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  1. I was looking at the statistical data at the bottom of dslreports where it says something like lost frames and lost ms or words to that effect
  2. Stayed on P2P as I never saw Temp Ban button again only the Update button which I believe means P2P
  3. Hi Thanks for your reply. Yes using default theme on chrome. I access the router mainly from a tablet which makes adjusting the individual device Prioritisation percentages very difficult. I thought with some custom profiles I can quickly change the values. I can save the profile but when I load one it does not make device priority changes or even change "share excess" When looking at the profile load screen the load personalised device Prioritisation shows as unticked and I cannot manually tick it. Hope that makes sense
  4. We are all suffering at the moment. I'm UK with BT. Keep your self sane. Its the game not your internet; no amount of tweaking is going to make it consistently better yet. Your gameplay looks like P2P play where you are lagging (host issues) so trailing real time game play. Block host and move on.
  5. Dan

    WWII Fix Yet?

    I tried Google servers but didn't make any noticeable difference... Getting whooped is getting whooped. 6 games in six hours had a KD above 1 the rest all below. Rage quitting and then being put back into the very same game to me is the epitome that something is wrong. So many people trying to play should be theoretically improbable to get the same game. Tried using reactive algorithm but testing seems to have some packet loss. Using 30% CC retards an A+ line to a Couple quality pushing it lower turns fibre into polystyrene cups on string
  6. I'm in the UK and Duma wasn't putting me on dedi's. I blocked the only one it found in Belgium which was unplayable and thereafter only found P2P games.
  7. Am on fibre A+ bufferfloat ping 7-8 ms. Very stable line. I'm get slaughtered too. Think their code really punishes the low ping high speed users. Also same happens on BF1 where I am usually the lowest ping (typically 30-40 ms to next lowest ping player). Don't assume games will be better magically with fibre. Duma can't help in these situations either.
  8. Hi Trying to use custom profiles on the Duma. When creating a profile I am saving the Device Prioritisation settings but when I come to load the profile the "load device Prioritisation " tick box is unticked and won't let me select it again. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Did you change the language up address? If not / or did a factory reset, plug an ethernet cable from PC into any of ports 2 to 5 and type "" in to the browser address bar (without "s). If you have recently changed your router's IP address you may need to restart computer ( or flush DNS cache if knowledgeable on pc). That should get your GUI back
  10. Thanks IIIRL Most of the time I may only have four main devices on the flower and 1-2 will be dormant. All the above testing is on a quiet network, post reset distribution and share excess ticked. Where my experience differs is that ticking share excess does exactly that; regardless of the flower the PC doing the testing gets everything (because no one else is using it even though they are in the flower). The internet analysis tool always gives me exceptional and no packet loss. Also agree with your sentiments no IPv6 and in misc only have cookies and stealth mode.
  11. Thanks for your comments. In my situation preemptive is very aggressive on the download but conservative on the upload. On reactive the upload ping is very erratic might be 10ms or 100ms or much worse What happens when updating Bandwidth without auto configuration? Does changing the bandwidth numbers just effect the CC scale? When changing bandwidth and saying Yes to auto configuration does this just make changes to pages like preemptive / reactive adding deep packet and enabling ipv6 etc or does it do other things that can't be seen on the GUI?
  12. username is [email protected] password (both of these are the same details you use to access the member centre) if you have the openreach modem you can hook the R1 directly to it. On the WAN page use PPPoe and enter above login details,
  13. Hi Netduma I am currently on the latest software 1.03.6h I'm on BT infinity with the R1 connected directly to the openreach modem Usual speeds are c.36mb download and c.9mb upload Using dslreports for testing in chrome Using preemptive settings Example of a sets of test are below Issue: Congestion Control (CC) for download is exaggerated at 100% CC download 34mb at 99% download falls to 22mb; a 35% fall at 90% 20.4mb 40% fall at 80% 16.0mb 53% fall at 70% 14.4mb 58% fall Issue: Congestion Control (CC) for upload is exaggerated at 100% CC upload 8.5mb at 99% download falls to 7.8mb; a 8% fall at 90% 7.7mb 9% fall at 80% 7.2mb 15% fall at 70% 7.0mb 17% fall I have gone all through the tutorials for fine tuning the R1 (e.g reset distribution, share excess, allow the R1 to configure bandwidth settings, turn off IPv6, network quiet when testing, Turbo off, Super Turbo off, deep packet off) As you can see CC changes to upload are understated but CC changes to download are massively overstated. Even a 1% CC reduction knocks off 35% of total speeds for the household. It looks like the CC algorithms are all of sorts. Occasionally when making bandwidth changes I get an error message that says "unable to apply a CC algorithm....." Grateful for any thoughts
  14. Hi I'm new to the Netduma told. Decided to bite the bullet and buy the R1 having bitten more than enough bullets in CoD. R1 setup all going well save for password protection on the GUI.i have a preference to use the Password Protection. I have cookies on and enabled Password Protection and set the details. The first time I connect back to the R1 it asks for password but not after then. On the settings page the Password boxes appear blank. A reboot doesn't change this. The enable Password Protection enabled tick box remains ticked. Is this right. Do you have to set password each time you log in?
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