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  1. I bought a power link adapter today and that’s how I solved this issue! It’s not too troublesome and there’s no need for an ethernet cable too, just a small one going to the router directly to the power line, thanks for the help !
  2. I don’t have any devices really, just a normal phone but not too close to it. My ISP Modem does have a kinda rotten cable. It’s covered with a little bit of tape at the point where it sticks inside a wall. I’m wondering if perhaps static electricity might somehow affect my ping values? That tape I mentioned before used to not be there (it produces eletric shocks that’s why I decided to put it there) and the issue still persisted but, still, maybe I should get my ISP to do a check on all those cables and see whether that somehow affects my connection?
  3. I’m not using QoS. If I do a wired connection to the Modem all issues are solved, it’s my wireless connection that seems to be the problem ever since I ran into this problem.
  4. It’s right next to it basically, check this picture. That’s my ISP router on the left
  5. At this moment i’m not using the geo filter since it basically made no difference in the troubleshooting process. I have now added my PS5 to the DMZ of my router and port fowarded all ports of interest to the right IP (the Wifi IP). I have added a picture showing the ping values I get to all servers ingame. At this point what should I try? I would also clarify that this seems to be an issue ONLY in COD Cold War
  6. Hey There Duma Community! Ever since COD Cold War came out last November up until now i’ve had a bunch of issues that I can’t grasp. The jist of it all is that when I connect wirelessely i’m unable to find matches properly in a consistent way - my game shows immediately either that it is looking for an 185ms ping game ( does not start gradually increasing like it does to everybody I know) and it either does not find any match for some time ( which makes for a terrible waste of time) or just does not find any (the only solution then is to wire it up).The games I do get in though are NEVER laggy nor does my connection show any signs on any device of any type of speed slowdown (neither partially nor completely) which begs the question - why? . I’m on a PS5 (used to be on a PS4 with the same problem during the launch period) and living in Portugal. Also, when I check my ping on the new connection quality menu that Treyarch added (right under options) all the servers show 100+ping and packet loss. I have had my ISP check the signal on my router and it is at the appropriate strength and my PS5 does show 100% signal too. At this point what should I try? I have solved many semi complex problems throughout the years but this one has been lasting too long not to have a solution!
  7. Test with congestion control set to 70/70 https://imgur.com/a/2a9A8 Oddly (in a funny way) enough I now get this with the Netduma after doing the Ping Diagnostic test: Ping: Ok Jitter: Exceptional Spikes: Exceptional Packet Loss: Exceptional After doing the CMD "fix" I came up with 0 packets lost. Is it best for me to add both the PS4 WIFI and the PS4 WIRED to the Geofilter as a way of avoiding the confusion?
  8. Thanks Jack and pollutionblues for all the advice! I’ll do those tests tommorow morning and then we’ll see what conclusions we can gather from there. Meanwhile I’ve been playing with a wired connection and I can say that I’m able to find games, albeit at a slower rate than with a Wifi connection, so the possibility of needing to replace the wire is in my mind, even if it doesn’t contain any visible damage. I’ll keep you posted.
  9. I’ve downloaded it just incase a few minutes ago. Will post results here in a bit.
  10. So these were the results I got: Ping: Good Jitter: Ok Spikes: Bad Packet Loss: Bad I had not done this test in a while and I’m pretty sure I didn’t have it this bad back then. I also repeated this test both through WiFi and Wired multiple times and the results were consistently matching.
  11. Hello again, sorry for my late reply. After coming home I attempted to establish a wired connection with my PS4 and matchmaking in COD WWII with the GeoFilter Disabled and I could indeed easily find matches. The issue persists after enabling it with the settings i'll be showing next, something that, like I said, doesn't happen with a WI-Fi connection.
  12. Hey Duma Nation! So here’s the thing: lately I’ve been having some issues with my Netduma when it comes to being able to establish a wired connection. Not so much in the sense that I can’t establish an internet connection in my PS4 but more In regards to finding games - after setting up the Netduma and connecting via a wired connection no games are found but when I switch back to Wifi in my PS4 I immediately get put into a game. I’ve tried many things like restarting the game, rebooting the router and doing a factory reset (which I know should only be done when you really need to), but nothing circumvents this problem. If anyone could help, I would gladly appreciate it.
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