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  1. There is nothing that is future proof, you can buy a brand new graphics card costing over £1000 and a week later a newer version comes out, that's life. You cant keep up with the latest and greatest there and there is no point trying. The XR1000 will be replaced too at some point, its just marketing all companies do it. Enjoy what you have and don't worry about what you don't. If the XR700 is doing what you want it to what's the problem anyway. Just enjoy life. Also you cant add Wi-Fi 6 to the XR700 as it would need new hardware, the 802.11ad it had never took off either, it was as has been pointed out is a niche product.
  2. I hope @Netduma Fraser will see this and be able to help. I Would say it would be better to have posted in the R2 support forum for this topic.
  3. I think its passive cooled its a triple core 1.5Ghz, I would disable armor as i think that is taxing the system way to much. The RAX5400 series which this is based on does not have a quad core and I fear Netgear may have needed to add a better CPU as even 1.8Ghz quad core non DumaOS units have issues with Bitdefender. On my router I never turned it on and I have a 2.2Ghz quad core. Try with it turned off. New routers are generally buggy, tbh its best to wait a few months for releases to patch issues before jumping especially these days, covid-19 means testing is harder as there are less people to do it both firmware wise at Netgears end and I fear at point of manufacture. This goes for all hardware not just Netgears, thats maybe why why stock levels of routers are so low in general. I had a message that the RAX120 wont be in stock for a while due to shortages, (its not EOL i asked Netgear) same with many other router manufacturers, even 2020 iMacs running top spec GPU's are having issues which I've not seen reported before on that platform. I think its a sign of the pressure on manufacturers to make money with shortages in the supply chain and maybe substandard hardware is slipping though, who knows.
  4. What firmware? There is none listed for it on the Netgear site in the link below, unless it was a straight to device and has not been posted yet. What version is it running and did you factory reset? https://www.netgear.com/support/product/xr1000.aspx#download
  5. Since this thread is going nowhere fast maybe its time to lock it @Netduma Fraser
  6. This is not a Dynamic QoS bolt on. Not sure why you think it is @Netduma Fraser can explain its usage if unclear I'm sure. It should not really be needed with DumaOS 3.0 either which is good news too.
  7. Since its a Netgear beta how will the issues be reported back? Thats a lot of work for the Netduma guys passing back every comment also there is the issue with Netgears firmware being on it too which also needs testing. Its a Netgear beta with DumaOS and should be done really on the Netgear forum so Netgear can see what's going on first-hand really
  8. Sadly that full brick might have been something to do with your router not the beta, also regressions happen in beta builds its not stable territory. Saying that if lots of people are having issues of the same kind then thats a big clue and not a good sign. I take it you factory reset the router after installing the beta and didn't use a backup to reinstall your settings but did it manually? Hope you get things sorted sooner rather than later along anyone else having these issues.
  9. The RT-AX86U looks much better, less like back end of a spaceship.
  10. I have done many Beta tests for Netgear, when you agreed to use the beta firmware it does mention the fact that the firmware may not be stable and may cause unexpected behaviour, hence it being a beta. If issues like this happen TFTP its the only way to get your router back from the dead. Beta testing is not always fun, but it is needed. If this is not really what you expected after getting your router functional stick to the latest release version until 3.0 is released.
  11. Netgear routers were attacked in June this year in a similar way, which was patched in firmware for the routers that were vulnerable, best to ask @Netduma Fraser if the R2 has this feature built in.
  12. Tbh Netgear have the most false positives in their routers and I have never seen DNS Rebind as a false positive alas. It could be a hidden setting within the R2 firmware causing the issue which is DNS rebind protection but turning that off if it exists is a bit like opening a hornets nest. KInd of damned if you do and damned if you dont. Just be very wary.
  13. Bug testing but under a NDA so cant really talk about it, Zippy.
  14. Currently using a different router, UPnP turned off and the router does not respond to ping requests. I just test the R2 when new firmware comes out and then take it down after a while, like some others do here as I'm currently not gaming due to ocular migraines.
  15. These are not good, DNS rebinding is a method of manipulating resolution of domain names that is commonly used as a form of computer attack. In this attack, a malicious web page causes visitors to run a client-side script" so I would try without the Pi-Hole and run a scan on your system. See the link on lifehacker for some advice. Avoid malicious web pages too and up your security on the pi-hole and router. basically a script you have visited on a malicious webpage somewhere could get control of your whole LAN its time for a major scan and reboot of your router and doing whatever you need to do with PI-Hole to protect yourself like turning off UPnP and using strong passwords etc. Also its best to not to run your own DNS servers. generally for most users, your ISP probably provides DNS servers that are protected by DNSSEC. For users that need improved performance, there are paid DNS hosting providers that do a great job without the risks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNS_rebinding https://lifehacker.com/prevent-dns-rebinding-attacks-by-adjusting-your-router-1827022291
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