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    AnnonymouS reacted to Od1n in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    rare picture taken in Netdumas fav pub

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    AnnonymouS reacted to pvls in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    We need you to speak up, Netduma!
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in Geofilter legend   
    It is much easier on DumaOS to tell what icons represent what, here's a key:
    An allowed player (allowed in Allow & Deny)

    A blocked player

    A denied player (denied in Allow & Deny)

    A player

    A server

    A blocked server

    A whitelisted server
    They might be kind of hard to see (they are white and have a transparent background). I can get our graphics artist to mock up a better version next week.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Nighthawk Pro Gaming in DOS ATTACK and DNS Failure Internet Loss   
    I recently purchased the XR500 Router and overall everything is running good. However over the past few days i've noticed that the internet has been cutting out once in a while for minutes at a time. Sometimes up to 10 minutes. I checked the logs an noticed an alarming number of "DOS ATTACK: ACK Scan" scanning mainly ports 443 and 80. I figured that the router is doing its job by blocking these scans.
    Of the latest scans, i tracked the IP's to a majority of them coming from Amazon and LiquidWeb (never heard). 
    I'm not 100% if these "Attacks" are what is effecting my connection but when all is running fine and i check the logs, i don't see any of the attacks.
    I searched around and found that some people had turned of UPNP and so i followed suite during one of these "attacks" when my internet was down and low and behold, everything was working just fine.
    So now i'm not sure as to whether it was these "attacks" that were crippling my internet or if UPNP was at fault. Any insight? I actually returned the Orbi and purchased this router with an EX8000 extender as a replacement because of this vary same issue so i'm pretty bummed i'm still running into this.
    I've attached the logs for reference.
    UDPATE: After trying submit this post, encountered another outage so I don’t even think it’s UPNP related now. After refreshing the logs, I’ve attached them here also and noted that there was one that states “Dynamic DNS host name registration failure”. Could this possibly have anything to do with it?
    View the full article
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    AnnonymouS reacted to antithesis in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    I paid $300 AUD for the R1 in March of 2015. I paid a further $380 AUD for the XR500 in May of 2018. I'm happy with both purchases. I've replaced routers on roughly a 3 year basis for two decades, so it's nothing new...everything has an expiration date.
    The R1 router itself was not impressive - it's a bland, small, beige brick and I would never have bought it for the hardware. I bought it for the software and to support the little guys with the big idea. The time I spent with the R1 for 3 years was worth the money, but the hardware is well and truly out of date and in desperate need of an upgrade.
    I've wanted a new router for some time, but stuck with the "little box that could", in part due to brand loyalty and in part due to the promise of DumaOS and a couple of features that could further elevate Netduma's status as the leading gaming router software developer. I don't feel that loyalty has been repaid as DumaOS is still MIA on the R1 with no concrete sign that it will happen any time soon. But life goes on and the butthurt will fade over time.
    Although I am disappointed with how DumaOS has been handled on the R1, I'm very happy that Netduma, a software company, has partnered with arguably the best gaming router hardware brand in the Nighthawk. There's no way that a small indie company could develop hardware in-house to compete with any of the big brands, so it makes perfect sense to focus on their core competency and build DumaOS as robustly as possible. Yes, there is better router hardware out there (not by much), but they can't do what DumaOS does at the same price point, so it's a happy medium that Netduma could never have achieved on their own.
    Even if DumaOS hits the R1 (I'll assume in a cut-down form), the reality is you're running very basic, old hardware that is missing rudimentary features like 5Ghz wifi, a strong wifi signal, wireless ac, WPS, guest wifi, DMZ, port mapping, content filtering, DDNS, bridging, traffic monitoring, DLNA, basic NAS capabilities...the list goes on and on.
    Focusing on software development while hand-balling the ridiculously expensive hardware and marketing side of things to Netgear is a fantastic match for Netduma and I applaud them for the move. I'm sure it was difficult to give up their independence and be perceived as selling out, but we're getting a far better product in return. I'd just like to see a better transition plan for R1 users to the XR500 (and beyond) because you will be left behind, sooner or later with a dated, crappy router chugging along on crippleware.
    Long story short - DumaOS might drop on the R1 sooner or later, but my guess is it'll be DumaOS Lite. It won't do anything to address the weak aspects of the hardware, nor basic software features you'll find on every other router. Get over it and upgrade to the XR500. Your pockets will be a little lighter and you can still be pissed about a broken promise, but you'll be happier for it.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to buddy love in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Even though what your saying is true, personally speaking , I'm hearing the same excuse as too why the update hasn't come to fruition. In fact most of these excuses have come from no one that actually employed by Netduma. 
    At this point, I dont want to hear about how great it is that Netduma teamed up with Netgear. I dont own an XR500 and I'm never going to own one. 
    So good for Netduma and Netgear, but I couldn't care less. The previous delays occurred before the integration, didn't it ? 
    Lets face it, Netduma has not been accurate about statements concerning delivery time for DumsOS, so it seems like they are lying now.
    How can you believe anything that comes from them at this point. 
    I'm annoyed that the CEO hasn't followed up with an explanation as why we haven't seen the update. Its been more than a few weeks now. 
    He owes everyone here that. It cant make matters worse than they are. IMO they ruined any credibility they had. If anything , it may save what little credibility that can get from me. 
    It might be pointless to complain about it , I wont sit silently by either and allow this to occur without conveying my feelings redundantly. 
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Fathomless in Cm1000   
    I do not use any attenuation, did not want to reduce downstream signal. The difference in signal is significant 3dbmv.
    also +1 on heat dispersion  Sb8200 runs significantly hotter compare to CM1000, heat is a problem particular when dust starts building up in a year or two, it will work like insulator, overheating the components...potentially.
    I see why you can select sb8200 or mb8600 though all 3 modems have the same chip set. SB8200/mb8600/CM1000, the difference comes down in number of ports, memory and storage.
    I think by the time people will start to use more then 1port, there will be better technology new modems most likely, even if you do not use memory it will still consumes power, so more not always better.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Fathomless in Cm1000   
    CM1000 is good choice, it provides good reliable connection, if your area supports docsis 3.1, go with it. Tested it with 150mbps and now upgraded to 1gbps.(when i had sb8200 and 1gbps it was disconnecting twice a day)
    CM1000 is superior to SB8200  and MB8600 why?
    - they fixed the bug with random disconnect, when arris sbb8200 has low upstream signal - bellow 36dbmv - it will disconnect randomly.
    - customer support for CM1000 exist, where with SB8200 does not, you will be running around and listening automated manual, Motorola does not work with customers very well, Motorola MB8600 is out due to customer support issue.(Arris operated by Motorola)
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Cm1000   
    I have one, works great. No Problems 
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    AnnonymouS reacted to BIG__DOG in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    I would like to take the time to remind all members of the forum code of conduct. Please treat other members with respect and treat them as you would like to be treated. I have noticed a lot of sniping comments going back and forth and felt I should bring the forum code to all your attentions.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to FQs19 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    As an R1 user for many years, I saw this coming. The Silence was deafening. 
    I don't agree with the excuse, since many hardware companies are providing firmware updates that can't be rolled back.
    Oppo and Asus are two such companies. 
    I also find it hard to believe that you waited until the last day before release to ask the legal department about backwards compatibility or that your legal department waited til the last day before telling you that it needed backwards compatibility.
    I have the feeling that Iain is having a terrible time trying to get the under-powered R1 hardware to work well with DUMAOS. 
    I'm not holding my breath for your new timetable either. 
    There are several companies providing very good routers with fq-codel QOS, but without the Geo-Filter of the R1.
    Most gamers don't even need the Geo-filter since they live so close to dedicated servers. They just need a powerful router with good QOS. 
    Time will tell if these continued delays hurt Netduma or not. 
    EDIT: removed 'XR500 being made by Asus' comment. XR500 is a Netgear product. 
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    AnnonymouS reacted to ChriscomIT in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Wow, one day before promised release. This is a joke. Sorry but I am more than disappointed. Really who cares about backward compatibility when DumaOS is superior and bug-free as promised. Even if not I don't think anyone would ever want to go back. I was so hyped again and did wait all the time and again nothing. I bought it back then because of the promised update in the near future since then its more as 2 years. Yeah the actual OS is somewhat running good and does it work mostly. But really common. And this last second announcement as well.
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from ChriscomIT in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Not Supersized, I was expiating this to happen. Seems to be R1 track record.   
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in ETA on XR500 Firmware Update w/ DumaOS Enhancements?   
    Please take this with a pinch of salt as this could all be changed at any time. I believe the next firmware update will be out this month, and does include some of the features that have been requested before.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in duma os   
    Not yet, April 17th.
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Netduma Jack in Cloudflare Launches DNS Service   
    works good , thanks brother
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    AnnonymouS reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Cloudflare Launches DNS Service   
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    AnnonymouS reacted to purpleandgold33 in Cloudflare Launches DNS Service   
    Can we use these for our R1 then? and
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    AnnonymouS reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Cloudflare Launches DNS Service
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    AnnonymouS reacted to simjc in XR500 and DumaOS Setup and Walkthrough   
    It would be remiss of me not to post this video here.

