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  1. this last update is complete trash! my connection completely change. i feel no router can help this game. one match you can have the best connection ever to the game and drop a nuke like its nothing. then the next 9 games it feels like the game is punishing you and it wont let you get a kill at all. definitely the worst call of duty ever created. awesome job infinity ward

    i think it might have a lot to do with the high emphasis of SBMM in the game... as well as a low player count. i could be wrong but many things can attribute to it especially those two things i mentioned.

    hope that may have helped a little with how come that happens :)

  2. Hello! I find often that many of us in this forum seem to have an issue where we constantly get booted from lobbies with geo filter enabled.


    what if DumaOs integrated a smart action feature where when enabled it finds you a lobby host close by , it then disables Itself so that way you can stay in the lobby minimizing the amount of times you get booted in games such as Destiny & other p2p games.


    I find in my case whenever I set the geo filter to about 1200 miles or lower with strict mode off, I consistently get error codes/booted out of peer 2 peer games such as destiny, uncharted 4, and even cod ghosts for example.

    I believe a feature like this for the geo filter would be amazing because I do find hosts very close by with v low latency, though I can't seem to stay in the lobby long enough before getting removed.


    With new innovation comes new devices. With new devices like the r1 comes new software like the geo filter. With new firmware comes new improvements to these things like a smart geo filter.. What are your guys thoughts on something like this being implemented ? geo filter is one of the best implementations I've seen especially for a router. Let's make it even better. Let's get rid of the booting so we can get back to gaming ;)

  3. Yes disable turbo, you do not need it for your speeds. What is it like after disabling that?


    Congestion control recommend putting to 70/70.


    Destiny you may get booted, it seems there are always more IDs to add to the cloud for that game which ill keep adding.


    Do the above and see if it's any better please.

    I just disabled turbo , left geofilter active at 1000miles and still the same booting issues persist in destiny. In uncharted when I find a lobby with geo filter set at 1000miles Strange things still occur. Sometimes I'll get booted, or I will miraculously load in the lobby & hit detection feels crispy(Feels like I'm playing on LAN), but when I do load into a lobby, like I mentioned earlier with the geo filter is set low around 1000miles uncharted 4 keeps indicating I have packet loss, and show me a disconnection icon in the middle of the screen.this never happens with geo filter off


    What if the geo filter had a some sort of smart action that allowed you to find and connect to the lobby and then turn itself off that way it wouldn't boot you from that lobby? Hmmm..


    Here is an id I had to whitelist shortly after installing the r1 as my router or else I couldn't log into destiny on ps4 at all. ID: 78cd59246a17ccd1


    Thank you for replies btw.

    Kind regards

  4. I enabled auto cloud and bleeding edge though the same issues are still occurring when geo filter set low say about 700miles with strict mode off(I've never used strict mode btw). Both in uncharted (I have to leave the distance above 1400 or else strange things happen like peoples ping bars not showing up) and destiny. In destiny I set radius to 750miles found a match with people very close to me though as we were flying in half way through I got beaver booted from lobby with a beaver error code and didn't even get to see the map that was about to be played. Also, my NAT is open.


    My bandwidth package is for 100down/10up

    reccomend I still disable ?

    Congestion control sliders are at 100% for both upload and download.

    Only 2 devices are connected and 1 person using the network (myself)

    and anti flood is set to the console I am using (ps4). Anyone else get booted from lobbies when your geo distance is set below 900miles?


    for the most part I find lobbies very close with a low distance filter setting, although when i am put into that lobby, i end up being booted(destiny) or strange things happen in the match where i find myself teleporting/rubber banding & enemies standing still. as well as packet loss messages in game within -> (uncharted 4) . It's not until I increase the distance in miles to around 1500 and up do things seem normal, somewhat defeating the purpose of trying to find lobbies close by.

  5. I think you've misunderstood how ping assist works.


    Ping Assist works independently of the Geo Filter radius, it allows you to also connect to hosts outside of the circle if your ping to that host is lower than the number you set.

    It does not have any effect on anything within the circle. Ever.


    If you're finding worse connections with your Geo radius set smaller then it's quite likely that you're cutting it short of the dedicated servers. That's assuming it plays on dedis and if it's even supported.


    I think you're probably better off with the Geo filter disabled completely for Uncharted, unless another Mod/Admin has told you otherwise.

