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  1. 5 hours ago, Killhippie said:

    I think that's down to Bungie, Although I suppose a update to the Cloud database may be needed, I wouldn't know about that, Fraser would. I getting 'Lettuce" then being kicked to orbit a lot, last night was bad, I think Destiny servers are heaving right now when forsaken was released, also it was a big update so people on slower connections may be still coming online as it was with over 35GB in all. This is not the same thing as the disconnections unless all other devices loose connection too. It sounds like you are just being bounced from Destiny servers as they are at capacity. Do you end up in orbit after a black screen?

    Yes lettuce and cabbage errors, Ive replaced all my patch cables also had my friend from Comcast come out and make me all new coaxial cables and still getting booted constantly.

  2. Just FYI, your PS4 was not set to the PlayStation device type which is why it didn't automatically use the console service and instead gave you options to pick from.


    Also I wouldn't say that DumaOS Classified Games would cause issues if anyone else was playing games. They can be prioritised at the same time, the bandwidth used is so low that this wouldn't cause issues for other devices. Big Dog what did you mean by this?

    Why would it not have been set to PlayStation device type? All I did was rename it in the device setting and it was listed as a PlayStation when I had looked. It wasn't until I went into the device setting again and took out my name that it allowed me to do so. Just trying to get clarity. And thanks for any info you pass along Fraser.

  3. I'm looking for suggestions on my gaming settings. I primarily play Destiny 2 and a few other games but I'm looking for optimal settings.

    PS4 Pro

    Motorola MB8600

    Netgear XR500


    One question I do have is why it allows me to add my ps4 for Geo Filter but when it brings up the list it only allows me to pick from pc games?  Did I somehow mess up a setting?  And why is says  Xbox under traffic prioritization? Any insight would be great and any recommendations. Thanks! 





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