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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from bagsta69 in Slow GUI Interface: the solution is HERE!   
    Thanks for your  reply.   
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in DumaOS - Development Update   
    If anyone is having issues please make a new thread for them as this isn't a support thread.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to billcline in DumaOS - Development Update   
    I am disappointed in the long delay.
    I haven't logged into my R1 in about a month because the interface takes forever to load. I've had a 1 on 1 that helped slightly but did not solve the problem.
    I recognize the potential of this router but fixing the issues that are plaguing many, many people shouldn't take 6-8 months.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to bagsta69 in DumaOS - Development Update   
    For me as an old git at 47 years, I am way less techy minded than most of you, but this is for me the Ronseal of routers. It does exactly what it says on the tin. And if I can understand it and how it works then I am pretty sure most can.
    For me as for most it is not a cheap upgrade so if you have half a brain you research and read a few reviews.
    From what I have read on this forum some people simply dropped the cash and expected to go 50-0 on their first game and every game after that.
    Guess what, it doesn't do that.
    The other thing the router does not do is mess with the game coding of every game you play to give you god mode? what really, no it doesn't.
    It does what it says it does, which is puts you in the lowest ping lobby it can find in your given radius to give you the best chance of the best gaming experience.
    "you mean it does not take into account the ping compensation etc of game developers that keep that sort of shit real secret?"
    No it doesn't. guess why?
    Seriously when Im having a bad game I look at my geo filter and ping bar, see Im in a good lobby and realise that the game is dicking me not the R1 and the sooner people realise this the better.
    Really this router takes a bit of setting up but If a dumb ass like me can do it then I am pretty sure most people can but you have to realise, not all your gaming problems are to do with your router.
    The other thing to consider is that maybe, and here's the kicker, maybe you just aint as hot as you thought you were. Age comes to us all. lol
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Iain in DumaOS - Development Update   
    Hello to old friends and hopefully new ones I'll get to know. Sorry I've been away for so long, developing version 2.0 (named DumaOS) has been a mammoth task.
    As a reminder, DumaOS is the next version of the software. We've been working on this for over 6 months now and it is a huge transformation from our older versions. It will be a free upgrade to all NETDUMA R1 customers.
    We had planned on releasing DumaOS this Autumn. However it is been a much larger task than we originally foresaw. As we've gone through development we've realised just how many more features we can add so we've taken the time to do this now to make the OS as great as it can be for you guys. We're very proud of it and we think it blows even our current router software out of the water (which already blew the other routers out the water ).
    The new timeline is below. No doubt some of you may be disappointed and that is fair. But please beware that 1) the upgrade is free of charge 2) we'd much rather give you a stable version with awesome features than a rushed version which is buggy.
    Mid December - Early closed beta: this will be just be a handful of users because most people would not be willing to use this software in this state because it will be a downgrade from your current versions Mid January - Coal Mine beta: a much more developed version of the OS which, like with previous upgrades, will be available to all the Canaries in the coal mine to test Mid February - Open beta: a public beta which you can all apply to be a part of. This version will have all the major new features ready for testing (including anti-jitter, anti-spike and much much more that we can't reveal yet!) Full Launch: sometime after the Open Beta, dependent on feedback I'm feeling pretty confident with these deadlines but you never know with software. It could end up being before or after but there shouldn't be any major surprises.
    Thanks so much for supporting NETDUMA all this time, we're really confident you're gonna love DumaOS as it truly transforms routers in a way not seen before.
    Below is a little teaser. It is the least interesting feature but gives a lot of clues about what’s is to come. Have fun speculating

    CTO and founder
    PS look forward to being involved in the forum much more as we start the closed beta.
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Madman in Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS   
    Asus routers interface is the best , very user friendly . lots of info
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    AnnonymouS reacted to ByMgRs in Netduma R1 Configuration Chrome Extension   
    Hey all! I have been busy today updating the Chrome extension, just adding some new features and improving the code etc.
    New features:
    1) There is now an options page! Wooh this allows you to edit your Routers IP address so users with more complicated setups or multiple routers can use this extension.
    2) Updated all the scripts to the newest Chrome specifications (I had a few issues with it disabling itself so that is fixed now)
    What do you want to see? Gimme a few ideas and I will see what I can do! 
     - Im looking at integrating a mini menu to quickly change your Ping and Strict mode settings
    Download link:
    Want to ask me any questions personally or want to know more about the code? DM me, i'm always happy to try and answer your questions
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Madman in Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS   
    just an idea, that would be nice

