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  1. I have never noticed this before, as I haven't a need for Deep Packet. I will have to double check this tonight on my version and see.
  2. I believe auto speed setup was to configure your bandwidth for you, but it appears to be working best for higher speed connections. I believe Crossy had noted this earlier to look at the usage for lower speeds.
  3. Okay, sounds good. Give it a try tonight and see how you like it. Have you heard about the Hyper Lane and how to use it?
  4. Nope, working correctly (right now). I believe the auto update is for super fast speeds and may not (yet??) be as useful for lower speed connections. I believe this came up earlier and Crossy has it noted to discuss with Iain. How are you getting on otherwise? Everything else okay?
  5. Sounds like the update did not take. I would try to delete the download from the PC/Mac and then re-download and apply to the Duma. From there we can see if the software updates itself or if we have bigger issues
  6. So you are currently on 1.03.05m? If so, that appears to mean the update didn't take. I would recommend: delete the downloaded file Download again Apply download to router See what happens.
  7. The HyperLane prioritizes packets for gaming. The sliders preserve headspace in bandwidth so that your housemates don't beat your game to death with opening and closing window spikes. Use them both, they are designed to be used hand in glove.
  8. Do you know what version you were on prior to upgrading? Are you physically connected to hte router and can you get online?
  9. Okay, cool. Maybe this was a need to clear the cache sort of thing or something. I'll make a note of that for future trouble threads. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. I was having trouble connecting to the dedicated boxes in Seattle last week on XB1 as well. I was able to connect to San Fran, LA and Kansas, but I was having problems locally. I ended up doing a power cycle on the router and the XB1 and then I was back playing again. Do you usually connect to the local dedi (whatever one that may be)? Or does it bounce you based on time of day and day of week you are connecting? Can you try camping a known dedicated location and see if you can join that way?
  11. A few, but let's start small. How big of a radius is your Geo Filter? Can you see any hosts populating on the map while searching for a game?
  12. The Return of Doug

  13. Hell man, we are ALL passionate. Regardless of what any of us think, if you SOUGHT OUT and purchased a router specifically for your gaming needs, you are more passionate and more of a tryhard than the "average" gamer. With that comes pride in your decision and belief in the product. That draws lines between us, the #DumaArmy, and "them". It's not a closed club but until you understand and experience the difference, you just can't become Enlightened, nor do they understand our beliefs and passion. What makes this community great is we have a fantastic balance between you young savages and some of older "been there and played that" veterans. We can bring views from both sides and discuss them here, among our friends, and shrug off some of the bullshit and comment sniping that seems to permeate other forums. Happy Holidays (whatever you may call them in your homes) to you all!
  14. Now there's a sales pitch. Game invite coming your way.
  15. Best thread since the community formed. This has been a real testament to the people this product, and the forum, have drawn in and welcomed with open arms. I agree with my large friend Fuzzy in that the new year is going to being many new challenging posts, threads and people. However it will also bring new updates from the brilliant minds at Netduma, new games, new DLC and tons of opportunities. With you good folks to rally around, I think we have a solid core group that can withstand the angry, unwashed masses at the gates. Love you guys!
  16. Shhh. Don't let that get out, you'll soil my reputation. I've been around start ups for a few years now. When one comes along like this one, with substance and not just promises and ideas, I have to go all in. Get the word out there and raise awareness. Meanwhile I am secretly sitting back and watching for the IPO. @Pro Innocence: I love it brother. I was actually looking at getting one myself as I have a new job with a lot of table meetings. Nice to have a unique mug to set the tone. Use it daily and right now, you guessed it, more Diet Mt. Dew..... Because BO3!!!!!
  17. This thread is what was needed in here! A little sense of community and to be exposed to the real people behind both the product, and the forum. I love seeing the thoughtfulness and attention that was put into it this year and hope it's the first of many more like it. A great community, filled with really good people, that were bought together with just some frustrations and a love of gaming. To start. Look at us now! The rest of the gaming world had better look out in 2016..........#NetDumaArmy is rolling forward and gaining strength.
  18. LOL - Sorry about that Iain, I do have a propensity for not following the rules. I do love the picture though - I call this one "Happy Iain".
  19. <=== This is NetDuma Iain, look how happy he is!

    1. quickfaith


      Amazing! This pic sums up how awesome this community is.

  20. Hey Netduma - When are you guys going to open YOUR presents?
  21. So I got a bit of a confusing shock when I opened my mail over the weekend. I got a NetDuma product box, but I got a really cool ANONYMOUS mug inside (seen here with morning Diet Dew, because it's BO3 related). Thanks Santa!!
  22. Jar Jar is a Sith Overlord! The Phantom Menace FINALLY makes sense

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