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  1. The issue with xbox one is the quick start, it doesn't announce UPNP to the netduma. a restart on both xboxes will fix your problem, or disable the xbox quick start so it does a proper boot each time. Make sure you have no port forwarding on any of the ports required for the xbox or game enabled. it must all be handled by UPNP.


    I have 4 xbox ones on my NetDuma all in open NAT all the time.


    Can you have them all on and open at the same time?


    Mine appear open in the settings, just not on COD. Kinda sucks that I can't use quick start to get it to work. 


    If the R1 is in the DMZ do both consoles have an open NAT according to the consoles network settings?
    DMZ on the R1 itself should hopefully be implemented in DumaOS.
    You can manually port forward for Xbox One rather than UPnP and see if that works.
    Disable the Geo-filter when booting up the game as well and see if you can achieve an open NAT on both consoles.


    Not sure if I have it in the DMZ, have never needed to before so I didn't consider it. 


    Opened port 3075 for one console and 3074 for another (COD ports) so fingers crossed. 


    Funnily enough, when checking under the Xbox settings I believe both are open, yet COD isn't :/

  3. I have two Xbox Ones hooked up (wired) to the Netduma but we can never have the NAT be open for both consoles, usually one is open while the other is moderate. 


    I'm not sure if this would cause any issues for connection, but it is frustrating to always have odd little niggling things going on so with that said, what can I do to get a open NAT for both consoles at the same time?


    I'm also not sure, but could these cause any lag or network issues for us when playing together?


    Just to clarify, I'm running reactive with UPnP enabled and both consoles on hyper-traffic.

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