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    Toxic Smoggie got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Cant achieve full download speeds   
    If you've got an Xbox One, might be worth running a detailed network statistics test with QoS disabled to see what speeds you are actually getting, failing that a PC\Laptop with Windows 7.
    Had an issue myself where my speed decreased and it took a lot of troubleshooting only to run a detailed network statistics test on the Xbox to notice that I was getting the speed I should be getting and then a re-installation of Windows 10 to find out it was an OS issue and not the Router\ISP which was causing the slow speeds.
    More recently had the same exact issue then googled it and found out that if you have Windows 10 that one of the updates for May/June caused the problem, reinstalled Windows again but straight after the 1809 update, downloaded and installed the 1903 update and so far so good.
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    Toxic Smoggie got a reaction from MikeTHIS in Speed Decrease on R1   
    First of all would like to thank the Netduma Staff for all their help to get to the bottom of the issue, seems it wasn't a faulty modem or cable but a faulty driver issue within windows or Windows 10 itself that caused the issue.
    As the opening post went "After purchasing the Vigor 130, right from the off speed decreased from 53d/18u to 38d/18u but the ping remained the same (23ms)"
    Now the initial thoughts where with being on BT that I'd been banded as I had a new modem and that impacted my line, over several days there where a few disconnection over a 20 minute period, I could have been as my ping increased and it was a familiar issue that I've had before but it seems it could have been fixed after 2 weeks when my ping returned back to normal.
    But it seems that when plugging the Vigor 130 in, it may have corrupted something within Windows when it was speaking with the R1 and then XR500 when I plugged in the HG612, and why my speeds never got past 35 Mbps download for the R1 and 42\43 Mbps on the XR500 when I tested the HG612 modem.
    Most confusing part was when the setup wizard on the XR500 and later the internal speed test on the Xbox One come back with what I should be getting speed wise, to what was the laptop was getting, last night, decided to reset the laptop to back to factory settings, and now I can confirm that my speeds on the laptop are back showing as 55 Mbps download and 17 Mbps
    Just to finally add I'm in no rush to replace the Vigor 130 anytime soon and also if your facing speed issues, test the speed on the Xbox One if you have one, it's a good troubleshooting step and one I never thought of it until Tuesday but it can help eliminate the issue.
    Again thanks for all the help.
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    Toxic Smoggie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Speed Decrease on R1   
    That's fantastic to hear! Thanks so much for coming back with the solution, well done for finding the cause! We'll keep this in mind for anyone having future issues like this. As your issue has been solved I'll close this topic. Feel free to open another if needed!
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    Toxic Smoggie got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Speed Decrease on R1   
    Might have an answer but not till Saturday 
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    Toxic Smoggie reacted to Netduma Alex in XR500 DDwrt Firmware   
    Just to let you know, we're not abandoning our existing routers. We're working hard every day on updates, I can see the team across from me doing so right now!
    I agree it's been a while since we've released any updates but believe me it's coming. I'm not allowed to say what exactly will be in the updates or when they're coming, which I appreciate must be really annoying, but I know for a fact they're coming!
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    Toxic Smoggie got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR500 robbing modem of 12Mbps ?   
    I've a similar problem myself with the HG612, where it lost at least 10 mbps download and 6 mbps upload.
    I had this connected for a few weeks and was getting speeds of 43/13 (download\upload) when doing a speed test and also what was reporting on the XR500 when checking the internet speed from the set up, from the HG612 stats program it was reporting:
    Sync (kbps)    56513 20000 Attainable rate (kbps)    61348 21870   Now the cabinet I'm on is an ECI cabinet, but today my speeds decreased from 43/13 to 29/12, not much lost in upload speeds but lost a further 14 mbps download speed, after disconnecting the HG612 and connecting the Home Hub 6 even though the Downstream and Upstream sync speed reports as 59.99/20 in the BT Smart Hub Manager stats, I'm now managing to get 54/18 when doing a speed test and also the XR500 picked up on as well.
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    Toxic Smoggie got a reaction from mitja1980 in Bad bufferbloat results with XR500   
    I too am getting really bad gameplay with the XR500.
    My original set up was BT smart hub 6 > R1 Xbox One, and had no issues, was getting a decent kd
    Bought the XR500 after a lot of rave reviews and my set up then changed to BT smart hub 6 > XR500 > Xbox One but then things got worse, played around with the anti bufferbloat settings and then my kd started to drop massively, it was also like I was lagging at times.
    Got a Draytrek Vigor 130 to see if I'd get any improvement, so my set up was Draytek > TP Link (with bandwidth control of 6 meg down, 3 meg up for other devices) > XR500 > Xbox One, but got the same issue even after playing around with the anti bufferbloat settings.
    So swapped out the XR500, connected the R1, so my setup now is now Draytek > TP Link (still with bandwidth control at 6 meg down, 3 meg up for other devices) > R1 > Xbox One, and my kd and connection has improved dramatically.
    My average ping both on the R1 and XR500 is 21ms via pingplotter, even when I do a ping test in command prompt the average is still 21ms, but with the XR500 connected I'm losing 1 on 1 gun fights 75% of the time, with the R1 connected that goes down to around 25%, even when I was having profile banding issues with BT with the R1 connected, it wasn't losing to many 1 on 1 gun fights.
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