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  1. 5 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Great to hear that resolved the issue!

    NAT Filtering: This option determines how the router deals with inbound traffic. The Secured option provides a secured firewall to protect the PCs on LAN from attacks from the Internet, but it may cause some Internet games, point-to-point applications, or multimedia applications not to work. The Open option, on the other hand, provides a much less secured firewall, while it allows almost all Internet applications to work.


    Well two people on Reddit were praising this option up and down, saying how it was literally all they ever had to do. I was inclined to think security wise it was probably a bit more vulnerable but maybe I will give it a try if I ever encounter a problem. 

  2. Update:


    I removed my port forwarding option that I experimented with, removed both consoles from the IP reservation, rebooted etc and then readded them. I changed the IP to something different, rebooted the consoles and right now they are both open on the Xbox side and under COD network. I also removed the consoles from instant-on but might be a non issue now.


    Question: Someone on reddit said that they have 5 consoles on one network, yes FIVE! He has them all open NAT on both console and Activision games (COD, Destiny etc). He said he changed no settings other than simply changing his Netgear NAT Filtering setting from secured to open. Apparently this is like the godfather of settings to make sure your NAT is open. All they did was switch it from Secured to Open and all their problems were fixed. Can someone provide some input on this setting because I've never heard of it.

  3. Which version are you on? We'll check this out and patch it out if the wording is outdated. Thanks!


    It could well be that. I'm currently running the debug version due to the disconnect problem we faced and waiting on the new firmware to contain those changes. 


    File name for current firmware version is XR500-V2.2.1.10-DBG-XR356-180522a so yeah definitely a few behind. 

  4. change your XR500 ip address to someting like and make sure the ip assigne range on the XR500 matches the new config.......example............ - that way the router will be on a totally different subnet and any devices that connect on your network will get an ip address of 192.168.2.xxx


    How come when I changed it to it suddenly broke my router? My only thought is that that IP was also a device I had connected but other than that I'm clueless. Last thing I want to do is make the same mistake and essentially tank my router again. 

  5. I have noticed that my Verizon FiOs G1100 router IP address is the same as my XR500 (


    This seems to be a problem as my G1100 cannot receive an internet connection from the XR500 when it is bridged. 


    Is it possible to change the IP address for the XR500 so that both devices can work together?


    I tried doing this earlier and changed the IP Address from to under the LAN TCP/IP Setup but all it did was completely disconnect my router and left me unable to access it at all. 

  6. If there is a device I do not recognise or want then yes, I want to block and straight have it gone. 


    If I see something I don't want then let me block it, delete it and be done with it. The current state makes me feel like rogue devices have more control. 


    Give users a passkey or something. Blocked PC? Enter the key and unblock yourself. 


    EDIT: I just turned off wifi (which is connected to) and blocked it, deleted it. I turn wifi back on and it auto connected and was unblocked. How is that remotely safe? 

  7. Doesn't seem to make any sense to me. If I have blocked a device it should no longer be connected to my router. Therefore, I should be able to delete and remove it entirely but I keep getting the warning saying that the device is still online.


    I'm also noticing that LAN Setup does not have all my devices available on the list. There are also ones that shouldn't be there anymore because I have renamed them something entirely different, yet old names seem to remain. For example I renamed a device under device manager but it doesn't update under LAN Setup which is very confusing when you have multiple of the same device. 

  8. I have an Ethernet switch and will be connecting it to one of the LAN ports on the XR500. This switch is a gigabit switch which holds roughly 4/5 devices. 


    When looking at the device manager on the XR500, will it detect that a switch it being used and display all the devices individually or will it simply be one connection as there are some devices I will want to manage more personally. 

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