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    stubarru reacted to kinel in how to get better hit detection   
    ive made a few threads about this topic updated for coldwar
    This is all thanks to a7legit who told me about it  who sadly passed away
    on the forums but i wanted to update it  here to make it less confusing
    Honestly guys you should read  some of the info on this thread below from the forum users here its very intresting and helps a lot
     here is a link to the poll i created over a year ago if you found this helpful please vote here
    when playing cod mw19 now its coldwar
    the game uses 3 ports all the time
    the two ways i know of how you find out what ports the game uses for you are
    the first is a programe called wireshark on pc
    the second is in the older firmware called network monitor
    but it isnt in the new firware
    It shows you the ports your connected to  when gaming 
    This to me is brilliant  for every game
     i ave found a load of ports the game uses  in a list below
    if you put these ports in to traffic priortizatio your hit registration becomes brilliant
    before i was struggleing to get kills now when i put the ports in before it would take a whole magazine to kil on person   now two or three bullets kill them easily
    when you put the right ports in the game it is using you can istantly tell
    the three ports go like this
    the first is always 3074 for myself on ps xbox1 is 3075 i think
    this is the  port i wil call it  this stays the same for me it never changes
    the second ports changes everytime you restart the game for me that is
    I wil call it data centre server port to make it easier to understand
    the 3rd is the most important port . this changes every time you join a new game lobby
    this port as soon as i put this main  port i will call it in  my hit detection becomes brilliant
    heres an egxample i start the game without putting in the main port in
      I playing and im struggling to get kills i quickly run to my pc put the port number in  while im stil playing in the same lobby
     as soon as i put them in trafic priortization imy hit registration becomes brilliant and i  aint struggling no more
     This is the same game after game so i know its no placebo affect  ive did the same thing on previous cods as well with same results  
    these are the ports i found so far playing cod  coldwar and mw19
    i put these into traffic priortizatin in single rules
    i prefer to do them indavidually as i know what ports the game is using for me   
    The game uses only 3 ports at once
     for you guys who are not using the older firmware you have to open them up in ranges
    some of these ports might be listed twice as i havent had time time edit the list 
    30190    30500  30600   30020   30030   30070
    30040  30080   30110   
    30410     30350   
    30550 30520 30130 30060  30060   30100  30070  30010  30020
    30920    30970  30410  30140    30090    30020    30160  30230
    30080    30090  30100  30940  30160  30060  30040  30310    
    30120    30070    30020  30080  30040  30140  30310
    31350   31930   31030  31080    31300   31350
    32790    32960  32730    32400  32450  32540  32570   32580
    32590   32550  32460   32490   32550  32580  32310 32560
    32680    32310   32350   32930  32540  32700  32710  32650
    33670   33980  33420   33420    
    34790  34790  34260
    34130  34020    34800    34070    
    35310   35710      35300 35530
    35800  35660    35710     35300   35320      35800
    36570    36440  36440    36280 36700  36670  36360
    36360    36280  36800   36050   36290  36930
    37290    37260  37890    37000   37580  37620    37160
    38160    38890    38280  
    39300   39550   39500   39860     
    40110   40280  40510   40820   40990
    41640    41620    41100
    42130     42200   42510  42160   42420 
     43350    43380    43610  43840  43300  
    44800  44470    44820  44280  44640  44110
    44660  44790              
    you can put these ports into ranges
    this is how i would wright the ranges but im no expert at
    it in the link a form user called  RL327 shows how to do this propely as i leared this stuff from him
     Rule1Source  3074-3076 destination  30000-45000 udp  rule 1
     Rule2 Source 50000 -65535   destination   3074 -3076 tcp  only
     This is in traffic priortization
      You will know if its working  when your infame  these rules will show as rdd in the traffic priortization screen
    These are the only 2 rules you need in my opinion atm for coldwar
    please can you vote in the  link above if this helped you at all
    also the link has a better info in it from other users here
    With a bit more details
    as im trying to get theadmins to reinstall the ole network monitor
     as the new network monitor dosent have this feature
    and i wouldnt have been able to post these ports if i downgraed to the older firmware
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    stubarru got a reaction from Netduma Jack in Rebooting R1 for Modules to work   
    Will do
    Many thanks
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    stubarru got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Rebooting R1 for Modules to work   
    Will do
    Many thanks
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    stubarru reacted to Netduma Crossy in Rebooting R1 for Modules to work   
    Yeah 9pm is fine. Can you send me a private message at that time on Thursday and I'll setup the debug logging.
