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  1. I work in the software industry, I have seen patents be submitted just in case anyone else tries to implement the idea successfully, which in turn entitles me as the patent holder to a slice of the pie. Apple does this all the time. It may never be implemented by activision, but if a competitor uses it, its free money. a $15k patent from a multi billion dollar company like activision is nothing to them.


    "Like this" was the key there.  This was purpose built to enhance the stakeholder's bottom line, which a company is bound by law to do in the US.  You don't collect $2.1+ BILLION dollars on supply drops, post a banner, record-setting year to stakeholders and not be able to answer the question "How can you keep this rolling for us".

  2. I'd be spitting teeth if they did that to me.


    I've only tried to get a refund once for an Xbox game but I was successful, I think it's consumer law here though.

    And I'm far from an expert on that subject even for the UK, no idea at all regarding US consumer rights.

    It was easier than I expected too, just went on Xbox website, went into live chat, asked for refund, answered a couple of questions, was wished a pleasant day and then they refunded. I was expecting to jump through hoops.


    It was for CoD WW2 as well and I've since re-pre-ordered. I'm a noob and an addict



    I was really taken aback at how dead set they were against giving me a refund.  Combative, argumentative, just really dead set against giving back my money, which only served to get me fired up and truly pissed off.  Spoke to ass-clown Dylan at PS "Support" and then spoke to his manager.  Which is really just the joker two cubes over, I am convinced there are no supervisors with any power in call centers.  Finally, decided to say fuck it because the PS system, and the tryhard MLG approved sweats that inhabit it, have been a shit show since I bought the stupid thing. 


    Fuck Playstation - I'm still mad about that owner's box you spent over $1mil renovating in Seattle for the ballpark you never visited.


    So yeah, Am-Ex took care of me, PS banned my account and good riddance.  Now seeing how bad the "service" has been from Activision on this launch, I am actually fine with it.

  3. Why are you stuck with it? You can always get a refund, it's just a preorder... Hell, I've returned games I had already played and were broken


    Actually, I tried with the PS version.  Was told I could not get a refund on WWII, even before it dropped and during the first BETA.  Posted it on Twitter actually.  Took the whole thing to AmEx and let them deal with it.  Got my money back, but then PS banned my account. 

  4. I only found my way here because I was tired of getting beat by lag and technology.  Now I find out they are weighting the game experience across hundreds of thousands/millions of accounts?  That is some crooked shit.


    I've already purchased WWII, so I am stuck with it and will play it.  But this revelation is something that should be widespread so everyone knows what they are getting into.  If you pick this game up as a newb now, there is no way you could ever have a decent experience for a weekend's worth of play, let alone keeping a player base around for 1,000 levels of advancement.

  5. "Improvement usually means doing something we have never done before" Shigeo Shingo <-- Fascinating Engineer and brilliant mind behind the TPS


    Cheap. Fast. Good. - Pick Two.  This is the "Iron Triangle of Manufacturing".  


    Netduma has said the upgrade will be Free.  That covers Cheap


    No one in the #DumaArmy is content with being "good" - we are all driven, highly competitive games (and people).  We wouldn't be here if we weren't constantly trying to improve and get better.  Good isn't going to cut it.


    That leaves Fast - Which Iain and Co have said repeatedly they are not going to rush a half-assed product out the door.  Fast was never on the table for obvious reasons.


    And before anybody wants to say "I'd gladly pay for the upgrade if it was available now" - You need to read the Wiki on the "The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering"


    As Winston told John Wick:  "Have a drink.  And Relax"  ;)

  6. Except when PRODUCT advertises (comes with free updates). And uses it as a focal selling point. Besides its not the updates ppl are up in arms about. No matter what field you're in. You should know ruefully how long the job takes.  Everything has hiccups but let's not be ridiculous.


    I don't know how long you have had the unit, but mine has been upgraded several times for free since original purchase back in Dec of 2014.


    Anybody have a side by side of what the OS used to look like, and the feature set changes?

  7. John Wick 2 comes out tomorrow!  


    I will attending a day showing come hell or high water as I have earned the SHIT out of that over the past 8 weeks.  Bloody hell!  A home renovation + moving everything you own (3) states away, basically alone, is enough to drive the Pope to drink.  :mellow:


    For those that like a little something extra, here are a couple of promo pieces from the cool hotel: Continental Quarterly - The in house magazine for those "in the know".   ;)

  8. Loved that movie,was hoping they were gonna make another one, along with Deadpool... :D


    Wick 2 basically in the can at this point and Wick 3 is confirmed.  Source


    Deadpool 2 is in Pre-Production, but I do not expect it to be anything close to the original I am sad to say.  The director (on a movie that is apparently up for vote on an Oscar Nomination for BEST PICTURE) has walked off the project.  Ryan Reynolds has taken on a much bigger role, including talent casting, so while I am very anxious to see another installment (or five more)....The magic will be lost and I suspect the next one will be one 4th wall break and toilet joke after another.  :(

  9. Looks like the production value is going way up this time around.  The movie group has launched a GQ-esque magazine to further educate the fans about life at and inside "The Continental", which is the secret hotel of the high end assassin.




    I find little things like this a nice touch, it's something for the fans.  I hope the movie can live up to this level of attention to detail.

  10. I worked in Cable TV for about 15 years, started as an installer and worked all the way through the ranks. I had wired my own home, and I even I was surprised at the overall LACK of quality in the CATV line feeding my current place.


    I ended up switching to an ADSL line for my gaming room because the line quality was just better.  


    You may be surprised to see what you are up against outside of your home before those 1's and 0's ever reach the other player.  I definitely was surprised when I reviewed my findings.





  11. From the multiple tests (Ping Plotter) and multiple threads that I have seen, it would appear that BT has a much better and more stable backbone than Virgin.


    As with any of the available ISP's - they are only as good as the initial construction quality and maintenance program servicing them, but on average BT has yielded better results for gaming purposes as Macca61 indicated above.


    Good luck and let us know how you get on!

  12. One thing of note is that last hop is CHOOPA and we know from some testing that A7 has done that is the lesser of the two available options.  VULTR seems to have a far more reliable network response, or did as of BO3 when he was testing.


    A7 - Has anything changed in your area to reverse the initial assessment of Choopa vs VULTR?

  13. Lots of online shooting going on with the Q4 releases for software (Battlefield 1, CoD, etc), but Keanu Reeves and Company are hard at work getting ready for the Feb release of John Wick: Chapter 2, with news that a third chapter has already been greenlight and agreed to by both Star and Directors/Creators.


    If you are like me, and appreciate realism in your action flicks, this will get you going.




    Looking forward to this one as the first one was a fantastic breath of fresh air in a super hero stagnant movie pool of late.



  14. 55K plus views!  


    How is this thread STILL active?  Did people buy this router out of fear it would be sold out and then just put it in a closet?   :unsure:


    I am going to choose to believe it worked so well out of the box, most didn't know it could get better.  :D


    Oh yes it can!  Have you heard of the new #DumaOS and the start of the #RouterRevolution?

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