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  1. Am updating the firmware today but did encounter a disconnect whilst I was on the desktop, so captured the issue in the debug log literally as it happened. Left it maybe one minute before saving the log so I will send it to you today. 


    Note that this was with Traffic Prioritization completely disabled. 


    Time zone was wrong so have now corrected and applied.

  2. Sent it both to you, please do let me know if you're able to collect the information as described by the instructions.


    Also please see if disabling Traffic Prioritization fixes the issue.


    You wanting me to remove any and all devices from Traffic Prioritization or simply disable the DumaOS classified games. Couldn't see a univeral disable button. 


    Checked instructions but it looked like some of the links were broken so it was unclear. Also wasn't sure if full message had been cut off since it ended on step 9 but had no information.

  3. Hey, welcome to the forum!


    Do you notice if it goes down at any particular times? 


    I've been given a firmware for users with the issue that will help collect the relevant information so I will send you a PM with that and instructions to follow. 


    Interested in trying this firmware change so let me know when I can install it and get some further information for you. 

  4. Thanks a lot Achilles. I'm still holding out that it'll happen again so you can catch it when it actually occurs but really appreciate your help on the matter.


    I'm just running debugger in the background from boot now. Anytime I see that it occurred I'm saving the log. Hopefully I can get a time where it literally JUST occurs and if it does I'll let you know. 

  5. Guessing it happened over night as I woke up and found my desktops connection not working. 


    I saved the debug log and retrieved whatever was stored on the USB. USB didn't seem to have a debug log stored itself so maybe I did something wrong? I had a "ReadyDNLA" folder which held some database records from what I can see. Either way, I have attached everything. 


    This debug log should have been created since the start of my reboot when we last spoke, so hopefully it has something valuable. 


    Let me know if you need anything else.

  6. It is currently happening (no wired connection to desktop but wireless is fine). If someone is around then they can take a look. 


    This was with QoS disabled. 


    I do have a USB if you want me to store any logs for this instance. 




    Emailed you guys the log but obviously it may not pinpoint the cause. Have since rebooted, connected a USB stick and have started capturing the debug from startup and with LAN/WAN Packet capture. 


    Hopefully I can replicate the issue and get something to you. 

  7. My QoS was set to "When High Priority Traffic Detected" but I've set it to Never to see if that helps. 


    Traffic Prioritization was also enabled.


    I'm currently in the US and have my laptop so I could technically get them access with Teamviewer. Only issue is that this often happens at night and so with roommates etc who need access I'm often quickly resetting it to not cause any problems. 


    Other than that I'm happy to help.


    I want to say it has been happening less than before and I haven't really changed anything network wise but it's definitely still an occurrence.. 

  8. Finished up the factory reset. Just assigning IPs etc and it should be good to go. 


    I'll keep you posted. Came home today and my wired devices were down again so it seems to happen randomly. 


    Side question, is there any way to completely export all my router settings? Didn't know if that was possible so people could save time. 


    Also, is there an R-App for total usage? I know there is one for total packets but I feel like there is one for total usage which I may have missed. 

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