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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR500 Cloud   
    Game Server#2  wrong location 

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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR500 Cloud   
    Thanks for this, if you or anyone else has anymore please do provide the IDs. I hope to get a cloud update out this week.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to RADDY1993 in Quality of Service (QoS) | Nighthawk Pro Gaming   
    See how you can use Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize your gaming devices for that competitive edge. Quality of Service (QoS), powered by DUMA OS on the NETGEAR XR500 Gaming Router, you won't get bogged down by congestion when others are using your network. QoS works by limiting the bandwidth applications can take while you're playing. This lets your essential gaming traffic to pass through, preventing lag that could make or break your match. Anti-Buffer Bloat limits total upload and download bandwidth that greedy devices could use. Bandwidth Allocation lets you reserve the bandwidth you need, so if your PC needs bandwidth, you can always get it. And Traffic Prioritization uses enterprise-level packet inspection to make sure your game's traffic is the first in the queue.



    Learn more about Nighthawk Pro Gaming: http://www.netgear.com/npg/xr500/

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    AnnonymouS reacted to Alex49H in A7legit shout out!   
    Thank you guys for doing that!
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in A7legit shout out!   
    Very good spot. We thought it was only right to dedicate it to our fallen friend. He out of everyone was one of the most excited about DumaOS and unfortunately he passed before seeing it come to fruition, this way he's a part of it and lives on.
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