    Try with it disabled and see how it plays.



    Are you playing on a wired or wireless connection by the way?


    As you seem to be suffering a lot of packet loss, I would test your line properly. Rather than use the Netduma Diagnostics, which is just a snapshot, you should download some free software to check. I'd recommend Ping Plotter, it's easy to use and has instructions.

    I am finding games with A+ connection ping wise when I set the geo filter radious small say about 1000miles. Though when I do this it start skipping around for what ever reason. This has nothing to do with my wan connection and is completely independent to the geo filter being set to 1300miles or lower for example.

    Uncharted 4 is peer 2 peer connection based. Non dedicated.

    I played it with geo filter off for a few games and the ping/hit detection felt a lot heavier which is to be expected since I was connecting to hosts on the opposite side of the USA from where I am, as to when I set the radious some what small I connect to hosts the next state over or even in my own state.


    I play direct wired never wireless. and I understand what you are saying though my line has been tested before, through say ping plotter and it comes back with great results.to just be frank, I do not have actual packet loss on my line. The packet loss is artificial and pertains only to the geo filter being active. It non existent when geo filter is off or the geo filter radious is set to be very wide covering most of the USA.


    Thanks for reply by the way! Still not quite sure why this issue persists when filter radious is set small.

  6. Artificial Packet Loss


    Running into some issues with geo filter settings which are causing/mimicking packet loss. Experiencing Players skipping ,myself skipping/rubber banding,red bar etc..

    NOTE: [wifi turned off & only game console and pc are connected via rj45 during all this] geo filter turned on / strict mode off, In / miscellaneous settings I have only multicast snoop enabled / And turbo mode enabled

    Cloud : auto cloud disabled / bleeding edge disabled






    First off, I was playing a few pvp matches of Uncharted 4 I frequently got messages about my connection or icons indicating I was disconnecting for a moment . I found this odd because whilst playing destiny the day prior, I would find lobbies with hosts close to me but get kicked from them just before landing and starting the match. I can more or less equate this to my filter distance setting & maybe ping assist.

    For starters I tried being advantageous and set my ping assist to 0 thinking I would find great lobbies (read somewhere on the Duma forums destiny doesn't use ping assist nor auto ping host) though when I did this I frequently got booted from a lobby before even landing/starting the match. (I would find hosts close though) My filter distance was at about 2000miles I believe.

    Then I reduced the distance to about 1000 and left ping assist at 22ms. I found lobbies and they were great though I would be red bar and get a contacting destiny servers message after the match was over and looking for another lobby..


    Next, uncharted 4. My settings were at 2000 miles 12ms ping assist. I found lobbies though would skip/rubber band hear and there. So I reduced to about 800miles with 25ms ping assist , found lobbies very close though this is where the artificial packet loss would start. The game would kick me mid game stating that I had continuous packet loss which was pretty apparent since I was skipping and enemies were skipping and teleporting everywhere.(hence where the title of this post comes from) Also in game it wouldn't show me other players ping bars in uncharted 4

    It would only show 3 out of 10 people's ping bars through out the match(first times I seen it do this)


    Next, Played a few matches of uncharted 4 with my filter distance changed & increased to 1337miles and 14ms ping assist and wala found lobbies close by with no issues and no skipping/teleporting from my teammates nor myself. The being bottled before landing into a Destiny pvp match also stopped and I was able to load into a match and play no problem. ALSO When I increased the distance I could see all of my teammates ping bars in uncharted and a couple of the enemies ping bars.


    To conclude , I start to have connection issues when my ping assist is set to 0 near that regardless of distance. I also cannot lower my filter distance lower than say 1200 or so without experiencing "packet loss" (when in reality there is no packet loss, to be extra sure I ran another internet diagnosis from Duma GUI after experience these things and everything came back exceptional again with no packet loss.)

    Any ideas as to what I can do differently to achieve a lower filter distance without it causing major connection issues? Or better yet what exactly is happening here when I decrease the geo filter distance and get booted or see packet loss after doing this?


    kind regards

  7. 1. Selecting colours for your devices will be a feature in DumaOS.

    2. Dedicated servers have their own icon on the DumaOS Geo-filter so much easier to tell

    3. Good suggestion

    4. That's implemented in DumaOS

    5. Unlikely, we have our own QoS which will be much better than anything out there


    nice! if only we knew when os might be dropping .... ;)


    not sure if this has been answered on here before but just to confirm, all r1 firmware updates will be free of charge correct?

