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  1. If there is a device I do not recognise or want then yes, I want to block and straight have it gone. 


    If I see something I don't want then let me block it, delete it and be done with it. The current state makes me feel like rogue devices have more control. 


    Give users a passkey or something. Blocked PC? Enter the key and unblock yourself. 


    EDIT: I just turned off wifi (which is connected to) and blocked it, deleted it. I turn wifi back on and it auto connected and was unblocked. How is that remotely safe? 

  2. Doesn't seem to make any sense to me. If I have blocked a device it should no longer be connected to my router. Therefore, I should be able to delete and remove it entirely but I keep getting the warning saying that the device is still online.


    I'm also noticing that LAN Setup does not have all my devices available on the list. There are also ones that shouldn't be there anymore because I have renamed them something entirely different, yet old names seem to remain. For example I renamed a device under device manager but it doesn't update under LAN Setup which is very confusing when you have multiple of the same device. 

  3. I have an Ethernet switch and will be connecting it to one of the LAN ports on the XR500. This switch is a gigabit switch which holds roughly 4/5 devices. 


    When looking at the device manager on the XR500, will it detect that a switch it being used and display all the devices individually or will it simply be one connection as there are some devices I will want to manage more personally. 

  4. I'm moving to a new home and I am now within a Fios area which can give me gigabit speeds (yay!).


    Verizon seem pretty intent on them wanting me to use their own router and have even made a comment on how certain TV features will not be available. 


    I don't want to not use my XR500 so does anyone here know a workaround or have experience with this? 

  5. Xbox engineer got back to me and said he spoke with the Netgear team but as we also heard, they couldn't replicate the issue. 


    He asked me the following, I figured if some people here could chime in then maybe we could isolate the issue a bit more. I think we can all agree it's down to the Instant-On function on Xbox One but maybe it is tied to a specific check or update.


    "Do you happen to notice any pattern of when the issue hits, e.g. when you mentioned that it may be happening when the console checks for updates, was it when the console was checking for system updates (is your console in Preview and taking frequent updates), or game updates, or when the console has game downloads in queue before going into standby, etc."

  6. Spoke with the Xbox Engineer and he said he would reach out to some of the Netgear engineering contacts he has. 


    He seemed to be following the same train of thought that we had been having, namely, that the switching from 1000Mbps to 10Mbps could be causing an issue with the switch on the XR500. 


    I gave him the link to this discussion so hopefully he can get a better understanding of what we've tried, experienced etc.

  7. So Achilles, the Xbox issue you think is related to the going down of wired internet completely is that right?


    I want to say it's the direct cause. Everyone here is using an Xbox One and has or was running it with Instant-On. 


    Most of my disconnects have occurred whilst I was away or asleep etc which would typically mean my Xbox is hibernating and periodically running system checks. 


    I switched both Xbox consoles to Energy Saving and I've been online with zero disconnects for over 48 hours. Before then, I was having 1-2 disconnects per day minimum. 


    I've emailed you guys my latest log where it disconnected whilst I was on the desktop so maybe that will help. That was maybe an hour or so after I turned my Xbox off which would mean it was likely checking for updates etc.

  8. All reports i see different flavors of xboxones having that issue when during hibernation(instant-on) xboxone would kill netgear router. We found mitigations, but it would be nice to fix XR500 so it is resistant to killing attempts.


    Guys, are you going to install debugging firmware, I might need help to repro this issue. There is no impact to gaming performance nor I do not see difference in memory consumption and CPU usage, throughputs are the same, but the bad thing is I cannot repro the issue. :).


    Yeah this "fixes" the issue but not the underlying issue. This NEEDS to be fixed entirely because I could quite happily use my Netduma R1 with hibernation and not have this issue. 


    I think Netgear need to communicate with Xbox or honestly compare their structure to something which doesn't have this issue because it's certainly preventative. 

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