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  1. Same here, no iOS bugs using version 12, or version 11 as that's what I was using when the XR500 was released.
  2. On the 18th of July it will be 7 months since an update has dropped for the XR500. Netduma's mood towards Netgear seems very distant right now but without some transparency this is all guess work. If Netgear and Netduma have parted company and Netgear are reaching end of support for their AC routers it would be good to know so I can sell the router and move on. Its buggy, QoS does not always work as it should, network mapping gets confused, the Geo Filter seems to do not much any more, UPnP has never populated for me in over a year. It only did on one of the early firmwares and thats not good as you cant go back due to lots of security issues. I think a statement about whats going on is needed for people that Own Netgear/DumaOS devices so they can move forward if these routers are not going to get regular updates. I'm not waiting seven months for the next update when this one finally drops that's for sure! Communication does not seem to be Netduma's strong point or Netgears and that just hurts the user base.
  3. At this point, after almost seven months between updates I've pretty much lost all faith in the product. The fact that you used to be a lot more open about the Netgear side of things and suddenly it’s all quiet, the fact no patches were released for milestone 1.3 it was just left sitting there being buggy for this long honestly doesn’t give me any faith that this router will get any better, or even if we get the next update which is probably due, yet it still leaves me wondering if we will ever get another one? At the end of the day it feels like these routers have been totally abandoned by both netduma and netgear as a experiment gone wrong. Not so long ago Netduma were telling us all the things that were going to happen all those tweaks that Jack promised like the extra icons for all the devices that are not listed in the device manager, yet now it’s just silence. The excitement for your team up with Netgear seems to have evaporated to be honest. As I said the XR500 is one of, if not the most buggy routers I’ve used and at seven months without an update, I would consider this device even if it does get a firmware update to be pretty much end of life, which isn’t great for people are still buying them. I'm not saying this is what will happen but its how it feels Honestly I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy the XR500 or any of that range of routers due to their complete and utter lack of support by both sides. Netgear have forgotten their AC routers, the quarterly updates gone along with the promises made by your team that never came to fruition and I feel like this was a giant beta test and at the end of the day it didn’t really work out for Netduma or Netgear as maybe you expected. You can’t leave routers unpatched for so long when your team used to be so on top of when the next updates would be roughly coming, and hinting at fixes and new features yet suddenly that behaviour changed almost overnight. Also you need enough developers to be able to patch bugs in current firmware while developing new firmware and you seem to have not got them, and I get the feeling that’s maybe nearer the truth possibly. Also we probably won’t see new Netgear AX DumaOS routers if things carry on like this, it feels like there’s a breakdown between you and Netgear and it just doesn’t inspire confidence. I hope you can see and understand why many of us feel this way. The continued silence and massive amount of time since V2.3.2.40 came out just keeps getting longer, It really does now feel like time to move on from Netgear based DumaOS routers. If the next update when it appears is not a substantial one I think the result from the current user base that's feeling uncomfortable with the present situation will be to look for other devices, pure and simple.
  4. Of course, Fraser its just a scary suggestion when updates are more important than the router really in this scenario. If it were a hugely big thing it would be all over Netgears forums and smallnetbuilder, also as a purely Apple home pretty much (Android TV is the exception) I would surely be seeing it as well? All my devices connect just fine (1TB SSD 2017 27" iMac, iPhone Xs 256 GB and a 12.9" iPad pro 1TB) after sleep they connect fine, also you cant fully turn off the update, you can stop it installing but it will remind you there are updates, Fraser. I am totally perplexed, unless its a hardware issues but even my old iPad Air 2 running iOS 12 had no issues before I sold it and the new iPad Pro has none either, All have DHCP reservation, in fact all my devices do, WMM is on, HT160 is off, MU-MIMO is on and so is beamforming. I still think a Network reset on the Apple devices and a factory reset of the router, then adding all devices via DHCP reservation may help, also are all iOS devices running the latest version of iOS?
  5. The software updates are to patch serious security issues, Fraser.Not something to miss and as stated not one of my Apple devices have this issue from the XR500 beginning. I'm running 12.3.1 on my iPad Pro 12.9" 12.3.1 on my iPhone Xs and 10.14.5 on my iMac. These updates (done manually OTA) I never have auto update on, and all have big security patches for vulnerabilities so as I said not something to miss and they should never be asked to skip updates in my view just to fix a router issue. Not one issue and all devices are connection just fine. Ny friends with iPhones and iPads cannot to my XR500 guest network just fine too so I find it odd that the OP is having such an hard time. I take it HT160 is off, but WMM is left on? Has the OP tried DHCP reservation for each device, also are the devices connected to 5Ghz?
  6. Its been long enough, 7 months almost. Guess Netgear are either re-writing the firmware from ground up (unlikely) of it keeps failing QA (more likely) No updates for the R7800 either, which although simpler and without DumaOS I tend to think of as a much better router when using Voxels firmware. Milestone 1.3 has been a mess and it could have been patched but I'm guess not enough devs to do both milestone 1.4 and patch 1.3. Not a great business model, people like bugs being patched generally. I mean the network table bug has been with us along with all the others since December last year. Maybe Netgear will catch on one day and patch quarterly like they used to... (after all this is a Netgear router with all its out of date packages like OpenSSL and miniupnd 1.0 still being over a decade old) with DumaOS as an overlay that still does not support IPv6 in 2019 and has issues with PPPoE which many big ISPs use and yes these things bug the hell out of me because they should work along with UPnP. Sorry if this post sounds somewhat bitter and cynical but after running this router from the get go its been the buggiest most annoying piece of kit I have ever had from Netgear. Ive had alpha build/beta devices that worked better than the XR500. <sigh> Maybe this weekend the update will appear, I wont hold my breath though...