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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Victor-Yout in Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS   
    just an idea, that would be nice

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    AnnonymouS reacted to Slipknot31286sic6 in Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS   
    Um now that right there be too fucking perfect genius right there. How the hell do u get that? U jus posted annonymous.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Od1n in Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS   
    not sure how much information you can share but here are two questions
    - will there be a theme or a lettering for the early adopter people?
    - the new network monitor is awesome and i really like how you can see in-depth infos on the ussage, though i can also see potential problems there
    eg someone in your household browsing porn sites or running torrent software, can you adjust the network monitor to not show them there or the contrary to fully block their useage to prevent illegal things?
    also the following is rather unimportant but would be nice to have, the network snapshot has vertical lines to better estimate the bandwidth bars, wouldnt it be usefull to have the same lines but horizontal in the network monitor?
    here an example:

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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS   
    Here is the first public preview of the new DumaOS. It will be even better once it is finished but we thought we should give you a little preview of how it is looking so far. Let us know what you think!

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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS   
    Clean and simple, looks great.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Think i'm done...   
    I have 180/10 internet and if you set it up right you'll get those speeds because I do.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Asentrix in Q&A General Problems And Solutions   
    Q: I've tried everything , my issue isn't listed here!
    A: Leave a comment below or simply make a thread.
    Some times new issues arise , and a solution can only be found if developers are notified.
    Here's a list of current admins / developers / moderators
    • Zennon - Administrator
    • Fuzzy Clam - Moderator
    • Dillinger - Moderator
    • Netduma Ian - Administrator & CEO
    • Netduma Fraser - Administrator / Tech Support
    • Netduma Luke - Administrator & CEO
    • Crossy - Administrator
    (Sorry if I left someone out!)

    Q: I think my netduma is defective , how do I get a refund!
    A: Before you request a refund , I suggest exhausting all possible options.
    Try absolutely everything before requesting a refund ,  99% of problems can and will be resolved easilly.
    If you're 100% sure you need a refund or replacement , you can contact support here
    Click here to contact support
    Never give your personal information to anyone on the forums unless they're representatives of netduma.

    I tried to cover everything I could think of.
    If I've forgotten something , I'll make sure to add it in the future.
    If anyone has any suggested problems and solutions , I would be glad to add it to the thread!

    Thanks for reading , stay safe and have fun gaming!
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Asentrix in Q&A General Problems And Solutions   

    Q: Game lags worse when using the netduma?
    A: It could be a misconfiguration problem or sheer coincidence
    Make sure you have allocated enough bandwidth to your desired device, ensuring the best possible connection.
    If you're only playing your game, close unnecessary bandwidth consuming applications, youtube etc.
    You can find extremely detailed posts about this topic here
    Zennons first rule of gaming & Fine tuning your netduma

    Q: My download speeds are slow with the netduma
    A: Make sure you fine tune your netduma before using.
    Click here to learn more...
    Depending on your connection speeds , results will vary. If that doesn't help follow this guide.
    Click here for speed guide
    At the current stage , there's a known issue with users that have faster internet.
    Firmware 1.03.6 should resolve this issue.

    Q: My settings keep disappearing from my netduma?
    A: In the miscellaneous settings , make sure you have cookies enabled / checked,
    You can do so by visiting the link below
    Click Here or Click Here

    Q: I keep connecting to players outside of my geo-filter!
    A: This can happen if you don't have bleeding edge cloud & auto cloud enabled.
    To enable , visit the miscellaneous settings page and scroll toward the bottom.
    Click Here or Click Here
    Also ensure you have strict mode ticked and ping assist at 0.
    If you have both settings enabled , you can report an incorrect server location in this thread
    Click here to report a wrong location
    Make sure to include the server ID and correct location.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Asentrix in Q&A General Problems And Solutions   
    Wanted to make a thread dedicated to fixing peoples issues.
    Hopefully this will reduce the amount of new threads / problems each day!

