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  1. 6 minutes ago, Killhippie said:

    Okay so if its detected your internet speeds and takes you to the dumOS dashboard why are you typing an URL in? You are already logged into the router if you are at the DumaOS dashboard.

    I factory reset after the new firmware. So i'm in the setup menu like the first time when you bought the router. It says its connected to the internet, detectes my speeds and then you must set your password and wifi password. At this time you are really not yet in the real menu and when the setup is finished and it should take you to the dashboard than the message i posted in the video appears. I have reset my router 10 times now, cleared all cache and what everybody suggested but i'm still stuck on that message. 


  2. When i factory reset it takes me automatically to the setup page. I enter my router login password and wifi password, it detectes my internet speeds, register netgear product and when it should take me to the dumaOS dashboard and i type admin and selected password it happens that what i posted in the video.

  3. 13 minutes ago, BIG__DOG said:

    did you do a factory reset? If not then do so by holding the reset pin for 15 seconds and release then leave it to go through setup process. After 2 mins go to your browser and try to connect to the router again.

    Are you trying to connect wired or wirelessly?

    I did all of that and nothing is helping. I tried wired and wireless and get stuck on that message DumaOS not loaded yet!

    17 minutes ago, BIG__DOG said:

    you can also go to command prompt in windows and tye  ipconfig to see what your gateway ip address is and enter what it says.

    In command prompt it says my default getaway is and when i enter this it comes to the same message

  4. 1 hour ago, Netduma Admin said:

    These problems were not here at launch of BO4 - Treyarch added a whole bunch of new servers in their recent patch. 

    So to future proof against this, we have made an awesome tool that can automate our Cloud.This not only fixes this current P2P-only problem, but also will mean if Treyarch add more servers again we'll be able to correct any mislocated servers rapidly (may not even come to that now)

    Said awesome tool takes a few days to run. Hence why it will take a few more days for the final fix to be delivered to you all.


    What P2P im getting only dedicated servers playing on Xbox in EU. I have dumaOS set to spectating mode becouse of so many mislocated servers from the beginning of game life cycle. Sure in the description it says peer becouse the ID number is not assigned to a dedi but you can tell that im connecting to dedicated servers. If in the game at the end of release number is a letter E that means you are connected to a dedicated server. At least so it is on Xbox 

  5. Can please someone that has new firmware on R1 and plays BO4 on Xbox and is from EU check the tickrate of servers that we connect to. I have both consoles and the game plays much worse on Xbox servers and i would like to know if the tickrate for PS4 and Xbox is different in EU. Thanks in advance. Sadly i own an XR500 and we will wait for new firmware god knows how long. 

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