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  1. Noticed my XR500 has randomly lost connection for wired devices at random times. Wireless will remain working. 


    After a quick unplug of the power cable it was instantly fixed but it seems weird to randomly turn off like that. 


    Not sure what the issue is, other than that I've had no issues. 


    Side note, is there a reset function on the DumaOS? I can't seem to see or find one anywhere. 

  2. TP-Link TC-7610




    I use it on comcast with the same speeds. No issues and it's not as laggy gaming. Like night and day.


    Just installed the new modem and it seems to be working fine. 


    Speeds are slower on the download right now but I'm assuming over the next few hours it should hopefully return to normal. 

  3. Oh and the 7610 can support up to 343 down and 131 up... So any limits you see by an ISP are made up nonsense.


    Yeah I actually just read that, seems to be some misinformation on the product page. I'll definitely look into this modem then. 


    Like I said I don't feel like I have encountered any issues with my SB141 but if the change is so noticeable like you mention then I'll give a think during the week. 


    The TC-7610 is the ONLY modem I recommend. Trust me when I tell you I get the same 240 down and 12 up on Comcast. Newer doesn't mean better with technology.




    Interesting...the only reason I suggested the other is down to the supported speeds it mentions. 


    So you really noticed a difference gaming? I play COD and shooters a lot so if this provides more stability then I'm all for it. 


    How easy was the setup?

  5. TP-Link TC-7610




    I use it on comcast with the same speeds. No issues and it's not as laggy gaming. Like night and day.


    What actually are the issues with the SB141 though?


    I'll be honest, your posts are want prompted me to write this lol.


    I don't feel like I have bumped into any issues so I'm kinda on the fence about this. 


    That model also only supports up to 215Mbps through Comcast/Xfinity, you think the TC-7620 model would be better since it supports 400+?

  6. I've seen a few posts here regarding the Netduma not working with Arris brand modems, specifically the SB6131 and SB6141.


    I've been using he SB6141 since forever ago and haven't had any issues, at least from what I'm aware of. 


    Kinda curious, what are the issues with the Arris modems that I should be looking for?


    I'm on Xfinity and right now get roughly 240 down, 12 up. 


    If you were to recommend me switching up my modem, what would you recommend to me?


    I'd rather not switch and lose the speeds I'm getting. 

  7. I would just worry about getting open NAT on both of your consoles via the dashboard, see my reasoning below.  Read your other post, looks like you already did so I am pretty sure that is best you can do.  




    I think Rilla is seeing open NAT via the dash board not the in game NAT type for COD.  If you are who I think you are you know COD BOPS3 has the porting screwed up where it it almost impossible to get an in game open NAT on multiple consoles in that game without doing something crazy.  From what I can tell BOPS 3 only wants to use port 3074/5 no matter what, if it doesn't it reports it has being moderate or strict.  I am pretty sure Activision needs to get their act together and fix it!



    Yeah, I removed port forwarding and turned off instant on and it didn't change a thing. Guess I'll just have to deal with it being open and/or moderate for now until they change something. 

  8. The issue with xbox one is the quick start, it doesn't announce UPNP to the netduma. a restart on both xboxes will fix your problem, or disable the xbox quick start so it does a proper boot each time. Make sure you have no port forwarding on any of the ports required for the xbox or game enabled. it must all be handled by UPNP.


    I have 4 xbox ones on my NetDuma all in open NAT all the time.


    Can you have them all on and open at the same time?


    Mine appear open in the settings, just not on COD. Kinda sucks that I can't use quick start to get it to work. 


    If the R1 is in the DMZ do both consoles have an open NAT according to the consoles network settings?
    DMZ on the R1 itself should hopefully be implemented in DumaOS.
    You can manually port forward for Xbox One rather than UPnP and see if that works.
    Disable the Geo-filter when booting up the game as well and see if you can achieve an open NAT on both consoles.


    Not sure if I have it in the DMZ, have never needed to before so I didn't consider it. 


    Opened port 3075 for one console and 3074 for another (COD ports) so fingers crossed. 


    Funnily enough, when checking under the Xbox settings I believe both are open, yet COD isn't :/

  10. I have two Xbox Ones hooked up (wired) to the Netduma but we can never have the NAT be open for both consoles, usually one is open while the other is moderate. 


    I'm not sure if this would cause any issues for connection, but it is frustrating to always have odd little niggling things going on so with that said, what can I do to get a open NAT for both consoles at the same time?


    I'm also not sure, but could these cause any lag or network issues for us when playing together?


    Just to clarify, I'm running reactive with UPnP enabled and both consoles on hyper-traffic.

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