    Make sure you're always upgraded to the latest firmware.
    Here's a list of the latest firmwares, the latest being first.
              • Firmware 1.03.5m Download (Latest)
    • Firmware 1.03.4 Download

    General Problems And Fixes
    Q: I can't access the netduma panel!
    A: The default panel URL is, if you can't connect using that URL , try http://r1/ 
    - Make sure you use an ethernet cable when trying to connect, as WiFi mode can be disabled.
    If first time setup connecting to wifi the default password using the serial number is case sensitive so make sure you have input it correctly.

    Q: I Still can't connect , even when using the ethernet cable!
    A: Make sure you have connected the devices correctly, your device -
    should be connected to the netduma , and your netduma should be connected to your other router.
    Make sure they're connected through the first ethernet port on each device.
    If you still can't connect, see if you are able to connect to the interface by following this bricking guide.

    Click for bricking guide

    As a last resort try factory resetting the router by pressing the small button on the back.
    Hold the button for roughly 3-5 seconds , you will hear a beep. The wifi password will then be "netdumar1"

    Q: Netduma has my home location wrong!
    A: You have to manually adjust your home location.
    You can do so by clicking the house icon , which can be found on the geo-filter tab.
    After repositioning your home location , expand the radius too your preferred size.
    Click for demonstration
    Click to visit Geo-filter page or Click to visit Geo-filter page

    Q: I factory reset , now I can't connect at all!
    A: All your settings have most likely been deleted / disabled , including WiFi. The default WiFi password will now be "netdumar1". If you are unable to connect using this password you will need to use an ethernet cable to access the panel.
    If your device doesn't support ethernet, ask a friend or relative if they will allow you to borrow their device.
    When you are able to access the panel , immediately enable WiFi , and upgrade from the latest firmware.

    Q: Do I need to portfoward on both devices?
    A: Nope , if you have ports open on your old device, add them to the netduma and remove them from your old device.
    You can enable UPNP which will take care of ports automatically for you.
    Do not use both port forwarding & UPnP. Use one or the other.

    Q:When I launch my game , my NAT type is strict / moderate?
    A: Make sure when you turn the console on / launch the game , the geo-filter is disabled.
    Having it enabled before hand can block important connections.
    If you aren't sure which ports to forward , follow this list here
    List of game ports for xbox - playstation - wii 
    Also follow this guide on how to open your NAT
    Open NAT guide
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Netduma upgrade (v 1.03.6j - Original Firmware)   
    hope all is well , take your time and get better.
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from ByMgRs in Netduma R1 Configuration Chrome Extension   
    very nice thanks, good work
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    AnnonymouS reacted to ByMgRs in Netduma R1 Configuration Chrome Extension   
    Hey all!
    I have been very busy this evening writing a Chrome extension. Now it is relatively simple, so what it allows you to do is click an R1 logo (in the extensions zone) to launch a new tab showing the Netduma config page. So now your interested how do you install it? Rather than babble on I am going to leave the steps below and then some quick notes about future plans.
    1) Please read the bottom of the article now! I have made some updates. You can now download an official version form here: 
    For custom installs:
    1) Download the .crx file, this is the actual extension file. I had never heard of .crx before doing this     
        project but I can promise you it is not malicious.
        Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?srxmzm87xd0dn86 
    2) Move the .crx file to your desktop. This isn't required but will make the next steps a bit easier.
    3) Open a new chrome tab and enter:  chrome://extensions/    
        This will open the Extensions management page. 
    4) Now move the Chrome window to a position where you can see it and the .crx file on your desktop. Now all you need to do is drag the .crx file onto the Chrome page.
    5) Release your cursor and a confirmation box will pop up asking if you want to add it. Click add and that is it!
    6) You will now see a Netduma logo in the top right of your Chrome page with your other extensions. If you click it a
        new tab will be launched opening the Netduma configuration page.
    So eventually I would like to publish this to the Chrome store for more easy use. Can either Iain, Fraser or anyone from the Netduma team message me regarding permission to do this, alternatively I am happy for you to publish it as long as I am given some form of recognition  Done it!
    If you have any questions please leave them below! Hope this helps!
    So... I sorta jumped the gun a bit and published it! It's available here for download through the Chrome store:
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