the power if you had a power switch though by unplugging the device and pressing the power switch to on which will drain the device. I don't think think the R1 has a power switch, you would have to check as I don't have one. Power supplies can die though as they age, so maybe find another of similar spec to try. Good luck.
  8. The chosen one has risen! Bad number door to choose.
  9. Quite please, beta testing behind is being done behind this closed door.
  10. XR300 has a critical vulnerability that means your router can be taken over remotely which has not been patched yet, I would hold off till 3.0 is released whenever that will be. The 300 still has some issues, the XR500 I would say is the better router overall but hopefully 3.0 will sort all this out. So no nothings been patched yet. https://kb.netgear.com/000061982/Security-Advisory-for-Multiple-Vulnerabilities-on-Some-Routers-Mobile-Routers-Modems-Gateways-and-Extenders https://www.theregister.com/2020/06/19/netgear_bug_disclosure/
  11. Was thinking more along the lines of the pairs in the Dslam as I have seen that issue before. Guess you got lucky. Most people suffer from some kind of crosstalk these days, your average disturber can knock 10Mbps off your line sadly and there is nothing you can do about it, Openreach will rather swap your pair than fix the DP if that where the issue is.
  12. As I'm under a NDA it I'm unable to discuss development of any of the routers I'm working with, as far as waiting, since I take you have a XR500 still wait for 3.0. You may as well it might sort out a multitude of sins. Be aware to FTTC line into the same premises can cause crosstalk and one line may drop throughput because of that. You could with the right router run both under link aggregation and have a much larger download and up throughput, but I can see what you separate them.
  13. The issue is Zippy if you Google Asus, Zyxel, D-link, etc (who just abandoned a line of routers with critical firmware holes) they all have current issues. I'm thinking about getting a rack put in and some enterprise gear (second hand) and hardening my network, SOHO routers are just not great from any provider. The most basic of home routers probably all leak like sieves.
  14. I have a few. Right now I'm under a NDA with Netgear and a NDA with another company so cant say what I'm using, Its not a XR500 though. I like Asus routers with RMerlins firmwares, Voxels firmware with Kamoj's add on things like the R7800 which games very well, and my current router which also games well and gives me blanket coverage in my home. None apart from the R7800 is a so called gaming router and tbh you cant really call the R7800 that anyway these days, but it was designed for gaming back in 2015 with great throughout a great QoS (Streamboost) and is still one of Netgears most popular routers, just use Voxels firmware. Netgear really need a third part security audit at this rate. Shame you have Wi-Fi turned off, how do you IoT devices connect if you have any as most don't have Ethernet connections these days (although who wants a smart washing machine) I'm sure you must have a smartphone, laying about and they need Wi-Fi? If not then well done for not using one,, not easy in this day and age I use one and a tablet, in fact I use my tablet more than my main PC.
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