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  1. 15 hours ago, Jdennis1014 said:

    My setup is the R1 connected to a xfinity modem-router in bridge mode. Now when I test my speed on my PS4 Pro. I’m getting low speed numbers. Smh.....

    Download speed 38.6

    Upload speed 2.0

    I wouldn't necessarily link poor speeds to NAT issues

    Have you got upnp turned on ? Are ports opened and pointing to your console (you should see 9308 and 3074) with BO4 running?

    If no upnp are you port forwarding

    R1 in the DMZ is a good tip

  2. 12 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Hey, welcome to the forum!

    Could you explain your physical setup more please? For example modem > R1 > VOIP modem?

    The reactive algorithm may drop more packets which is probably why you're seeing the issue. 

    What are your expected bandwidth speeds?

    Hey Fraser

    Why does reactive cause packet loss? What is it doing?

    I had understood preemptive to be the more aggressive algorithm hence the impact on bandwidth


  3. 7 hours ago, GibsonFPS said:

    I'm happy that cloud updates are being pushed out to help DumaOS work better with black ops 4.

    As for the bandwidth/matchmaking conversation I don't think people are actually taking this as serious information. I am the source of this information I have been testing this game for months and tried multiple times to make you guys aware of this.

    I know it might seem silly as this is the first game i've ever played that does this but there is truth in it and anyone who reads this can test it for themselves.

    go disable everything on the netduma like anti bufferbloat, QOS, traffic prioritization EVERYTHING! go to in game settings on black ops 4 and make sure your in game bandwidth is over 4000kb then set the geo filter to spectator mode and search 10 games making note of locations, pings and tick rates.

    Then switch everything back on with DumaOS, put your Anti Bufferbloat, QOS and Traffic Prioritzation settings to what you would normally run, Put your geo filter into filtering mode using the settings you would normally use and do the same test 10 times making note of the results.

    I guarantee you will get better results for ping and tick rate and closer locations with the Duma OS features switched off and as you will see yourself the QOS and Anti Bufferbloat has a dramatic effect on your in game bandwidth even with high speed internet and your in game bandwidth will overrule your geo filter settings.

    If you can test this yourself and post the results back to me showing im wrong then you can laugh at me. I'm just telling you what i've found

    Does your in game console information show a bandwidth much above 4000?

    For me it usually caps about 4151.

    Once, with a Netgear R7000 it showed 6171 but never again

  4. 1 hour ago, Netduma Jack said:

    The locations should be a lot better now, it sounds promising. Some of the servers might still show as peers but it's an incredibly difficult thing to solve completely - there's billions of IP addresses out there to categorise. Maybe some day :)

    It's actually a positive. On blackout they are obviously servers so showing as peers (on original firmware) means a permanent ban rather than just 10mins.

  5. 17 minutes ago, Netduma Admin said:

    Could you try upgrading back to DumaOS now and try this please:

    1. Go to your Geo-Filter
    2. Open the Geo-Filter Map Options (click the three horizontal lines in the top left of the panel)
    3. Click 'Flush Cloud'
    4. Wait about 30 seconds - 1 minute for the Flush to complete. Don't worry if it takes longer than this, just be patient
    5. Once complete, make sure you're happy with your other Geo-Filter settings e.g. home location, radius, Ping Assist on the R1 etc.
    6. Now restart Black Ops 4

    Now try and play some games and let us know if your experience changes.



    I need the original firmware. DUMAOS lacks upnp forwarding which I rely upon hence the need for a cloud update on the original R1

  6. Hi

    Went back to original firmware. Now post patch 1.08 and three game updates.

    Open R1 set geo to cover UK and Europe (2000 miles). Ping assist on 30ms to capture misplaced servers.

    Boot up game - at least 7 servers are picked up within geo and a couple of ping-assisted in USA.

    Play a game of Blackout.....


    Leave game


    Kicked out "lobby not joinable"

    No changes made to R1 whilst game running

    Never had this before on original firmware

  7. 30 minutes ago, xolhid said:

    If that is true, then once you are connected to a server, there shouldn't be any way to alter the connection performance mid game. His tactics involve changing router settings mid game in order to improve his K/D performance. This very much sounds like a lag switch type mechanic. Maybe he found a glitch in the matrix and is abusing it. It's worth checking out instead of just passing it as a non-issue.

    Bigger pinch required........ Throttling is nothing new.

    1% of his bandwidth is 1mb down and 400kbps up. Per DUMAOS the game uses between 70 and 150kbps on the download and 30-80kbps on the upload so there is plenty of headroom and I don't see this as a lag switch.

    He also mentions saturation which is counter-intuitive when using an R1. Would think that This will affect his download and impair his game unless the R1 is doing its job of course.

    Matchmaking is so bizarre compared to other games. I'll be on a UK server at 6ms then a USA (misplaced or very bad) at 250ms. This alone would screw up any underhand strategy. 

  8. Hehe.

    Jokes aside, it's good to see users willing to share their experiences with others to overcome the issues we face every year. BO4 does seem to have come with a "new and improved" version of mucking it up and there aren't any quick fixes.

    Some recommendations must be taken with a pinch of salt. People rush to make misunderstood changes and complain when the magic doesn't happen. Worse still they can make the problem.

    Use proven methods where you can, a DNS benchmark will advise your best DNS server (mine had never recommended my router).

    You don't need to saturate your connection with HD content to play online - unless you are stream sniping YouTube content creators. 

    Accept that B04 and its matchmaking still need much work.

    Personally I am glad that I play only on console now that aim bot has arrived on PC.

  9. On Blackbout locked to 20HZ for the receive rates so nothing changed. Still around 60HZ on the send rate.

    Decided to go back to R1 original firmware and had a bit of trouble switching between the two. Hopefully the following may be useful

    The R1 allows a longer password. Password field in DUMAOS is limited to 16 whereas the repeat field is not. It's a small point because you don't notice the first field stops accepting characters.

    On DUMAOS you can change all of the LAN address whereas on R1 you can only change field 3 ("88"). When you downgrade you can end up with a DHCP range in a completely different IP range to the gateway and only field 3 access. You end up with more NAT issues than a horses rump. Only way to resolve was several hard resets.

    Post downgrade I couldn't turn off ipv6 on the WAN. Error message referred to wrong subnet although it was set to in the end it turned out the lease time field wasn't populated.



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