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  1. Well it seems to be all good, am still getting consistent speeds over the weekend. 

    Additionally, I wasn't booted from Warzone all weekend since the change and my wife's stream didn't disconnect. We had been having issues with the new router (I think DHCP lease renewal) that would disconnect just long enough for a problem to occur. 

    From what I can tell, that all vanished with the change back to the XR500. 

    Fraser - thank you so much for the help! Greatly appreciate it, even more so during times like this where personal care takes priority.

    I guess for the record a DHCP lease release was the ticket, just in case anyone else runs into a similar issue. Would have thought it'd change during all the resets etc but oh well. Problem solved! 

  2. On 4/14/2020 at 1:12 PM, Netduma Fraser said:

    Yes exactly that, go to Settings > Monitoring > Connection Status and then click Release. Then switch the R700P for the XR500 and then see if it will work after that.

    ...that worked. THAT ACTUALLY WORKED. 

    Holy shit. A DHCP lease release was all it actually needed? That's insanity. 

    I hit 927Mbps as seen in the image. Actually tweeted it to you also I believe. 

    Writing this on Saturday, will monitor it and stress test it a bit this weekend to see if everything remains the same but it's looking good! 


  3. 3 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    That's what I figured. On the R700P are you able to release the IP address that it gets from the ONT and then plug in the XR? Also how are you getting the internet from the ONT is it through COAX or ethernet? If you have both connected is COAX connected to something else while the ethernet is connected to the router?

    I'm getting the Internet from the ONT via CAT6 ethernet. There is no COAX cable in the equation other than a MoCA adapter setup for the TV box but that is entirely optional. Where would I go to release the IP? Noticed the UI is very similar to the DumaOS so it may well be in the same place. You're saying release it and then straight up switch the ONT ethernet to the XR500? 

  4. I've asked Verizon but it pretty much came down to them saying I'd need to speak to Netgear. Everything is working at their end and the R700P is running with zero issues. I don't think the ONT is using anything like PPPoE, VLAN or DHCP 60. I could double check with them though. I will double check the dynamic/static internet setup and report back. 

  5. Update:

    Changed primary DNS to and secondary DNS to and found no change in speeds. 

    Power cycled the ONT and retest (same DNS as before) and although a slight increase, nothing substantial. 

    Then retested with automatic ISP DNS and again saw some speed increase but nothing major. This pretty much just matched the slight boost when ONT was reset but still nowhere near expected speeds. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    No worries! Okay that is very interesting so there may be some incompatibility between the ONT and the XR. Just to go back for a second, the XR was receiving the full speeds no problem until one night, was there anything you can recall that changed that night? Could you try changing DNS on the XR to &, its unlikely to make a difference but worth a try. I assume that there is no interface per se for the ONT that you can connect to?

    Internet went out one night, thought nothing more and Verizon ended up emailing me that there had been an outage and forwarded the expected resolution time. By that point I was already back online. Spoke to Verizon since I originally thought it was them, they reset my ONT 3 times, checked the line speed etc. Resetting brought upload up a bit, think 70 was the highest but nothing substantial. Other than that outage I never had any issue. I mean I've had outages before and after it gets resolved and the Internet comes back there has never been an issue. 

    Don't recall there being any interface on the ONT to connect to. Only thing I think it has is a reset button (tried 3-4 times) and the power. Could maybe try a power cycle of the ONT. 

    I'll change the DNS and report back. 

  7. UPDATE:

    Okay so some progress was made. Sorry for the delayed efforts on my part, had 3 birthdays this past week!

    You were right, I ran setup wizard and it took a couple mins but it detected the connection from the R700P. 

    It popped up that it changed the router IP to avoid conflict (set it to 10.0.....) so maybe that was the issue prior. 

    After that I didn't proceed with any more of the setup and ran speed test. 

    The router upload was fine again, back to 700+ which is normally what I get via speedtest. 

    I instantly swapped the connection to the CAT6 ONT and the issue instantly returned. 

