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  1. Because their are QoS issues reported by people, DPI false positives, port mapping in table view in DumaOS being the opposite way round to Netgears base Firmware view (Its a Netgear router so DumaOS runs on top of Netgears firmware on the XR range) devices showing online when not and vice versa plus a hotfix not in the main firmware fork for disconnects amongst other reports of issues since milestone 1.3. So no the router is not working as intended, unless broken is the intended way and I'm pretty sure Netduma and Netgear know that's not what they want and are working to fix these bugs and maybe taking longer to make sure they get squashed properly. Also there will always security issues to fix at some point and don't forget your version of UPnP/1.0 miniupnpd is 13 years old so bang up to date! So yep its doing well...
  2. I had this issue and it seemed to be caused by speedtests on port 80 by speedtest.net's app or other online speedtests on iOS devices (it may be others to but I use a iPhone Xs and iPad Pro 2018 model) Also if you do a speedtest while the router is switching back to "when High priority traffic is detected' that can cause the false positive in my testing, its like it gets stuck by the speedtest as it switches that mode off, not sure how long it takes to go back to not detecting high priority traffic but in that window a burst of traffic over port 80 can seem to cause it to get stuck.
  3. Shame Voxel does not have a XR500 and the ability to update the really old code in the XR router line up. Who pays Hundreds for a XR300 (no Hybrid VPN) XR450, XR500 or XR700 to have modules from 13 years ago or even old versions of OpenSSL which is needed for OpenVPN (and I guess DumaOS's Hybrid VPN too, as it uses hardware acceleration on the XR500, but obviously I cannot be sure) for its 256-bit OpenSSL encryption. Anyway the XR500's OpenSSL version 1.02n is from December 2017, not exactly current or really that secure. I know I go on about this stuff, but it should be current, as Voxels and Merlins firmware versions are. If people with full time jobs like Voxel can compile the firmware with new packages, why cant a huge company like Netgear do it, or their partners ๐Ÿ˜’
  4. DumaOS fragmentation is now down to Netgear. Not something I expected to see.
  5. I have to ask why? Its got a 1Ghz Broadcom BCM4708C0 SoC and 128Mb flash memory and 512Mb of RAM, thats more than the R1 all round,. So why s it not getting the Hybrid VPN?
  6. My mistake, I could have sworn this was originally in the Netgear support forum, so more coffee needed.
  7. It would be useful to know what all the devices are on your network if the user wants to ever adjust the QoS though, otherwise you have no idea what they are, also having a static IP with cameras is better for access remotely depending on what software it is connecting to as some camera allow you to use apps from the likes of SmartThings or IFTT as well as Alexa and other home hubs of course. The camera box though as you rightly pointed out should have the Mac address on, looking at my arlo cameras , they do.
  8. Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 OpenVPN 2.4.3 arm-openwrt-linux-gnu [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [LZ4] [EPOLL] [MH/PKTINFO] [AEAD] built on Apr 17 2019 Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 library versions: OpenSSL 1.0.2n 7 Dec 2017, LZO 2.06 Sun May 12 22:32:31 2019 Looking at this I wonder if any issues are based on the use of OpenVPN 2.4.3 when the latest is 2.4.7 along with OpenSSL1.0.2n being well over years old. This is what concerns me sometimes with Netgear and their very out of date packages and compatibility with some VPN providers, I may be well of course but the R7800's OpenVPN works very well running the latest updates if you use Voxels firmware (fork of Netgears) Using up to date code does seem to make for a lot less issues, just a thought. Hope it all works out.
  9. Have you downloaded the Hotfix for drop outs? I would factory reset afterwords to be safe but thats your choice of course. Here is the blurb on it When you say Wi-Fi stops working do you have your network split into separate radios, 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz or is it using one SSID and smart connect? If using smart connect try separating the two bands with separate SSID's and see if it works better or which radio is giving you issues. It could be hardware after all. Updating to the hotfix (unless you have) may help possibly and not using smart connect may help too, also its possible its interference from another router in your areas. so using a app to see what frequencies are the clearest could help. If you have a Android phone there are a couple of very good free like Wi-Fi analyzer. Also make sure HT160 is off and MU-MIMO is off as well unless you have two or more MU-MIMO devices. Its worth a try before getting the router replaced if it is hardware.