    • allow the user to pick which color each device would be, rather the auto color assignment it currently picks for the users device. say i want an xbox console to be of green color and pc to be gray , ps4 to be blue so on and so fourth. this would also help in the network monitor where some of my devices are relatively the same color and id like to seperate them from looking alike when monitoring a device or devices :)


    • also possibly bring back the yellow color for dedicated server circle's in the geo filter ? this would be awesome! would 100% help differentiate what and who your connecting to


    • wifi mac filtering


    • removal option of service in geo filtering section

    cake as the congestion control sqm instead of fq_codel possibly ? ;D


    tnx again guys, keep rockin!

    kind regards




  8. It would be an excellent feature. I reckon it could get too restrictive - especially for new users, so it'd have to be some kind of advanced feature. Still, we all want it to happen one day - when we've got a spare years worth of research to undertake we'll build this feature!

    even a USA/UK/Mexico etc country specific only snap feature would be awesome. were i'm at it snaps usa + mexico which is not always great in terms of connection. either way anything added on top of what you can currently do would be icing on the cake at this point :)

  9. and when I have buddies join my lobby , should I white list them?


    When searching for a public match with them in my lobby I'd like to have peramiters set that way 1 of my buddies and I get closest to host (we team up with other folks from dif parts of u.s.) does the Geo filtering still work when friends are on your lobby?

  10. Interesting. Was just in a match (peer2peer game) and clicked on host and it said temp ban when it was a console host(another player) also when I loaded up a private match in another game (by myself) I clicked on host(obviously going to be me as host) and it read temp ban on host descriptor as well. pardon me as I am still learning this GUI.

  11. Lastly I when you load up BO3 for example, it connects to all dedicated servers which is visiable. Although how do you know you are being connected to one when in matchmaking ? Seen a video of drift0r connecting to a dedi and it's circle was yellow (when dedicated) is this not the case currently?


    When you turn it off or on it is pretty much straight away as far as I am aware. However there is an anti cheat feature built in so if you adjust your ping assist for instance it will take up to two minutes to take effect.


    From the wiki.

    Geo-Filter Anti-Cheat Feature


    There are multiple ways you can connect to another host or player:

    • They are within your distance circle

    • There ping is below your ping assist value

    • The Geo-filter is disabled

    • They are in your allow list

    Regardless of what allowed you to connect to a host you'll remain connected to that host till communication has stopped for over 2 mins.

    For example if a player is within your circle, you need to leave the game they are in for over 2 mins and there circle and square has disappeared from the Geo-Filter before they can be filtered again.

    This is done so that people can't use the Geo-Filter to boot people out the game. If this didn't exist you could have your filter set large, then shrink it once you start losing to boot other players.

    This makes senses! So I assume this works the same with the filter by distance slider as well correct? Say I'm in a que and can't find a lobby , can I widen the distance radius right then and there and allow it to connect me to a host further without having to wait long also?

  13. question 5 and 6. If all the circles are the same size you are host.

    interesting. makes sense as to why my shots were crispy those 2 games.. 


    any idea on how long it takes for geo filter to activate after clicking enable on that specific device? 

    and how long does it take to become inactive after disabling it? say i switch games or want to play a private match and want to disable geo filter.. how long does it usually take for it to become effective? ( i heard somewhere around 5 mins, any insight on as how long)?

  14. was trying the search feature on here though no luck on exact topics..


    1. can i leave geo-filter always enabled even when device is not in use?


    2. what is the Current specific color of a Dedicated Server on the map?  (in videos ive seen people reviewing the netduma and queuing into a lobby say in cod bo3, it shows the dedicated servers as yellow circles. though all i see are red circles.)


    2. 1/2 . how will i know its a dedicated server Im connecting to?


    3.Should i set congestion to 70% when other people are using internet and im gaming, then slide it back to 100% when im not gaming? 


    4. does moving sliders in congestion control stop bandwidth for a moment as it enables?


    5. how do you know if YOU are host in a lobby? is this represented with a specific color?


    6. lastly howcome say in Destiny, when playing 3v3, everyones red circle is the same size(which in reality would indicate everyone is the host?) i do not understand this



    thanks in advance! :)

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