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    AnnonymouS reacted to Slipknot31286sic6 in Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS   
    Ah can't use that with Duma tho. Wish we did jus have access to geo filter or company would sell jus that software. Meh maybe one day. Really only part so far that's nice. Everything else is on dlink gaming router and Asus.
    So far geo filter is next to worthless banning people since we don't know circle to graph. So we wait... See what's in store with this network thing
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    AnnonymouS reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]   
    There are only 3 people here who claim that their Arris modems work fine. You are one of them... Everyone else who switched off an Arris modem has commented on how amazing the new modem is working for them. You haven't used anything except for Arris. That's like saying "I only buy Nike shoes because they are the best!" Well, have you tried any other brand? "No but they are the best, I know it."
    Also, the TP-Link TC-7610 works on every major cable ISP in the USA. So your argument about needing something that is compatible with a different ISP is invalid. It goes up to 340 Mbps+ which is faster than any cable internet.
    Looking back at XSXS "tests" I found other flaws in his testing which I didn't want to bring up, but since you mentioned him I will. As I previously stated, he is using splitters and attenuators to balance his signal. That's like putting square tires on your car because it goes too fast... Besides that, you can clearly see in his "test" screenshots that he isn't even pinging a reliable IP (Google DNS), let alone the same IP (One is IPv4 and the other is IPv6). So of course it will give different results, plus it's at different times of the day.
    Bottom line is this. If you want the BEST possible gaming experience on ANY router with ANY cable ISP in the USA, then the TP-Link TC-7610 is one of the very few modems which offer that. Regardless if you believe it or not... That's not my problem. I'm not here to convince people who are stubborn and insist on something yet they haven't tested it themselves. If you think that your Arris modem works fine for you, then good for you. I'll be here enjoying this:

