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  1. A large portion of those modems are broadcom.. which is why I'm confused as to why they are there. and to be frank those modems With intel puma aren't incompatible, they're just trash modems all together especially for latency sensitive applications. I can see how the puma is deemed as incompatible though since it would completely bypass any latency features the router has ...
  2. Isn't 6183 in the incompatible list, have you used with the netduma before?
  3. Very strange. I don't see how so many modems can be incompatible with the router. When a late majority of people have the modems in the incompatible list. Maybe most that are in the compatible list are used by uk isp's possibly?
  4. So there is an issue with the Duma and sb6183?? this is sort of the first I'm hearing it doesn't work well with a router. What is h exact issue with it, and has it been resolved in modemfirmware update and or router firmware update
  5. I might try that! LASTLY I've been reading around and heard about issues regarding the arris sb6183 modem and netduma r1 comparability . I see some reporting problems with the two combined. Anyone here able to touch on this? Has this been completely resolved? (The most mentioned about it I've seen has to do with the EEE, energy efficient Ethernet I believe)
  6. Or even a "snap" feature. One where you can select which exact states or regions . Sort of like when your on a windows computer and you hold down the point button on mouse(usually left button) and drag so that way it highlights which files you want to select. And then say you missed one or to you can simple click CTRL and hand select the other files completing the overall selection. The idea of the map(geo filtering) working similar to this would be huge!
  7. Sweet! Does netduma firmware have MAC address filtering for wlan? (In other words wifi Mac filtering)
  8. I understand, though hopefully some folks here would be kind enough to test for us
  9. I do not own a netduma just yet, though would be awesome if someone here could have the geonfilter going while the game loads up to see if t connects to to any of their cloud servers . What I mean by this is in many videos I've encountered people who load up say advanced warfare or black ops 3 while geo filter is running. By doing so as the game begins to load at the home menu the Dedicated server Locations pop up. Would love to know if this same thing happens in Destiny 2 that way we know where the servers are (since i think demonware or whatever their name is will be hosting the matchmaking since activision owns destiny)
  10. Awesome , thank you guys for the replies. to further elaborate on a question someone had about my initial question, what I meant was how accurate is the GeoFilter at determining where the teammate or opponent is on the map? Like say if I'm playing someone who is in New York but it said that they're in New Jersey or something qworky like that. Is it pretty accurate in terms of "this person resides in this state" . We play a lot of private matches and it would be v useful to determine who would be the best host (by seeing where they are on the map and having them be the middle grounds for everyone to send packets to and from for lowest latency)
  11. Noo, stop it there is no need to buy another modem. 6183 is one of the most reliable modems, that tp link is a step down.plus I heard it has problems with restarting itself and being down often. his modem is fine guys
  12. EEE on the 6183 is not enabled by default so that should not be his issue(unless of course he specifically stated that he enabled the EEE functionality) it might be his isp? but he did say that it worked fine when connected to a switch, but that doesn't make any sense.. she has modem-> netduma-> consoles . This should work well
  13. Questions , are you on fibre internet? Who's your isp What is your ping when idle my ping is never a flat line , I'm on residential cable connection just like the majority of people in the us.
  14. Hayzer, quick question, which modem do you have? Please provide with the brand of modem and model number. And I will look up the hardware of that device to see if your problem might be due to the modem.
  15. Any of you going to be testing for d2 ? They have a new match making algorithm from destiny 1, plus a new p2p /cloud server infrastructure for PVP
  16. Hello! Had my eye on the DumaR1 and it's awesome looking Firmware for a while though just can't quite justify the $200 price. Though I have some questions to further spark interest, maybe you folks can help with some of these general questions. NOTE: Primary games Destiny 1 & 2 , then COD, then HALO5 || Consoles: PS4/XB1 How far can you zoom into map, possible to see the city that the host is in? can the geo filter see who is in my private match lobby in games like destiny? can you save any ping information to a server(say a bo3 server you had a great ping to) How accurate is geo filter Does the Duma and geo filter enabled add any additional latency to rtt? Because I have 2 routers. One adds no latency from the modems connection (open-wrt based router) and the netgear nighthawk 7000 adds 2-3ms of additional latency to the modems connection. can the geo filter always run in background and will it degrade performance if so? Does it work with games like uncharted 4? Can I save blacklist and whitelist profiles?say if I happen to reset to factory defaults or upgrade to a new os And how would I set it up with an existing router? I know to turn off dhcp on Duma and firewall, but what else could I do to ensure proficient use with it being behind another router I know the geo filter can usually find who is host in the game, but does it ever let you know when YOU yourself are host of a match? When you have teammates with you and want to search for a game in public matches, does ping assist work ? And how can I utilize geo filtering when my buddies are in my lobby
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