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    stubarru got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Rebooting R1 for Modules to work   
    Hi there
    More than happy to allow access, look forward to hearing from someone with dates and times
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    stubarru reacted to Netduma Iain in Rebooting R1 for Modules to work   
    The log message is stating that the device-manager call timed out. Which means your device-manager is busy doing something. When this happens can you access the device-manager?
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    stubarru reacted to Netduma Fraser in Rebooting R1 for Modules to work   
    Thanks a lot, I've passed this on to the devs.
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    stubarru got a reaction from JOE1305 in Rebooting R1 for Modules to work   
    Hi there
    As requested, my dashboard froze and you can see that the CPU is running at 100%.  Was using Netflix at the time
    Look forward to hearing your thinking..

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    stubarru got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Rebooting R1 for Modules to work   
    Hi there,
    out if of the country for the next few days so will do it when I get back
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    stubarru got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Rebooting R1 for Modules to work   
    Thanks for getting back to me
    75 Down, 16 Up BT Infinity.  Will take a look at the CPU usage and let you know..
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    stubarru reacted to ilsant0 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Frankly I don't understand all these negative comments.
    I am 48 years old and am an IT lawyer. 
    Also, i own two R1s and frankly I don't feel the need to update them because they are from "God".
    Maybe I'll be alone, but I don't look forward to the update. I am afraid that this "feared" DUMAOS can block my sweet network.
    My infrastructure works great, I have no problems and when I buy a product, I take it for "what it is" and not for "what it could be".
    I fully agree with what was indicated by my English colleagues on the need to guarantee backwardness. 
    (Anyone in the EU could prosecute netduma if it did not guarantee backwardness).
    That said, if the new OS arrives, I will try it, but if I don't like it, I must have the "right" to return to the current state. 
    The one for which I decided to buy the R1 product, otherwise i'd buy new product.
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    stubarru reacted to simjc in XR500 and DumaOS Setup and Walkthrough   
    It would be remiss of me not to post this video here.

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    stubarru reacted to PharmDawgg in Who should get a XR500?   
    I’m just torn between getting one or sticking with my R1. Right now I am of the the mentality of if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Currently I have no complaints with the R1. I don’t need gigabit speeds and I have great WiFi coverage so why do I need the XR500?? But on the other hand I want it so bad. I hate you Netduma.
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    stubarru reacted to N3CR0 in Ww2 settings Xbox one   
    Turn off your Xbox and don't play this game. This is the best settings I have found.
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    stubarru reacted to Soloflyerz in WW2 comment, tips and question   
    Seeing that a lot this weekend and my og settings aren’t doing as well as they were since Wednesday. Maybe just high traffic cause the kids off school or one of these tiny updates, but I’m basically back to the drawing board again. Very disappointing to say the least, I’m still trying changes, but nothing as consistent so far. Those settings were great for nearly a week, but somethings different for me right now at least, good luck though most of what’s mentioned is still giving the best results thus far. Honestly I dropped geo entirely a few matches ago and it’s no better or worse than it’s been using it the past few days sadly. Seems SHG has managed to make even the duma helpless to save things.
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    stubarru reacted to major masingil in DUMA OS update   
    I just want to say that technically Netduma doesn't owe us squat for communication on this subject.  None of us are paying for the update.  They tried to have a thread about it, and it had to go away because of people getting way too demanding. Give the guys a break.  They want this as much as we do. They also want to avoid buggy firmware. They also don't have a huge corporate machine backing them up.
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    stubarru reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Crates are Destroying Gaming   
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