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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from coreyreilmann in Welcome R2 owners! We want your feedback!   
    Good morning, just wanted to see if anyone is having the same problem as I Im. 
    QOS---- Went I try to do Auto-Setup to try to find the best ping or Bandwidth it always selects 0% an both upload and download. 
    My internet is 1000 down and 40 up. Dsl report i get A+ . Need some feed back. thanks 
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Bert in Ping Spikes Inquiry   
    There is a good chance it's in your modem or neighborhood cable node.
    Like when I turn off QoS I get huge spikes with saturated line, 400ms+ on upload and 100ms on download.
    When I run 95/95 on the sliders the bufferbloat is gone but I am left with these spikes up to 30-40ms and I can't iron these out. I had a older Cisco modem the last time I was here and it had way less jitter.
    In your case if your modem is a Puma 6 chipset you might have the same issue.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in Ping Heatmap Question   
    As Admin said we are looking into this so thank you for the suggestion!
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Ping Heatmap Question   
    Hi NetDuma , what would be nice is to see the ping heatmap incorporated in our Geo-filter on the same page. It will make thing so much easier to get exact locations with the Polygon. Just a thought.  
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    AnnonymouS reacted to GT9484 in NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT: GEO-FENCING   
    whats the big secret... big announcements about features then kept in the dark for months... beta could be a good way to get people interested again 
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Luke in NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT: CONNECTION BENCHMARK   
    Having a good Internet line is a vital part of every home- whether it’s getting high speeds for streaming to having a stable line for gaming. But current ways of measuring your line are inaccurate, since they can only run on your home devices and not on your line itself. We designed Connection Benchmark to solve this problem.
    Connection Benchmark is a pure test of your Internet line, measuring all the key metrics you care about with extreme accuracy. This lets you find out if you’re truly getting the Internet speeds you pay for, and how high quality the line to your home really is.
    Because the test runs directly on your DumaOS Powered router rather than from a PC or phone, it is the most accurate and powerful test of its kind. It cannot be weakened by a poor connection between your device and your router like a normal speed test can, giving you the ultimate insight into your home connection.

    Each test you run will grade your line based on your speeds, ping and bufferbloat results, indicating whether there’s a problem and informing your QoS settings. Soon you will be able to find out how your results compare to other people in your region or on your ISP, so you can see how well supported your area is and whether your home falls below average.
    DumaOS 3.0 is the biggest update we have ever built, effectively doubling the feature set. Connection Benchmark is just one of many features coming to your router with DumaOS 3.0, so stay tuned for our next feature announcement.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0   
    You definitely raise some good points with monthly updates, I'll let Alex answer that though as the updates would likely come from him.
    I don't want to say too much but if our vision wasn't what you wanted then it would be, you'll see what I mean. The initial DumaOS version was a huge over haul of the software, even if it looked just like a reskin with a few new things or existing features done differently, that really paved the way to this update. We're not going against the modular approach, you'll see. We can't just include features for gamers, gamers have families, they have data caps etc. As much as they may want the gaming features if we didn't provide other things then they may go elsewhere. We're finding a good balance. I am very confident you'll be pleased with what you see.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Od1n in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0   
    But does that vision go hand in hand with what the customer wants?
    It took 3 years to come up with DumaOS which is bascially just a nicer looking modular OS but with pretty much 0 new features. The post release roadmap was to deliver modular feature add-ons in short succession. But that has long been droped and now (for whatever reason) everything has to be bundled into one new DumaOS 3.0 which totally works against the initial modular approach. So why again have we waited 3 years for DumaOS then?! I start to get the feeling that the main driving factor for DumaOS was Netgear and that there MUST be a reason for why those "over-promissed" features havent been released individually yet. The original R1 OS may have had some expansion bottlenecks, but at least it was WAY more responsive and easier on the CPU. I mean the new DumaOS isnt even mobile compatible, and its 2020!
    And to come back to my first sentence about what the customer wants, i could care less about another overhaul of the netduma interface or its traffic monitor. The R1 is a gaming router and not a device for network engineers who need to track down traffic sources. So why would a gamer need a traffic history in the first place? People who need that buy different routers with far more monitor capabilities. The idea of the R1 is to activate congestion control and forget about lag and all the complicated stuff.
    And talking about congestion control, last year some really impressive progress has been made in terms of congestion control. And it will not take that much longer until you can natively use those with Linux. So the R1 will soon get some severe and free competition that doesnt require you to reduce your bandwith to 70%. Im curious to see who is faster with the release, but deep down i already know the answer. Plus im not even sure if the R1 congestion control can beat Googles congestion control from 2016, Iain didnt include it in the benchmarks from 4 years ago.
    Netgear isnt stupid, when taking the congestion control out of the equation there isnt all that much that separates the R1 from the competition. Geo filtering becomes less and less important as more and more games use dedi servers plus dont enforce world wide lobbies. And the VPN function kills the R1 CPU plus most competitive shooters straight up ban you for VPN-ing anyway.