    That's 2ms jitter on a congested, oversold, cable ISP.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]   
    How about get your facts straight before you trying blaming a company for someone else's problem? Most of these modems are Intel Puma 6 based which if you had half a brain would know they have issues regardless of what router is connected to them.
    Some of them are even ISP provided modem/router combo units that have huge ping spikes without connecting any other router to them. I know because I've used almost half of these modems myself. While directly connected to them my ping would spike to over 500ms. This has nothing to do with Netduma or the product they provide.
    The rest of the modems on the list are modems that members or myself have personally tested to find that they either are incompatible with the Netduma or they degrade your gaming experience and should be avoided if you want the best possible connection. Again, tell me how a modem manufacturer dropping the ball by using a bad chip or buggy firmware has anything to do with Netduma?
    There is absolutely no router in the world that can fix line issues with your ISP. Guess what? I've had issues for the past 2 years with Comcast. They finally fixed it 2 months ago, I found myself a properly working modem, and all of my issues went away. Been using my Netduma as my main router ever since without a single problem. So tell me, how is that Netduma's fault for Comcast giving me an Intel Puma 6 based modem with lag spikes built into it and Comcast's line giving me packet loss?
    If you have problems with your router, make a support post and we have a great deal of people that will be more than willing to help you. If you're just another troll here to complain about how you don't know how to use your router but it doesn't work then I suggest you quit while you're ahead.
    I wrote this list of modems myself and I stand behind what I wrote. If you want to game, stay away from those modems. Regardless of what router you're using.
    I am no way employed or paid by Netduma to say any of this. These are my own thoughts and in the words of bagsta69 "everything I type is my own free thought and not representative of Netduma blah blah blah blah sarcasm doesn't travel well on the internet blah blah blah bite me!!!"
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Luke in DumaOS Update - Recent Progress   
    A long awaited update on DumaOS
    We have made a lot of progress over the past few weeks. The OS is currently being beta tested by more of our UK based users and their feedback has been great. Thanks to their testing we have been able to make the OS very stable. This is a big milestone. DumaOS is such a big undertaking so getting to this point, where we know the firmware is solid, is a very good feeling.
    Now we have stability we can shift our focus to usability. This means making things as easy as possible to use and much more 'plug and play' than the current R1 firmware. For example, we have developed an 'Auto Congestion Control' feature, which automatically applies Anti-flood and Hyper Traffic whenever you are gaming (this can be turned off by the more experienced users who prefer to manually configure things).
    Once usability is in place we can then widen the beta to more users. So this means we will be expanding the beta pool soon through the Coal Mine. Open Beta should then follow not long afterwards. We've deliberately not given exact dates here - it'll be ready when it's ready!
    After usability comes the fun stuff, when we can create many new features that we have in our Development Roadmap. We will continue to roll these out on a regular basis even after DumaOS is fully launched, meaning your router will just keep getting better and better.
    Finally we just want to say thank you for all your support and patience. We realise it's frustrating when we don't send out status updates so we're going to make sure we do more to keep you guys in the loop. What we will say is be assured we are working as hard as we can to get DumaOS ready. It's a big step up for our company so we want it out there as much as you do. But only when it's ready!
    Thank you for your understanding,
    The Netduma Team
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    AnnonymouS reacted to ColonicBoom in New Duma update   
    Pretty sure everyone has 'got it' by now, it's been done to death.
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Madman in New Duma update   
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Sgt-Greco in New Duma update   
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Stealth_01 in Netgear S8000 just an incomplete R1   
    I wish the firmware was an open source, so we can install it to any router of choice. just like ww-drt. I feel like many of us are not to thrilled with the hardware.     
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    AnnonymouS reacted to bbursley in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    Yes but the antijitter specifically in dumaOS is gonna be different because it deals with downstream jitter involved with the host. Maybe even downstream line jitter. Either way that jitter involved in that process. Not LAN jitter
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    AnnonymouS reacted to MMAddict7 in Netduma upgrade (v 1.03.6j - Original Firmware)   
    Fraser I just want to know out of curiosity why you guys have not sent out an update/upgrade in a while... Im wondering if you guys have and Ive missed it because ive been at 1.03.6g for a long time now. Is this where we should be now. Thanks again, greetings from FL USA. love your product.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in [REQUEST] DumaOS Custom Themes   
    We will be doing more themes definitely, allowing people to make their own is a great idea
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Chive972 in The best settings (IMO) for the 1.03.06 firmware   
    **Pour la version française, cliquez ici: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/20615-si-vous-souhaitez-configurer-vous-m%C3%AAme-votre-netduma-ou-loptimiser-au-mieux-cest-ici/ **
    Hello everyone,
    Following many requests, I present today the best configuration (from my point of view) available on the current version of the NetDuma.
    I hope this topic can help you before the arrival of the new firmware.
    I will expand this topic as best I can to please everyone so do not hesitate to come back later for news (I think add updates regularly enough) and give me your reviews / tips to improve it At best: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/20728-the-best-settings-imo-for-the-10306-firmware-feedbacks-and-suggestions/
    I'm talking to new users as well as experienced users, even confirmed users playing on COD, Destiny, FIFA, ... on any medium (Game Console or PC).
    I would like to point out that these adjustments are the result of my experience and advices I have been able to glean over the months.
    1) Configuring your ISP modem – (Modem with built-in Router combo units.)
    At first, we will dwell on the configuration of your ISP modem/router combo unit.
    I would not dwell on the specificities of each box (DHCP, static IP, ...) and lets you search the information by yourself.
    You can configure your ISP modem with your NetDuma in two ways: DMZ or bridge.
    A DMZ is a virtual zone designed to accommodate equipment that will not be affected by the security rules of the box (but this is still the main router) while the bridge mode is used to make your NetDuma your router Main and connected "directly" to the Internet.
    The DMZ is available in most the ISP modem with built-in routers combo units of the market but this is not necessarily the case for bridge mode. Be aware that some ISPs lock down the modems UI or may not allow access to the modems UI. Contact your ISP for help and information regarding this if needed.
    If you want to configure a DMZ (to be done on your modem): For modems with built-in router combo units.
    A) Configure a Reserved IP address for the R1 on the Modem/Router
