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  1. How many Bits/characters would a Robust password need to be
  2. It has been reported by the FBI in America that Russian hackers have infected over 500,000 Routers world wide , multi manufacturers including Netgear, with a VPN Filter Virus, which is able to read and steal traffic data and make unit changes., They infer that a factory reset will disrupt the virus , and a robust password change will help. check the Netgear link below also https://community.netgear.com/t5/General-WiFi-Routers/Security-Advisory-for-VPNFilter-Malware-on-Some-Routers/td-p/1576170
  3. Thanks fraser , so what your describing then is a living document good oh
  4. hyperthetical / silly question I really should know the answer to this , but if you download the firmware update say for the first time in lets say November this year , does said update carry all the updates that have gone before, or would the previous ones need downloaded individually
  5. Basically will it harm the unit to switch off the the wifi at night
  6. basically are you able to use the north american SKU of the XR500 in the UK , the only issues i see are the voltage and how do i plug the power brick in to a uk socket any thoughts please
  7. Agree on the Hub quality issue , am on my 5th box since starting with VM in April 2017 , software mainly. Friend has sent back my XR500 due to the port numeration problem , i understand netgear will deal with this particular issue tbrough the normal process
  8. The wd 40 idea appears to wk having tested it on other items , as am not yet in posesion of another 500
  9. The virgin service i get is the vivid 200 which is FTTC ( Fibre to the cabinet) then cabled underground to house, currently getting 216 mbps down and 12 up, , FTTP is unlikley to happen anytime soon,
  10. I have a Virgin Superhub 3 , and they are notorious for overheat and their puma 6 chipset , , have reurned 3 in the last 12 months due to overheat, one was getting hot enough to smell burning ,
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