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    Netduma Admin reacted to BIG__DOG in Network setup question   
    connect the lan cable from lan 1 of your combo into wan of the R1 and everything goes into the r1 from there (including your switch). The ip address of the R1 is but your combo may have issued it it's own ip address, in that case on your pc if it is then connected to the R1 go to command prompt and type ipconfig and hit enter, it should then show you your gateway ip address which will be your R1 as the PC will assume your R1 is the gateway.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to Dialatech in Apex legends   
    Your Geo-filter is two small i would say. I would say widen the search for servers.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to flexingjohn in PPPoE Speed On the R1 DumaOS   
    Thanks Guys. 
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    Netduma Admin reacted to Blur in Auto BufferBloat, Ping testing, Anti Jitter ...   
    Would be awesome is we get :
    1- Auto BufferBloat or an easier way to detect the ultimate bufferbloat setting for each person.
    2- "Dont Share connection" for specific devices at the QOS settings while all others share the connections together.
    3-We would like to have that accurate PING test done by the router that the R1 had and for some reason it was removed.
    4- Anti jitter 
    5- Auto connection speed detection
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from BIG__DOG in XR500 equivalent to Netduma R1 "rtmp" service   
    Hi there - you can set the specific ports you wish to include / exclude from your VPN by clicking the advanced option when setting up the rule. This guide explains how: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000087492--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-hybrid-vpn
    Edit: just realised we're missing a specific guide on there for how to do ports, apologies. Here are the steps:
    After adding a device, click Add Service In the radio button at the top, toggle to Advanced Set your port rule / range and then click Add service Hope that now makes sense.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to vonskie in XR500 crashing randomly   
    If you roll back make sure you turn off the auto updating so it will not upgrade it until you want it to
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    Netduma Admin reacted to vonskie in XR500 crashing randomly   
    I had the same problem with .40 version of firmware try the .32 version, I rolled back and the crashing stopped
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    Netduma Admin reacted to vonskie in Still random reboots since launch   
    Down grade to .32 its what fixed mine and be sure to tell it not to automatically upgrade.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from muffintastic in Hybrid VPN "Add Service" Feature for Livestreaming   
    Thanks for the feedback. First of all, there’s a  complete guide to setting up Hybrid VPN here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087492--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-hybrid-vpn
    Secondly, we are adding improved detection of streaming in the next firmware which will help with this. 
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    Netduma Admin reacted to jsg877 in Hybrid VPN "Add Service" Feature for Livestreaming   
    After being DDoS'd for 2 1/2 hours and being unable to reach customer support for my Verizon FioS today I said enough, and I purchased the Netgear xr500. I also have the NordVPN (OpenVPN) set up correctly on it. My plan is to only have on the devices all traffic except for my Livestream software, and my Xbox itself go through my VPN. However, the Add Service to the "Do not apply VPN" feature is very vague and I can find absolutely zero information on Netgears site on how to even reach a Live Chat Rep. I am hoping that on here I am able to figure out the information I need. In the future for an other Exceptions, I would very much like to be able to just add them. It needs the Source and Destination Ports per application.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Corbula in WiFi getting worse? Does the new OS change anything?   
    Could you downgrade back to the original R1 firmware please. http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000085792-downgrading-back-to-the-original-r1-firmware-from-dumaos
    Then reinstall DumaOS again. Should be ok after that. (see the email for instructions and download link)
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from bbursley in LAN Dropping   
    Hi - is this just on the Xbox(es)? If so, could you try disabling Instant-On mode on them and see if that fixes the problem? There's a known issue that Microsoft are looking into.
    If it's happening across multiple devices, then it sounds like a dodgy switch on the router. Best thing to do here is get a replacement, as annoying as that is to arrange.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to bbursley in LAN Dropping   
    Just as a theory. Have you tried a different LAN cable between you and the router. Could be hardware but also could be as simple as a cable. It’s obviously getting connection to the router if the wireless works. So it’s not between your modem and the router. It just surprises me that one port would work and the others wouldn’t work well. I mean I realize WAN is not a part of the LAN, though on some devices you can specify any port to become the WAN. This of course is using other types of firmware. 
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from robcore in Small Geofilter Suggestion   
    Hi Rob - interesting idea, thanks for sharing. Most likely this would be too much of a sea change to do this - but manual entries into Allow & Deny might be something we could do. I'll add it to our ideas roadmap!
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    Netduma Admin reacted to robcore in Small Geofilter Suggestion   
    For a future milestone, would you fellas be interested in blocking/allowing specific ip's within a cluster instead of the whole thing?  I know it sounds ridiculous, but bear with me.
    Using Seattle as an example, BO4 on xbox seems to have blocks running virtual instances on different pieces of hardware.  Sometimes, when a specific server is on a machine that is under a lot of workload or is a lower quality rental machine, certain instances play way worse than others.
    Still sounds ridiculous, I know, but I consistently get 3ms faster ping to than, which leads me to believe that the lower address block is running on a higher end rig.
    Unrelated quick question about qos: does the device prioritization somehow bypass interface traffic shaping  altogether?  If that's the case, I am jealous of whoever coded that, even if it's just an nss hook or something it's genius.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to CrossFitKila717 in Home Location Ping?   
    Oh cool, that makes sense. For some reason I was thinking it’s still the distance from my “actual” location. 
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    Netduma Admin reacted to BIG__DOG in XR300 or R1? Only interested in the Duma OS software, not a new router.   
    Glad to be of assistance and if you need any help just create a thread and we as a forum will be happy to help you.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to Rapid_IlluZioN in Cant access Netduma Page   
    email sent
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from GAMER4EVER in Why I can't access my netduma R1 interface?   
    We will respond to your email.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to nunogsm in STRANGE PROBLEM   
    thankyou sir
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    Netduma Admin reacted to TODDzillaInLA in Help with dialing in geo filter   
    Yes when i get home i will email it
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from TrayDay in Apex Legends Geo-Filter Sucks   
    That's what we see in our testing, the in-game server selection does not force the server, it's more of a polite suggestion which the game consistently ignores. Only way to guarantee the same server / server region is  by using the Geo-Filter.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from nunogsm in STRANGE PROBLEM   
    Thank you - we will look to add this
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    Netduma Admin reacted to nunogsm in STRANGE PROBLEM   
    It’s here 

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    Netduma Admin reacted to Hellegaard1 in Bandwidth Allocation Suggestion   
    Hey there Duma team!
    First off I have to say you guys did a great job on this! Absolutely awesome for gaming. I just wanted to make a suggestion based on experience with dumaOS. In bandwidth Allocation, how I understand it is that you can set a certain amount of bandwidth per device, but only within your set bandwidth amount in the anti-bb option. I run a huge network with another router on a separate subnet that needs to be bandwidth limited along with a few other devices. What I've noticed is that setting multiple devices; say I have a 10Mbps bandwidth limit. I would like to limit the secondary router to 5Mbps and 2 other streaming devices to 3Mbps each. With the way dumaOS is setup, right now that is impossible to do. Setting the 2 media devices to 3mbps each will just reduce any other device that was already set up due to having a limit of only 10Mbps. I find this really annoying because it's not a true bandwidth limit. I guess it is called allocation instead of limit, but an overall bandwidth limit on a per device basis option would be super helpful in this case. I have also noticed that with the share excess option enabled that any allocated device can pass it's set limit, this can be useful in some cases, but not all. If share excess can also be added on a per device basis instead of every device on the network, I believe that this router firmware will be the ultimate gaming firmware. 
    Thanks for listening!
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