    You must configure a reserved IP with the NetDuma's MAC address (this is available on the back of the router on the label.) Example: 56: 2d: 36: p9: 56: b2) on the modem.
    Enable DMZ
    You must activate the DMZ for the reserved IP address you defined earlier. Place the IP address that was reserved for the R1 router into the modems DMZ.
    C) Disable UPNP on the modem. If feature is available.
    (UPNP allows automatic opening of ports used for your applications and games.
    Since the NetDuma will take over this task, it is preferable to disable it.)
    D) Delete all port forwarding rules on the ISP Modem/Router and R1 router
    If you had previously set up rules for your console, you should delete them
    E) If you want to configure the bridge mode: Putting a modem/router into modem only mode.
    As for bridge mode, Some ISPs use DHCP to pass the WAN IP address like Cable ISPs or with ADSL, use PPPoE to pass the WAN IP address. For ADSL/PPPoE connections, user name and password maybe needed to input on to the NetDuma R1 so that it can authenticate thru the bridged modem. This is only seen on some DSL ISP services. Cable ISPs do not use authentication and just use DHCP to pass the WAN IP address to the NetDuma R1 router. No configuration needed for most Cable ISP services. After the modem is bridged fully, the WAN IP address should appear on the R1 router if all is configured correctly. Test with a Lan wired PC directly to the NetDuma R1 router and test of internet connectivity.
    Users should contact their ISP providers for additional help and information if they need there modem/routers bridged when using an external router like the NetDuma R1. Some ISPs may not support bridging of modem/routers or the actual hardware may not be supporting of bridge mode.
    Additional Info:
    2) Configuring your Netduma (preferably Chrome or Firefox and AdBlock disabled)
    A) Verify the Netduma firmare version
    Make sure the Netduma version is the 1.03.06g or 1.03.06h (if you are a new user, you should already be on the latest version).
    If this is not the case, please post a message here:
    You can also post a topic in our section or ask for help here:
    Enable "Enable cookies"
    To ensure that the options set in your Netduma are backed up, make sure that the option is checked in the "Settings" tab and then "Miscellaneous".
    3) Locate your console
    Your console may be recognized as an “unnamed device” by your Netduma in the connected devices list.
    To find it, turn on your console and go to the network settings.
    You can edit the host name of the console within its network settings so that the console appears on the R1s connected device list correctly for easier identification.
    Locate the IP address associated with your console and compare to the list of devices on the Device Manager page.
    After locating your equipment with the IP address (note this value, it will serve you later), you can rename it to facilitate your needs.
    4) Configure host filtering
    Host filtering will allow you to delimit a geographical area that will limit the number of players that can connect to your host. You will now be connected to hosts with very low ping and therefore much more fluid gameplay.
    To set the host filtering on your console, click the Select service button.
    Choose your console then the service that will be associated with it (PSN, Xbox Live, ...).
    In the geo-filter section, click on the house icon and click on your geographical area again (you can use the magnifier icon and the zoom factor to delimit a zoom area on the map).
    Adjust the radius of the filter with the Filter by Distance bar according to your geographical area (800Km for Europe for example and more in less densely populated areas).
    The ping assist can be reduced to zero and you can activate the strict mode option if you are playing Call of Duty.
    5) Configure congestion control
    This section will allow you to optimize your connection in order to cancel "latency and make the network flow of your gaming device a priority.
    In the Anti-Flood section, select the "Reactive" algorithm and then adjust both bars to 100%.
    Click on the "Set Bandwidth" button, you will now be able to enter information about your bandwidth.
    To best adjust these values, try a test at http://www.speedtest.net and retrieve the values.
    You can then type them and confirm by clicking on "Update Bandwidth".
    A pop up window appears, click "No".
    You can return to the previous window by clicking on the "Congestion Control" tab.
    Switch back your download and upload to 70%.
    Touch the Device Prioritization section only if you use a computer to stream your games.
    If so, locate your computer on the star and adjust the priority level for that device.
    For Hyper-traffic, click "Add New Hyper Service".
    Select your console then the service (which will be the same as you previously selected in the host filtering).
    6) Configure DHCP Lease
    Here you will set up a reserved IP address for your console.
    Click the "Reserved" button and then enter the last number of the IP address you wrote down.
    Once this is set, your game console will always get the same IP address when it is turned on. It should never change.
    7) Configure port forwarding
    You will be able to define rules and open the ports necessary for communication in your console, the associated system and the game for better fluidity.
    Here are the known ports to open:
    - PSN or XBOX Live
    TCP / UDP: 1024-65535
    You will need to enter the IP address value associated with your console previously noted for each rule.
    (I leave you to find the ports to open according to your game if your console does not appear here (Wii, Nintendo Switch, ...).
    Then click "Apply" to confirm.
    8) Disable UPNP
    Simply uncheck the Enabled option and click the "Apply" button (if the load is too long, click on the NetDuma button in the top left corner).
    9) Configure the LAN & WAN part
    You can disable IPv6 by clicking "Disabled" and then "Apply". This should be disabled for users that do not have native IPv6 support from there ISP services.
    For experienced users: you can define a fixed MTU.
    To do this, disable the MTU auto by clicking "Disabled" and enter the desired value (1492 for ADSL, 1500 for a cable or fiber connection). Automatic is preferred is most cases.
    10) Configure the Miscellaneous part
    Make sure the following options are checked:
    - Enable Cookies
    - Allow self-feedback (no personal data ever) to help improve the R1
    - Allow Remote Access to NetDuma tech support
    11) Configure your console
    We now will finish with the network configuration of your console.
    Launch a manual configuration et register the following informations:
    IP address: 192.168.88.X
    Network mask:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    Proxy (if available): no
    DHCP hostname: not specified
    For the beginners, use the automatic value for the MTU.
    For the experienced users, use the same value of MTU used previously.
    My topic is now finished.
    A big thanks to Mr. e38BimmerFN who translated the entire thread.
    I hope that will help you as well as possible and I remain at your disposal for any additional information. As mention above, do not hesitate to inform me of your remarks and suggestions: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/20728-the-best-settings-imo-for-the-10306-firmware-feedbacks-and-suggestions/
    See you soon on the forum fellas 
    **Pour la version française, cliquez ici: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/20615-si-vous-souhaitez-configurer-vous-m%C3%AAme-votre-netduma-ou-loptimiser-au-mieux-cest-ici/ **
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Luke in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    Hi everyone,
    Luke here with an update on DumaOS. Iain would usually be the one to post this but he is travelling at the moment and he was adamant we shared this with you before the end of the week. 
    You can read the update on our site here:
    And here is a copy and paste below:
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from fuzzy clam in Modem to buy   
    Modems to watch out for