  10. Check the Mac addresses on your home devices and then you will find out which ones are your camera's by process of elimination. All devices pretty much have a menu structure where you type your Wi-Fi password in, they should display the Mac address. You could then use DHCP reservation to make sure each device has a static IP and of course name all your devices by what they are, so you can always find your cameras.
  11. Draytec Vigor 130 uses the same chipset as the ECI Openreach modem, a Lantiq VRX-268 (VR9) but with later firmware, and a half sized board so they tend to run warmer than ECI modems. I think there is a new 2019 version on the Draytec 130 BT firmware up on the Draytec site. On Huawei cabs a Broadcom chipset seems sometimes to get better sync rates as Huawei cabs use Broadcom chipsets. If you can find a 01/2016 ECI modem it will work fine as it had the ECI updated firmware for G.inp that was never implemented on the cabs themselves. The ECI may give a better sync than the Broadcom units on ECI cabs as ECI cabs also use Lantiq chipsets, Openreach models before that date and sold a as "new" (in they have never been connected to the internet before 4th March 9th 2019) wont have had the update and wont get any more as Openreach has stopped updating the firmware for all OR modems. This can result in 3-4 Mbps loss in sync rate on ECI cabs and worse on Huawei. If you can get a HG612 (model 3B) you can flash it yourself with the SP08 firmware, see the stats and it works pretty well especially on Huawei cabs and long run ECI's sometimes. For my line the ECI chipsets works better as I'm on a ECI cab with a good line, it seems sometimes cabs like the same chipset but that also depends on your line and its condition too. I tried a Vigor 130 and found no improvement in sync on my line so returned it, but its a good if modem but does run a bit warm.
  12. Well as itโ€™s almost five months since the last update I think I can wait a while longer for a update without to much trouble, especially if it's a stable one
  13. Is this Hotfix primarily for the Xbox standby issue? I'm loathed to put the XR500 back up after having a 2:30am drop of 12Mbps and then a recovery after rebooting my modem in the morning incurring a final loss of another 3Mbps ( lost 14Mbps due to crosstalk since 2013 as ECI cabs don't have G.inp or 3db profiles) So now on 50Mbps down and 15.11 up. Hence not into mucking about with my line to much right now, and with QoS behaving badly on the XR500 and still random lock ups where it goes into a permanent high priority traffic mode even when set to 'When High Priority Traffic Detected' (When it does this you have to hard power down the router) The cause seems to be speed checks done on iOS and Mac devices if you do them as the router is returning to 'When High Priority Traffic Detected' mode. Also the XR500 seems to prefer booting up with all devices off to stop odd QoS and device manager behaviour and that's hard work when you are in a wheelchair and cant get behind things like a TV etc to unplug stuff, as even in standby some devices still communicate with the router. So Stuck using the Beta version of the RAX12 until the XR500 gets some true TLC.
  14. Killhippie


    It depends on how many devices are attached, how many people are online at any given time. I would suggest maybe using Pingplotter, but I have 52Mbps down and 15.8Mbps up and for myself 85% works fine. You need to experiment to find your own 'sweet spot' so to speak as each persons network will be different.
  15. Is it possible to implement a dual antibufferbloat system system where the 70% antibufferbloat (or whatever you found worked best) only kicks in when gaming but antibufferbloat can work less aggressively all the time when not gaming? So QoS works all the time and antibufferbloat can help with streaming Netflix, Prime, YouTube etc without reducing overall bandwidth so much? Then when gaming it will kick in to your desired setting like 70% etc. So basically you have a sort of dual setting with a more aggressive antibufferbloat for gaming when high priority packets are detected kicks in, rather than no antibufferbloat at all as it is now if you use that setting. For those on lower speeds or non symmetrical services that would help out so the router works well as a home routing device and a excellent gaming device at the same time with a little more automation, and also taking the guess work out of the QoS a bit, because after a year I still have no idea what a Wi-Fi speaker should have for upload and download speeds, the same goes for my printer and my soundbar. So maybe some auto QoS rules (low, medium and high) that can be manually adjusted and a dual antibufferbloat system, to appease gamers and non gamers alike and also give the household more bandwidth for those on slower VDSL2 services, and of course a way to not implement any of this this if you don't want/need it.
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