    Hopefully this can help narrow down the issue because it doesn't seem to be a hardware concern now. 

    I did notice that the XR500 was randomly using set DNS servers (the "use these DNS servers option") and I had never selected that. I reverted to obtain from ISP, rebooted but still no improvement. 

    So maybe it's a setting issue? I'm honestly not sure. The R700P is using the same internet setup settings (Dynamic ISP, automatically obtain DNS etc). 

  8. 1 minute ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Connect the XR500 to the R700P then go through the Setup Wizard in Settings and see if you can get it to detect the connection that way.

    Okay sounds good, will update you once I've tried it. 

    For the record, CAT6 ONT is going to the R700P Internet port, then I'm running a CAT6 from one of the R700P ports to the Internet port of the XR500. From there, CAT6 from XR500 port to the PC. 

  9. UPDATE:

    Tried to connect the R700P and XR500 together but seemed to run into issues, the XR500 simply wasn't receiving a connection. I connected from the R700P port to the Internet port on the XR500. I'm too experienced with bridging etc so I may have simply made a mistake. 

    Re-installed the latest firmware and that didn't do anything. Ping and download were fine but upload didn't get above 7Mbps. 

     Really not sure what is suddenly causing this issue, it literally occurred out of nowhere and I really don't have the funds to buy another 😕

  10. 11 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Very strange, are you using PPPoE or VLAN or DHCP 60/61 at all? If you mirror the R700P internet setup and input that into the XR (if there is a difference) do the speeds return? Otherwise put the R700P between the ONT and the XR so it's ONT > R700P > XR500 and then do a wired speed test from the XR500, are the speeds the same or have they returned to normal?

    Not 100% on what I'm using, what would be the best way to check?

    The R700P setup was pretty much identical honestly, I didn't do anything different and it just worked right out of the box. 

    I will put the XR500 between them tonight and see what results I get. 

    I may also try going back to a previous firmware version and seeing if that fixes anything. 


  11. On 3/22/2020 at 8:15 AM, Netduma Fraser said:

    Look on the bottom of the R700P, it should have a sticker on it with the MAC address. Then go to the XR Internet Setup page, scroll down and select "Use this MAC address" and then enter the MAC address from the R700P sticker, apply then reboot.

    I meant on the router itself go to the Device Manager, change it from tree to table view and then look at the duplex and link speeds. That option though should be fine for your PC if it worked for the R700P but go ahead and change that to full duplex 1gbps and see if it helps. Do other devices suffer with the same speed issues?

    Ran multiple tests and did all suggestions - upload was still roughly 10Mbps. 

    Router was already full duplex/1000 and I adjusted the QoS speed figured to 1000, tested with Qos set to Never, then with disabled Good Put and then disabled entirely. 

    Used R700P MAC and no change, this was tested with QoS still disabled

    To answer your question - yes, all devices are suffering from this lack of upload speed. It was originally discovered on the wife's desktop (wired, CAT 6 via a switch) and replicated on my own wired desktop. Mobile phone also showed similar speeds while running on 5GHz. 

    It's almost like the router is simply unable to filter the speeds to the respective devices. Last speed test gave me 9ms ping, 413Mbps down and 7Mbps upload.

    Switched back to R700P - same cables and devices - hit 700+ Mbps instantly.

  12. 28 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Change the XR MAC address to the MAC address of the R700P apply and then reboot the router, does that help with the speeds at all?

    I'll definitely try that tonight - just can't right now. How exactly would I go about that? I could probably figure it out but just wanna make sure I'm not gonna screw up a step

    You just read the MAC of the router and then hard type in into the DumaOS?


    Update - granted this is on the current functioning monitor but the Speed/Duplex of the realtek Family monitor was set as Auto Negotiation. Not sure if that is good or not. If that isn't what you were referring to with the device manager suggestion the let me know. 

  13. 23 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Does changing to 1000/1000 not make a difference? If you do the setup wizard in Settings but just get to the part where it estimates speed what value does it give you?