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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Madman in Modem to buy   
    Modems to watch out for

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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Alex49H in Modem to buy   
    Modems to watch out for

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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from ColonicBoom in Modem to buy   
    Modems to watch out for

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    AnnonymouS reacted to abc123 in Arris/Motorola CM8200 DOCSIS 3.1   
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    AnnonymouS reacted to simjc in 29KD Gameplay   
    I must be doing something right. May it long continue!

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    AnnonymouS reacted to CleanSlate in Black Ops 3 Gameplay Jumping & Hit Detection = Deadly Combo   
    netduma & jumping & sweet hit detection = Deadly Combo can't get any better than that.

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    AnnonymouS reacted to sncjez in That new gun M16   
    I got it i got it 
    Pretty decent gun i'm not Clint with the burst fire, been grinding this gun out to max today i would say fast mags and quick draw are a good shout.
    Not much else is needed TBH 
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    You're not a developer so you can't know how these things work which is fine, let me tell you. Find bugs > gets fixed > find bugs in new version > gets fixed so on and so forth. In each version you then need to test all the things you were testing before as well as testing for the bugs that should have been fixed in this latest version. As you can imagine this can obviously push back the timeline. I'm sure it explains in the previous thread that timelines are not rock solid. Video games push back their release date all the time - and you're actually going to purchase that product, you're getting this upgrade for free. So I would ask for a little patience as completely redoing the firmware from the ground up is no easy task.
    Depending on how the testing goes will determine how fast everyone gets to use it. Would you rather we throw something completely buggy & unusable at you or something more polished that may only have a few minor bugs here and there? I know what I'd prefer. I'm playing a game at the moment that's been fully released, has major bugs like it will just crash whenever it feels like it. I would've been happy for them to defer the release a bit to fix this but because they rushed to get it out for Xmas they have a buggy product that they then have to fix with updates. You deserve more than that.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to fuzzy clam in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    Great news and good to see you still lurking around Luke,hope all is well with you...
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Victor-Yout in Slow GUI Interface: the solution is HERE!   
    This should have been fixed a long time ago. I think everyone will agree to that. So far we have been waiting on the new OS for about 10 months now, but this could have been a hot fix a long time ago. I have been with Netduma from the beginning, it seems that It has slowed down a lot on correcting per-existing problems with the current OS. Everyday adjusting this and that no wonder your customers a getting RAGE-QUIT with this.
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