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  1. hi over the two weeks my ping in game randomly spikes from 50/60 to 150/180 I have no idea whats going on and I have factory reset my router and even stressed my connection from 1000/35 to 700/18 and yet i still experience rubber band lag anti bb is set to always and sliders are at 70/70 and duma classified games are disabled and enabled both don't make a difference because I'm still experiencing the same issues 

  2. Hi this if for anyone wondering if this router will fix frequent lag spikes on bo3 ( xbox one ) no matter what settings you input, you will always lag just due to the game itself being lag. You can put the console in geo filter and the game will still lag but will minimize it only a bit though.

  3. every time i swap over to consoles, TP stops working for me, then it always leads to me just rebooting which is a hassle. I have tried manually implementing my consoles into TP but I often find myself having to restart in order to get it going again.  I have also tried leaving ticked dumaos classified games on, and still the same thing happens when I have to force reboot in order to get my TP up and running again

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