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  1. Fair point. Shouldn't have to buy more games. Was just checking if you had any to hand. You must have PlayStation Plus but don't know if there are any games to download for free that have a multiplayer. Results all look good to me. I have not seen that error message on WW2 so sorry I can't help. When I first boot up the PS4 and WW2 I have the geo filter off. Just before searching for a lobby I turn the geo on. But when I struggle to find games I restart WW2 leaving the geo on. It used to be the case when loading your profile I would connect to a Belgium server but I no longer see that happening.
  2. Hi That server is definitely misplaced. I have posted it in the forum for NetDuma to correct. I noticed I was connecting to it too at 15ms. I could play on it but every few games you don't stand a chance but that's WW2 for you. Connecting and fetching profile is painful again. Turning off cloud and bleeding edge looked like they helped but now it's no different do I turned them on again. Must have been a coincidence. Have you tried another game by chance. wW2 has always had connections issues. It has more bugs than bears poop Agree on the PS3. Before the nuggets released the hack codes games were straight forward.
  3. Hi. Yes I have the R1. Im using BT fibre. I have gamed alot post update with no noticeable difference. I am playing on servers though rather P2P. I do think the points on Dslreports are a red herring. An upload progress report isn't stopping the upload test.
  4. Hey IIIRL I think you are a long time user so you probably know this already. Have you set your bandwidth figures or changed them recently? The sliders are fairly crude (sorry Netduma) so best to hone your bandwidth settings to get them to be accurate. That said, definitely an issue if 1% gets you a 20mb download. I wouldn't recommend letting R1 make any automatic changes when changing bandwidth either. Especially if you are on PPPOE? Did you try a factory reset from the misc settings menu
  5. Hi Kingcomic7 I have re-read your posts and I am not sure I understand exactly what your issue is (aside from the lag point) To follow up on my previous posts I am on Update 6.00 and I ran dslreports in the PS4 browser and it ran with no issues. You can run dslreports from the PS4 but to get the best analysis it should be done on a PC. For example, If I run from a PC or PS4 I will get the same upload and download speeds but the PS4 will report worse pings than on the PC. When i run dslreports on the PS4 I get the same dslreports messages "browser gives no upload progress". I think all that means that the PS4 isn't telling you it is running each upload stream and to what region. It still does an upload and gives you the final results. So from my perspective all works as normal post the update. The only thing I do not get is that second picture error message - but I think you are getting that because you don't have javascript enabled within your PS4 browser Could be wrong but suspect you may want to look at the servers you are connecting to to play online - maybe that is what has changed
  6. ID: d2ad4a154a71c2c7 Distance: 4979mi This is showing up on the east coast (USA) but with a ping from the UK of 15ms would suggest its France/ Germany or close by
  7. Personally I just tick Share Excess and let the R1 work it out. I have tried using Device Prioritisation but believe it adds a little bit of lag. I only use the CC sliders and use that to bring down the upload
  8. Worth having a play around with. Getting A+ is great on bufferbloat but not essential for line quality. Target is to get upload and download pings consistent with idle AND having the line bars (above block bars as small as possible). Would also add on WW2, the only thing consistent about it is it's inconsistency. However, what you describe does sound like too much upload so you may benefit from bringing it down a bit
  9. I'm on fibre. Set up modem to R1 to Netgear nighthawk (for WiFi). Console connected to R1 wired. I haven't tried Dslreports via the PS4 browser but have no issues gaming since the uodate. wW2 has always been full of issues
  10. On the R1 in WAN there is an option for Auto or manual DNS. I would recommend or which are Google servers. You can benchmark software to find others if you prefer. ISP ones are not always great and may have inefficient routing tables. On console, if you manually set up the internet connection you can force your own but I would suggest trying the ones above. Did you use Dslreports when the household was quiet and away from early evening when ISP will be under heavy demand. Test must be done on a wired PC to
  11. Personally would recommend leaving MTU on auto in PS4 and setting it in router to what your ISP recommends. From what I understand, a device does not hold on to an MTU packet until it is full ( cite a content creator from Austria Battle(non)sense. Regards DSLreports I would always trust your PC; the browser in a console came from a Christmas cracker. It is made for basic browsing. Online gaming needs such little bandwidth. Make sure household are offline when you do it and avoid the early evening when the load at your ISP is naturally high.
