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  1. My Sony Oled AF8 has a 100Mb Ethernet port as thats all it needs, ironically its Wi-Fi 5 so connects faster over 5Ghz as it supports 80Mhz.
  2. I don't usually have to reply to a rhetorical question but here goes. Bigger rubber feet from the factory, not a third party add on. The feet should have been thicker to allow more airflow from the outset in my opinion without adding a third party option to fix a possible manufacturing issue.
  3. So you have developed your own WMM? Has this been put to the Wi-Fi alliance for testing as it may have issues with the WMM that all routers already have as part of the IEEE 802.11e standard introduced in 2004 and then WMM as we know it in 2012 and is best left to 'best effort' in SOHO kit. Enterprise gear like Cisco is different then you can select one of three modes, none are gaming as WMM is not used for that as such, Cisco WMM for instance has has different options for voice, video and best effort. Can you find out what's happened to the R2's WMM or have you remapped the options? WMM can really screw up mobile connections if its wrong or off and its just another thing to select when its normally just best to leave it on and in a default state unless you really know what you are doing.
  4. Thanks Fraser. Since many modern browsers support features like HTTPS only mode it would be great to get it updated.
  5. The main page is https though as are all of the landing pages for other parts of Netduma, except support though. Why is that?
  6. Please can you make your posts more concise this is just way to long to want to read and may put people off by It's length.
  7. Fraser that not a secure link, I have my browser set for https only so can you create a https secure link, as no links on any website should be http any more. Thanks
  8. Best effort? WMM is usually set to that unless using enterprise gear.
  9. I can understand people like to reboot but considering it can do more harm than good as power fluctuations like on/off can cause damage if used repeatedly a Cron job like clearcache.sh" written into your Linux code would be better for memory management. If thats why users are doing it, also why add something thats not really needed for the sake of it, people can reboot on their own surely? A Cron job like Create a shell script say "clearcache.sh" under root (/root) partition with following commands #!/bin/sh sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_cache. Set the permission of "clearcache.sh" script to 755, chmod 755 /root/clearcache.sh then Edit the system crontab file using the command crontab -e, then enter the following line in the crontab file to set cron job for clearing cache memory automatically 0 * * * * /root/clearcache.sh' This cron job should execute the "clearcache.sh" script every first second of the hour. Then the cache is cleared without a reboot (I hope) I may have made some errors its been years since I played with Linux but a cron job would be great.
  10. Nothing as its should be apply to WLAN as it is part of WMM (wireless multi media) it has no effect on WAN
  11. Why does it need a reboot schedule Fraser? My router does not need it, just curious as I would have thought a shell script say "clearcache.sh" under root would work on the partition.
  12. Hiding your SSID does not give you added security as its very easy with a simple Wi-Fi scanner to find it. You don't want a smart plug because once the Wi-Fi is down you cant connect to it to boot back up again. A manual time type would be better.
  13. Not at this time, but you can get plugs that have timers on them so you could go down that road if it helps. Or just reboot it yourself weekly. May I ask why you want to do this?
  14. Says the man who thinks COD is a fish Saying that the guy is full of Haddock
  15. Yes its the letter D Being serious It could be line conditions or some re-configuration needed perhaps @Netduma Fraser Should be along soon to help.
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