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    kevinlews reacted to Dillinger in John Wick: Chapter 2 (Pre-Training Video)   
    Lots of online shooting going on with the Q4 releases for software (Battlefield 1, CoD, etc), but Keanu Reeves and Company are hard at work getting ready for the Feb release of John Wick: Chapter 2, with news that a third chapter has already been greenlight and agreed to by both Star and Directors/Creators.
    If you are like me, and appreciate realism in your action flicks, this will get you going.
    Looking forward to this one as the first one was a fantastic breath of fresh air in a super hero stagnant movie pool of late.
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    kevinlews reacted to Vroomfondel1965 in congestion control   
    hi guys,
    I've had my Netduma for a couple of years now so I'm not a total noob but........I've added a linksys router for 5Ghz wi fi but when I adjust the sliders on cc the speed to the linksys also drops, Is there a setting I'm missing as I thought it would have greater access to speed when the sliders are lowered for my Xbox. I have share excess ticked also.........thanks in advance for any replies.
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    kevinlews reacted to kizvandutch in Dsl vs Optic Fibre (canada network)   
    Is there a big difference with these two during gaming experience?
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    kevinlews reacted to kinel in Vdsl faceplates   
    I bought a vdsl face plate over a 18 months ago as zennon recommended i did a open reach mk3
    Since then i have moved house my line has now a vdsl faceplate
    It is a openreach mk4
    My previous one is a openreack mk3
    Do you guys think my oldrr version i bought might perform better
    At the moment i a noticing ping spike from 10 to 30 ms every ten to 15 secs on the line
    Btw i cant use ping ploter to check for packet loss my pc isnt working atm
    Also the mk4 the engeniner installed was brand new
    Plus i been living hear over a year so lncase any thinks its a new line
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