  12. From Austria you won't be pinging USA under 30ms so must be a mislocated server. I'm in UK and ping UK at 6ms, France/Germany 11ms and rest of Europe between 14 to 40ms. USA is 80ms+ Your ping plotter has more hops than a bunnies disco. What DNS have you set on the R1 and Console. I would also run some dslreports to get a sense of line quality / bufferbloat. For your speeds are you using preemptive? Where are your CC sliders?
  13. Hi Joe1305 If you can you might want to try DMC_81's idea. Fetches my profile in an instant
  14. Netduma Looks like DMC_81 is on to something. Using latest maps without Auto Cloud and Bleeding Edge ticked and the game connects and fetches profile very quickly. I even loaded the maps and then re-applied Auto Clouy and Bleeding Edge and the fetching profile delays returned. What's the haps?
  15. Hey DMC_81 Some great advice. I always do all of "Also look in dhcp lease to lease every devices hooked so they all have their own ip instead of sharing the same ips !!! And don't use profiles !!! Set your radius to your needs and set ping assist at 0 aka OFF !!! Test like that first and when ya'll find out that it work better ya'll then be able to use that ping assist if ya want or need it !!! Auto ping host should be On and auto ping peers should be OFF !!! " this as my standard set up so no change there. I previously have tried playing with the Whitelist, Game server and Map but was using 42,40,28 and it made no difference. I tried 43,41,29 and online connection and fetching profile happened almost instantly. Cap off to you man!
  16. Me too. No DLC. Fetching profile also takes an age even with geo filter off. Are you playing your local servers or using geo filter to select something else.
  17. Line is very good in my opinion. Odd that rebooting seems to fix it. Even with geo turned off I seem to be held to a region. No intention of going to BO4 or Blackout for me. WW2 has taught us to wait 6 months and even maybe, don,'t bother.
  18. Interesting. I have never seen that message. I see the same gamertags in gridiron CTF but not mainstream TDM. There are loads of games found and connections in my radius. One thought, have you been buying the DLC? When new DLC comes out I think matchmaking tries to stay in the new maps which fragments the player base.
  19. Thanks Netduma Jack I have open NAT always. Have tried refreshing the Block Servers list. Disabling the geo filter completely doesn't seem to change anything. I'm UK based and play in Europe usually if I increase radius to include the UK or turn off the geo filter the games yanks me back to the UK but even that isn't happening once things play up. Just quite weird why I have loads of red circles within the geo and it just won't connect. I can see in the match making process that it says (widening the search) then (narrowing) then widening and so on
  20. Thanks Riot control. Looks like not many are playing KC. Even when all is working the R1 can only see a few games. I can struggle in TD.
  21. Hi I seem to be having sporadic issues finding lobbies on pS4. Will play a few games with no issues and then it will struggle to find a match. I can see lots of connections within my geo radius but it isn't putting me in a game. The match making will also say it has found plenty of games. I usually end up rebooting several times in one session. also a few times mid-game I'm pulled from the game and the online multiplayer loading screen immediately appears I have tried the usual recommendations - boot up without geo filter - enable geo just before searching for a game - geo radius is large covering most of Europe Any ideas? I can see lots of connections so it isn't like there are no active games. Have also rebooted router from the system menu but issue still occurs Thanks
  22. Thanks .. but Are you saying that you have to allocate bandwidth to the router when it is acting as a switch. For example, assuming I am NOT sharing excess and have 3 devices on the Access Point and each is allocated 5%. Are you saying the AP must have 15% allocated too? That's 30% in total. I haven't testrd but suspect zero bandwidth can be allocated to the AP as the R 1 looks through it to the actual devices
  23. Hi I have the R7000 behind the R1 to handle WIFI devices. It is in AP mode i.e. connected to the R1 by ethernet with the R1 handling DHCP. In Congestion Control, the CC flower has all the WIFI devices but also shows the R7000 as a device. Can this be deleted? I don;t want it as a device as it gets allocated bandwidth unnecessarily. Thanks
  24. Play WW2 ; only time it's bearable is when the alternative is to gnaw your limbs off from boredom. Unfortunately WW2 looking like heaven versus BO"what"4
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