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  1. I upgraded to firmware version you provided but on the system info it still says v2.1.0.4 and not v2.1.0.6. When i game no other is using the internet. I have tried many settings with anti-bufferbloat but nothing helps. My ping on pingplotter when pinging is stable at 19-20ms when im saturating my bandwith. But i have noticed compared to R1 that my ping to the same servers is 5-10ms more.
  2. And Fraser i still struggle with this router. Im a 2.0KD player on COD and in last 2 days that i owne the router i cant go positive. Something doesnt work like it should be at least for me. Is v2.1.0.4 the latest firmware?
  3. Now it makes sence becouse on dashboard the id of the server is always the same and the ping too. So it makes no sence to pin the ping to dashboard. There is no legend for the geofilter so what exactly does that mean the circle around a dedi server?
  4. One question why does the geofilter block UK dedicated server with this settings. And my ping in ping section is always the same 34ms regardless to which server i connect Doc1.doc
  5. Yes BIG__DOG i did that but its not better. Constantly getting bad games on Xbox one X on EU servers
  6. I hope so that a can find my perfect settings. For now it looks very bad
  7. Fraser its not just dslreport results for bufferbloat. Like all the people in link that you provided say, the gameplay is much better on R1. Im getting destroyed with the XR500. With R1 im a 2.0 K/D ratio player. I will try more tweaking but for now im very frustrated
  8. I have a fiber optic connection 100/100. With the Netgear XR500 im getting very bad bufferbloat results on DSLreports. The best i get is a A and even that is very bad with huge spikes. On my R1 with sliders 70/70 i always get all A+ with no spikes and values between idle, download, upload ping are identical. I have tried settings on bufferbloat with always on, when high priority traffic is detected and nothing changes. My bad bufferbloat is very noticable in game performance (COD WWII). Any suggescions??
  9. I was still am an early adopter of the R1 and the hardware is just to weak. I know you will push out an R2 in the future but a hope that we who bought an RX500 (its not cheap) will not get left behind. Have a nice evening.
  10. Thanks for the answer. I hope Netgear is not holding back your updates.
  11. I'm curious if the Netgear XR500 will have the same support and updates with DUMAOS like the old R1 when it gets it? I ordered Netgear XR500 and i will get it tomorrow and am curious if i will get the same support with the software like R1 users.
  12. I ordered the new Netgear xr500 today hope its not so slow
  13. I know for that thread. But why should i do this? Router should work without some workarounds dont you think. I use port forwarding and upnp disabled
  14. I have to reboot the router 10 times a day that i even can do something on Netduma interface. Its very slow or freezes. Any advice. I thing the interface is to much for this router
  15. This feature was highly promoted to be included in the DUMAOS. I have seen all videos of new firmware and haven't seen it. So where is it?
  16. Most likely. But I always get full speeds regardless of time.
  17. Thanks Zennon for your time. Will do that. But i don't understand how this can be possible. I have a Optic cabel connection 100/100.
  18. New result from now. My time 19.00 https://imgur.com/bl5s0jD
  19. You can preorder it from Computeruniverse in Germany for 299€ and it ships 1 to 2 weeks from now. 2 days ago the price was 275€. Link: https://www.computeruniverse.net/products/90718699/netgear-nighthawk-pro-gaming-wlan-router-xr500.asp
  20. I will do one test again tonight. So you thing its ISP related
  21. Zennon i can't connect to the internet only with the modem it doesn't connect. It says unidentified network. I have done another test in the morning and the image is below. I thing it looks much better. The first test was done at night. I run multiple tests in the morning and the result is always the same. But at night when a game most of its like on the first picture. Some info of my internet: Optic cabel 100/100 https://imgur.com/1YBOkl5
  22. I will do that tomorrow something came up. Thanks for now
  23. You mean modem directly to PC without router Netduma R1?
  24. I have very bad games in COD WWII. It started 1 month ago and i thing something strange is happening with my connection. I have done a Pingplotter test but i don't have a clue what i'm looking at. Could please someone explain to me if something is wrong. Thank you DUMA army. Image link below https://imgur.com/VaQsxdr
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