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  1. any good news on how news on the beta firmware and if it fixed all of the issues?
  2. I was wondering if I should still apply the 70% on both sliders even with the high upload and download
  3. I'd rather wait longer than for a firmware corruption.
  4. I have been getting a to of packet loss as of late, and my ping sky rockets to the sky current set up. CM1000 XR500 Cox Cable 300mbs Down 30mbs Up anti bufferblat set to "always" 70/70 xbox manually under traffic priotization.
  5. okay sorry got back from work will do now
  6. yes i have duma os classified games classifieds
  7. The red icon for TP has offically stopped working for me, the only way for me to turn it back on is for me to manually input my xbox in the TP, also I have been getting really slow upload speeds and packet loss on the xbox one
  8. Hi, i was curious to note that few extra features may be in the next update. Regarding TP (traffic priotization) I think as users of this router since we have duma classified game checked off, why not implement the ability of us being able to see which ports exactly are active while gaming? on top of that, I don't think it wouldn't hurt to able to have some minor tweaks regards to the qos,by that I mean why not implemeant a fortnite PC or console version? I mean might as well since fortnite has begun to rise more and more day by day. Also the geofilter will kick you out of fortnite games even if you have the in game settings set to ( west coast) or ( east coast) it will load to a aloading screen then kick you out. So i suggest anyone reading this post be warned to have geofilter set to spectating mode when playing fortnite. Also I think you should be able to priotize which specifc packets for gaming, like udp over tcp or tcp over udp in some aspects, what firmware does a good job or better job at explaining this is Asus merlin firmware, just some few suggestions and tweaks rather for the next update.
  9. While upgrading the firmware it failed in the process and now the power button is just blinking with no internet, been like this for hours now. Can someone please help
  10. I am also getting my internet cut off for a few seconds and back on, this has been a consistent for a minute now.
  11. In a future update, will we be able to see what ports are being prioritized?
  12. so in the traffic selection it shows a selection of games and console games. Do i input my xbox in there?
  13. I have a 150 download and a 10 upload, so should i still set the sliders at 70%. Also the traffic prioritization, can I also manually input certain ports to my xbox x
  14. I was wondering what were the best qos settings, and how does traffic priotization work exactly?
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