    I set it to 980/880 which is the paid for speed, I'll try 1000/1000 tonight but people are on right now and I can't disconnect the current router. 

    When factory resetting, the setup wizard gave me something like 700down and 16 up. I edited to the above mentioned figures but no change. 

  14. 9 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    First thing to double check although I assume it is fine given your download speed, is to check the Device Manager table view and look at the ports for internet and the device you're using to test and see if they both report full duplex and 1000mbps link speed. On QoS in the Anti-Bufferbloat menu are the speeds you expect entered there? If not change them and double check. If they are change them to 1000/1000 and then also see if that improves the speed. If it doesn't disable QoS completely from this menu.

    I manually entered the expected speeds when the incorrect values were estimated. I think QoS is completely disabled right now. 

  15. Ever since last night, I've been getting exceptionally low upload speeds.

    Download is fine, I'm hitting 600+ on various speed tests and 900+ on Verizon's own. 

    Upload I'm getting under 10Mbps!? I'm usually around 800+ on various speed tests. 

    This all started after Verizon had an outage the other night, at least I think it did. 

    I've factory reset the XR500, reset everything else too and still getting the same results. 

    I plugged in the ethernet directly from the ONT to my PC and the upload was fine, so it has to be the router, right? 

    I need high upload for my home business so this is really messing things up. 



    Bought a new router (Nighthawk R700P) and instantly resolved the issue, upload shot up to 700+.

    Now - ideally I would really like the XR500 to be fixed and have the issue resolved since it cost like $300 and has the DumaOS which I loved. 

    I'm really hoping the Netduma team can help me with this and identify the problem because if so, I can return this new one and get my money back.

    I'll list my setup and what I've done just to rule out some steps. 


    Setup - ONT goes to CAT6 ethernet and directly to the XR500. From there, CAT6 ethernet leads to all devices and then obviously wireless. FYI, wireless also had slow upload. 

    These same cables etc are all being used with this new router and are working fine. 


    I've power cycled both the ONT and the router several times. I factory reset the XR500, which found maybe 16Mbps on the initial QoS speed test. I turned QoS off entirely, on/off again, reset retribution and updated it. None of these produced any noticeable results. I had Verizon reset the ONT from their end 3 times, all producing maybe slightly improved but no substantial results. 


    Obviously, with this whole virus thing going on I'm sure people are busy and I wholeheartedly respect that but hopefully something can be figured out. I'm a student, $300 is a LOT for me and to see this thing potentially die after roughly 2 years of usage is pretty depressing since I've been a Duma customer since the R1 beta phase. 

  16. On 12/4/2019 at 8:13 AM, Newfie said:

    The only people I’ve ever seen are those in my party (PS4).

    is this your issue? 

    On past COD titles the geo-filter would show the locations of all the players in my lobby. Now it doesn't do that. Like, if I use the geo-filter I can't even see if it's working or not. 

    If I do get some people the player icons are in random locations like Africa. 

  17. I mean I'm getting nothing showing at times, not even a server/player. I don't know if this is a cross-play issue but I can be in a full 12 person lobby and not see anything, sometimes 1-2 players and they are in my party. I can't imagine the filter can work in that regard if it can't recognize where players are. It may limit to a certain server but nothing is stopping others from reaching it. 

  18. I'm using the geofilter in both filtering and spectator but never seen the full lobby of players. 

    I typically see maybe a server, one player and that's about it. 

    I have crossplay enabled so I don't know if that is the issue but it sucks not knowing where I'm connecting to. 

    For example, I'm literally playing a 12-man Headquarters and this is my map. Missing 90% of the lobby and some dude is reportedly rocking out in Indonesia (he isn't).

    geo map.png

  19. So Nat Filtering set to Open seems to have made it much easier. Last night one console was open while other was moderate but a simple restart fixed it. 


    I currently have UPNP disabled however with NAT filtering set to open, would you recommend this being enabled? 


    I'm just trying to think of any additional changes I can make to ensure I don't need to reset consoles as much as possible. 

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