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  1. *chirp, chirp* This canary can attest that the new version (m) is MUCH better than the previous (k). If you're upset about waiting for a stable version, you would not have been ANY happier with the (k) version. The mere presence of such statements attest to the strength and reason why NetDuma is doing their testing and upgrading in such a fashion.
  2. Hi Hector - I am not exactly sure of your understanding of the Ping Assist. If you have bad internet, the ping assist will allow you to connect to hosts OUTSIDE of your Geo-Filter, as long as they are inline with your setting. So if you have a Geo Radius around Panama City, with STRICT mode enabled, you will connect to hosts there (assuming there are hosts available, which I don't know with BO3). But if you have a Ping assist of 40ms, you will most likely get hosts in and around Panama City (as available), but you will ALSO connect to any host outside of your radius that is LESS THAN the 40ms ping that you said was acceptable. If you are looking at this feature to connect to just lobbies around you, with an occasional game outside the Geo-Filter provided the ping is beneficial, I think this will work for most supported games (NOTE: Black Ops 3 is causing match making issues for everyone currently and you may NOT have a dedicated server in Panama City - I honestly don't know). However it won't make your internet connection itself any more powerful. Does that make sense?
  3. Smashing idea! Sign me up Fraser. I'm in the Seattle area of the US, but I can act as a safety and you can give me someone from anywhere the mail goes, just in case.
  4. Most definitely - Welcome further into the ranks of the #DumaArmy Chive972
  5. Congratulations Lukasz. Well deserved and earned the proper way, by just being a really good dude and helping everyone you can. An excellent addition to the ranks! Welcome My Friend
  6. +1 Didn't they try to remake that with Clare Danes and Omar Epps (I think)? I know I didn't watch it, but I vaguely remember shaking my head at them trying to being back something that niche'. LOL
  7. *tightens belt* Well, I guess I should get to work on posting a few more threads of reading interest to earn my keep. Many thanks to everyone on the [Duma] team, as well as the existing Mods who have been doing great work. I'll try not to mess anything up TOOOOO bad. But I safely have the clam eating Gorilla joining me, and really, when a guy is so thick he has to type with a stick, what are the odds he WON'T mess something up??
  8. Congratulations to everyone who helped out, with an extra umph for Nort! There were some solid design choices and all of them were better than I would have offered, so thank you all for sharing your talent.
  9. An excellent addition to the informative ranks and a well deserved promotion. Congrats Z!
  10. Hold out for stock options. Just sayin'
  11. Well deserved, the man is a technical one-stop shop and he's always here when the questions come in. Congrats Crossy! *respect*
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