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  1. Yo he tenido módems con el Puma 6 y te puedo confirmar que causan problemas. Me he desecho de ellos. Mi ISP han intentado trabajar con Arris / Motorola pero eso hace tiempo atrás que intentaron arreglarlo pero no se si han podido ya que no uso o tengo esos Módems. 

  2. 18 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    The stun servers are usually for authentication purposes rather than actual game play. Are you seeing that server become the host of a game?

    Oh that’s right. Not really but it pops up when I search for a game. But instead of the UK Authentication server popping up this one has been seen lately. 

  3. Has anyone noticed this server in the US now? Have you seen a difference in gameplay? I wonder when they decided to use it?


    ID  ccb9b580566b1d22

    Domain Name  stun.us.demonware.net.

    I play mostly HC and I have added it to my list of servers. The game seems more of a stable connection but SBMM is still there.

  4. 2 hours ago, BIG__DOG said:

    I have been reading through the comments on this thread and I have seen a few things that came to my attention. 1 was a suggestion to use ports 1 - 65535, this is the exact same as placing your device into DMZ and getting no protection from firewall and is ill advised. The best way to get open nat is to just use upnp. Activisions algorithm changes the lobbies depending on your score,kd etc etc and this is Skill based Match making and no matter what ports or qos or router you use you cannot combat this at all. They screw you over and frustrate the hell out of the players that play this game and dangle the odd carrot to keep you playing, UDP packets are used for gaming and not TCP so priorising TCP packets would be useless in any case.  Netdumas routers and sooftwae can prioritise your network traffic but no rouer on the planet can affect the algorithm that is SBMM.

    Facts BD and all of that just is to frustrate people and give them one or two good games then a couple of bad games to make you want to play more. 

    Hope you and the family are well amigo. 

  5. 13 minutes ago, mitchellc756 said:

    Thanks for the response. I did play with your udp prioritization that Fraser recommended as well as a tcp prioritization another member said with duma classified games off. The games I played, I actually experienced less latency spikes. I normally get those orange boxes on my screen continuously every 30 seconds or so. It’s just so difficult to know if it’s the status of the servers were good for that time or if the settings helped. I’ll keep experimenting. One more question if you don’t mind...

    If I’m prioritizing the ranges on QOS should I also be port forwarding those other ports in network settings(UDP 3074, 3078-3079, and TCP 1935,3478-3480)? 

    That is great news! Stick with that if it is working. 

    If you already have an Open NAT in game you do not need to port forward these ports.

  6. 1 hour ago, K0NSPIRACY said:

    My hit reg has noticeably and literally turned to shit the last few days playing COD WZ on Xbox One X. I haven't changed any settings on my router or R2 (geo filter, QoS and ports), my wired internet connection is stable and all games are connected to UK servers with 15-25ms ping. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues, and is there a definitive guide/advice/tips for better hit reg playing on Xbox?

    Have you rebooted your router? For me sometimes a reboot is all it needs, sometimes. But it could be the game too.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Eduardo bastos said:

    Hola estimados estuve probando la configuracion de QOS y tengo el control de congestión en siempre por tener varios dispositivos en mi casa,

    limite la velocidad  algunos dispositivos que no se ocupa mucha como por ejemplo los celulares, tengo limitado a 15 megas de descarga pero en momento que hago el test de velocidad en speedtest.net me llega a una velocidad de 75 megas, y no entiendo se tengo limitado por siempre en 15 megas como maximo y me llega a 75 megas, y todos los dispositivos que limito la velocidad de descarga me llegas mas velocidad de lo que configure, alguna solucion?

    Puedes subir un screenshot de la pagina de QOS que muestra tus settings por favor?

  8. 17 hours ago, Mobel said:

    @Netduma Fraser

    There is something very wrong with Qos on DumaOs 3.0 i tried every setting even lowered till 1% my DL and 5% UL on CC still getting this ping (see picture), while normally on 1 or 2% i get a ping of around 10-12ms under load for DL and UL and that was on the R2 and also on the XR700 i used the same CC settings for both the past few months and it was always the same outcome.

    I have only 1 device online to the XR700 when i was doing the tests the laptop that i was doing it on.

    You got 3.0 for the XR700?

  9. 33 minutes ago, Baturi said:

    so if its like using classified games then what points make the 1024 port valid? 

    I thought ports 1-65535 was Classified and 1024-65535 it eliminates other ports that prioritize downloading for other apps or devices that could hinder the games packets. Something like that. @Netduma Fraser can explain it better. 

    Plus Cold War is new. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Fuzy said:

    it doesn't make sense! prioritize the console or use Classified games returns to the same ...

    I test all the ports given by portforward.com none works in UDP console and PC confused.

    the only thing that works in UDP is to open as said before 1024-65535 in both directions ... which is like using classified games!

    Yes mon amie you are correct. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Fuzy said:

    Using ports 1024-65535 as a priority is like using console mode in itself from what I understand!

    Besides thing for which, I scratch my head ...
    Since now the COD are cross platform, what is the point of putting his console in the geofilter since all servers are the same according to the platform. If I identify my xbox or PS4 as a PC it won't change anything?!

    Connection today was crazy for me on PS4. I went back to DumaOS Classified games priority. 

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