    After 4 years you guys better have some REALLY good features in the oven. Luckily it is no longer our job as the community to make pressure but for the first time the competition will now do that. And maybe you will listen more to what they have to say than what we had to say over the last 4 years...
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Od1n in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0   
    If so, why have we not seen anything come out for a long time. I have been here on this forum from the beginning of the R1 and you know that. I wished you guys would have stayed on your own instead of teaming up with Netgear . That way you would be in control to do want you want to do. All you guys needed was to have your own line of routers and more staff to carry it out.     
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    AnnonymouS reacted to RockstarAutomotive in DumaOS Garbage?   
    It does not matter what browser or how I log in. Most of the time the live information will not load, Device manager does not work. I have decided to take it back.
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    AnnonymouS reacted to RockstarAutomotive in DumaOS Garbage?   
    New router. DumaOS is awful to use. Device manager never loads. Takes forever to load the home page. I have tried different browsers. Resetting the router.  I see many people have had this issue for a long time. Is there a fix coming for this or should I return this router and get one the works??? Honestly these products using DumaOS should be taken off until this problem can be resolved.
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from SwiftCookie in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0   
    a bunch of BS.............Guys. the company is not what it use to be. 9 out 10 you will get a good connection with out Duma. 
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Donovan in New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.10   
    The wizard setup doesn't work properly. Sometime it will run the whole wizard setup correctly and some other time it will run a broken wizard setup. It will not load some option page to let you choose during your initial setup like WAN Port Preference between Internet Port (1Gbps) or 10G LAN SFP+Port (10 Gbps), Checking Internet Speed, or the Firmware Update. Some page will become not responsive after your press the button next, it takes forever to load or it freeze..
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.10   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    Could you clear your browser cache and cookies please, then see if it's any faster.
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Netduma Admin in New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8   
    Worked for me, no more drop. Thanks  
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Admin in higher ping .. better?   
    Just to chime in here - for most players lowest ping = best connection. But the great thing about the Geo-Filter is you can experiment with different server regions and password nice you find the server you love, guarantee that you will play on the same server with the same ping each time. 
    For example, some of the UK guys on here prefer the French server to the UK server. 
    So by all means experiment with different servers to find your favourite. Just remember to reboot the game after making Geo-Filter changes
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Numo36 in New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8   
    Buy This one I had no problems. 

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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Netduma Jack in New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8   
    Worked for me, no more drop. Thanks  
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    AnnonymouS got a reaction from Micbot in New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8   
    Worked for me, no more drop. Thanks  
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    AnnonymouS reacted to six4bravo in New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8   
    It might not even be necessary to reboot honestly because SFP adapters are hot-swappable meaning swap in/out while powered on, but i did a reboot anyway. You may also check under internet setup tab that 10GLAN SFP+ is selected and not Internet port. I left SFP+ module detection on auto.
    If I would've known this was a fix for the WAN drops, and I get an extra LAN port from it, I would've done this MUCH sooner. Thank you to @Micbot for finding this.
    The SFP I used, as linked earlier in this thread, this is a 1Gbps SFP for $20.99, not a 10Gbps SFP+ which is around $200:
    10Gtek for Netgear AGM734-10000S, 1000Base-T Copper SFP Transceiver, 100m, RJ45 Connector
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR700 periodic WAN disconnects   
    Netgear are aware of the issue and actively looking into it. The known workarounds at the moment are:
    Suggestion above from Micbot Staying on the firmware as you mentioned https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/XR700-Periodic-WAN-disconnects-still-on-latest-v1-0-1-8/m-p/1689265/highlight/true#M7139 this suggestion regarding IPv6
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    AnnonymouS reacted to TTedd in XR700 periodic WAN disconnects   
    Here to report same issue occurring for me with v1.0.1.2 and v1.0.1.8 firmwares.  Both exhibit periodic dropping of WAN side connection, typically every 5-10mins.  No lights change color, from outside view unit is working fine to the eye.  Monitor shows WAN restarting every 5-10mins, drops and restarts in about 3-5 secs.  Symptoms are seeing dropped packets, experiencing period of delayed/no response to outbound commands, severe lag or being dropped from games , etc.... as you would expect for this type of operational issue.
    v1.0.0.20 does not exhibit same issue.  WAN connections remains solid over weeks + of usage.  Monitor shows no dropping of WAN connection. With issue repeating across multiple newer firmware releases I have now requested to a ticket with netgear asking help to address my dysfunctional router behavior.   No response received in past 48hrs.
    Would appreciate any confirmed resolution help ... tried everything I can think of including erasing settings, fresh downloads, run with settings default, run with minimized functionality, etc, etc... even standing on one leg, with hand over one eye, muttering good luck charms as you hit download button did not make any noticeable difference.  (just kidding on this latter part!)
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    AnnonymouS reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR700 Dropped Packets   
    Not sure why this is firmware specific, we certainly haven't changed anything that could have caused that. FQs did you mention that in your support case?
    twalls I would highly recommend calling the Netgear support line, as its a very new router you should get help very fast or the issue escalated higher up
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