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  1. My idle ping is 19-21ms on PC and 22-25ms on Xbox with the same CC settings. But under load download and upload are much worse on Xbox 22-50ms. On PC it shows the same as idle ping. I use 60/60 on CC or 70/70. I have optic cable internet 100/100
  2. I get much worse results when i do it on my Xbox compared to PC. On PC its all A+ with ping of around 20ms. On Xbox ping is 45ms with A bufferbloat
  3. Looks like they gave up. New DUMA OS should be here a year ago
  4. Me too. Am on Fibre optic and after the dedicated servers gone back up i have the toughest time in COD history. Bullets don't register. I don't know what to do any more
  5. Servers are really bad now. I dont know what they are doing
  6. What are you talking about!!!!! They announced it, it will come in fall 2016. So they were doing on it for a year then. Now the delay is over a year and you ask dumb question if I can make it. Of course not. But they should if they make such announcments
  7. I gave up on DumaOS. This delay is rediculous. We should have the new firmware for 1 year now. And nothing new not even a replay we screved up and dont know how to fix it
  8. This lack of information about what's going on and why such a big delay with the release is pissing me off. Sorry for my bad language but I can't help it.
  9. Please I would like to be a beta tester. I live in EU Slovenia. I appriciate your hard work keep it up
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