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  1. There are lots of great Netgear routers out there, sadly the XR700 and XR500 do seem to have there issues, I would not personally have bought another XR model, the R9000 would have suited your needs with possibly less issues at this time. Best to wait for DumaOS 3.0 as there is a lack of patches right now.
  2. The .24 hotfix may have helped with Nintendo devices but primarily it was to patch a security flaw in TLS certificates, the router really needs a factory reset after this update and once again downgrading puts the user at risk when logging in because it exposes them to man in the middle attack. Security should always come first as if you have not updated and you get hacked Netgear wont help you, its in there disclaimer about staying up to date...see link below (RAX120 has actually been updated too) https://kb.netgear.com/000061582/Security-Advisory-for-Signed-TLS-Certificate-Private-Key-Disclosure-on-Some-Routers-PSV-2020-0105
  3. My Sony AF8 never had issues with the XR500 but since QoS is a bit a mess and doesn't seem to deal with streaming that well from my experience I would suggest you either return the router in all honesty if you can and buy something else as there is no ETA on a fix for this yet. There have been no updates since August last year from what I remember and that wast really a Netduma update, but a important security patch from Netgear and a few game issues fixed for good measure. No bug patches to Milestone 1.3 since it was released in around December 2018.
  4. There isn't a scheduled reboot feature in modern Netgear routers as far as I know, although I could be wrong, my R7800 and RAX120 dont have that feature in the settings at all. The old prossafe/prosecure models don't even have that from what I can find online either.
  5. Maybe ask Netgear as its their router and they provide the firmware and patches. DumaOS is on top of the Netgear firmware, so they would be the ones to deal with this rather than Netduma
  6. Have you considered massive packet loss is due to ISPs throttling connections due to strain on the networks because of Covid-19. Gamers come last in the list of prioritised traffic shaping wise in possible new rules to be possibly brought in as home workers come first. YouTube and Netflix in some areas in the EU are reducing bit rate to SD to reduce bandwidth as well, so it would make sense that at this time people may at points see packet loss and spikes too. I would imagine unless using a gaming package this will continue as the world isolates itself, severs will be hammered due to so many people around the world using them simultaneously.
  7. anything in the logs means its blocked, so you don't need to keep factory resetting. ISP dropping may be more to do with current high demand because of isolation from Covid-19 than anything else, make sure you have the router set to always on, and time 0 not dial up, as the router would then go will go dormant. I will point out your modem does not get good reviews sadly. Its known for dropping connections even way back to 2017. I would try a different modem to start with possibly. https://community.netgear.com/t5/DSL-Modems-Routers/DM200-modem-drops-internet-connection-daily/td-p/1428128
  8. Most high end routers need factory resets, its very common, read this link below from RMerlin, he helps ASUS with patching and also runs his own fork of ASUS firmware, a very knowlagable and respected person in the router community. (I run a RAX120 and even I reset after every firmware update) https://www.snbforums.com/threads/faq-nvram-and-factory-default-reset.22822/
  9. Turning off 5Ghz wont make 2.4Ghz stronger SmartConnect should have no effect on TX strength at all but as Alex says at least you can choose the channel you want. 2.4Ghz is the most commonly used bandwidth with the most interference, so basically choose what suits your needs but no you cannot increase TX strength. At 30 Meters with my router (not a XR range router) I get 651Mbps on AC and N devices. The XR should not be that far behind, position is really essential, so aim for the middle of your home at the highest point that's sensible. like a top shelf or such like.
  10. A full DoS attack would take you offline for a very long time, packets sent now and then isnt a DoS attack really, even though it looks like one. Check connections, and if need be reset the router to factory settings as a last resort, do not use a config file to restore as that may bring previous problems with it in low level code. Also try contacting your ISP. Also factor in Covoid- 19 and any pressure that may be putting on your ISP as more people work from home.
  11. I would not worry Netgear routers are very paranoid logging wise and log normal traffic as DoS attacks.
  12. Indeed if it works thats great no hard and fast rules just experiment, but it was posted as my my cat was sick on my duvet so all a bit dazed and confused.
  13. Be aware that last year there not many patches for the XR700, maybe two I'm not 100% sure on that but someone may know more who has one. The XR500 had only one patch last year! DumaOS 3.0 may fix some bugs but probably not all and there is no ETA on when you will get it either, also If you wanted to game the R9000 was great at that anyway, I am a firm believer that two lots of firmware on one machine can be nightmare on one router. The XR700 seems to have had more issues than the XR500, but its your decision I'm just trying to point you in the direction of other good routers from Netgear. Honestly though the R9000 is a great router to stream and game with. Future proofing a router is next to impossible as you are already behind the curve slightly as AX is now out in draft and new clients are supporting that going forwards like the iPhone 11Pro and cheaper devices will support it this year Also the XR700 is really aimed specifically at the gaming market not the streaming all rounder that the R9000 is. No offence to Netduma who make good gaming kit, but unless you really are a hard core gamer most of these features you may never use. Good luck, hope all goes well.
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