  7. I play destiny 2 fine on this router without your issues. I asked that you could show us your settings, how about resetting the router (turn off your wifi devices unplug everything apart from the PC connected to the router, sign out of the router interface clear the cache of your browser, use the hole at the back of the router near the LED off/on switch and push a parer clip in it for about 10-30 seconds to reset. Now set the router up again. I know its a pain but honestly I have no issues like you are having, also stop looking at the logs, they are not helping, those are generic DumaOS logs and the port scans all routers get, some are even normal traffic, Netgear just calls gets a little paranoid with its DoS labelling when most of the time they are not so stop worrying about them, and even if they are malicious (they wont be) the firewall did its job and dropped the packets. The logs are not the cause of your issues here. Maybe exchange the router it may be faulty if it comes to it, but its nothing to do with the logs I think its more to do with your set up.
  8. If the game is 'crashing' that's not the router, that's the game or console/PC, or issues at Bungies end. How big have you set the Geo Filter for Destiny 2? Can you post some screenshots of your Geo filter and antibufferbloat settings maybe?
  9. You are not logging into the internet in any way here, its http which yes is more insecure but you are logging into the device so really it does not matter as much, its not like logging into a website so it should not matter, even though https support would be great from Netgear.
  10. Have you set it up using the Destiny profile? Also don't use Ping assist with Destiny 2 and make sure its set to filtering mode. As to the DOS attacks, they are just the noise of the internet, all Netgear routers show these, many are false positives and no it wont slow you down. Did you do a factory reset after you updated the firmware? That can actually help sometimes help too if you are getting issues.
  11. The original 1-2-3-4-WAN was a printing error, the 4-3-2-1-WAN is the correct printing version on the back of the router, the mismatch in the DumaOS device manager table view is a bug that I believe is known about. Hope that helps.
  12. PPPoE MTU is 1492, so IDNet my ISP use that. Not sure if the user is using PPPoE though.
  13. I would be careful downgrading, there are three vulnerabilities for XR500 firmware before version listed now https://kb.netgear.com/000060243/Security-Advisory-for-Pre-Authentication-Stack-Overflow-on-XR500-PSV-2018-0309 https://kb.netgear.com/000060241/Security-Advisory-for-Pre-Authentication-Stack-Overflow-on-XR500-PSV-2018-0313 https://kb.netgear.com/000060242/Security-Advisory-for-Pre-Authentication-Stack-Overflow-on-XR500-PSV-2018-0312
  14. Looking at the router from the front on the right hand side at the back is a small hole with a recessed button to do a factory reset, its near the LED off/on switch, use a paper-clip or something similar, hold for 20 seconds or so then release and that will perform a factory reset, let the router reboot, give it a few minutes to settle down and then set it up again, hopefully that will sort your issue out.
  15. Once again all my apple device are connected to 5Ghz and not had an issue at all since launch. All my Apple devices are connected to 5Ghz to take advantage of 802.11ac, and not one Wi-Fi issue has ever occurred and that's on iOS 11 and 12. (The R7800 which is basically the same router as the XR500 but with less flash memory) had issues at launch with Apple only devices but that was cleared up in 2016 when a few of us noticed devices would not reconnect out of the box on initial firmware it took a few updates to fix that issue, never saw it come back on the R7800 and that was in 2016 and its exactly the same SoC in the XR500 just with128mb more flash that is unused. Have you tried giving DHCP reservation for each of your devices? Just thinking of what works in my set up that may help, not had any issues like yours at all. Also its odd it happens late evening, that sounds like interference. Most devices when smart connect is enabled will grab 2.4Ghz which has greater distance but less bandwidth and more interference, hence why I separate mine so devices that I know are bandwidth hungry get to use 5Hhz (802.11ac) if compatible which recent apple products like yours, devices that just need a connection but use very little bandwidth get connected to 2.4Ghz. Its a shame you don't have an android phone, or cant borrow one, Wi-Fi analyser is a free app that alas is not available on the Apple App store and would maybe show you what's going on when you see a drop out and also who is using what frequency in great detail, its fantastic app. I would split both bands, and try connecting the devices that drop out to 5Ghz and see how they fair, as I said that's how mine are set up so just a suggestion, the only thing connected to 2.4Ghz is a soundbar and a printer, the soundbar just has lousy Wi-Fi on both bands and is better on 2.4Ghz and the printer can only use 2.4Ghz. I've had no issues at all though with that set up, you may have to experiment and tune your network to your environment as 2.4Ghz may be better for your needs depending on your routers positioning and the thickness of your walls. I live in a 1950's bungalow though and 5Ghz covers the while building. I hope either Alex's or my ideas help, also make sure not to have the router connected to a power strip with loads of devices (a UPS is fine) as if something turns on and consumes a lot of power in the evening maybe that is drawing power from the strip and anything plugged into it like a router, or you have a device in your home or surrounding area that's kicking out a lot of RFI at whatever frequency your devices connect at. Did you ever contact Netgear about this as that's who would deal with hardware issues generally. It could be down to bad luck and its a faulty router, a RMA would have let you know for sure and your are still in warranty I imagine.
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