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  1. if both ip's got banned then it sounds like a console ban of some sort... which games were you playing while this happened?
  2. The fix is only cosmetic towards ICMP. You will still experience the infamous PUMA6 ping spikes on TCP & UDP. Kind regards.
  3. M8 please take some time and look over the data and information xymox posted. very insightful on the negative effects PUMA 6 chip has on these modems.
  4. ^^^ this. Mods can you replace the list of modems on this topic with the ones listed on the link above, or post the link above to clarify which modems indefinitely ARE affected by the PUMA 6 issue.
  5. The firmware updates are only a cosmetic fix and not an actual fix. No updates to these modems firmware can fix the actual underlying issue of latency they suffer from. kind regards
  6. [request] The ability to delete or remove active UPNP redirects. The alternative may be to port forward, though It's a small addition that many routers I've used before have. With multiple consoles in a household upnp works great. Would definitely like the added security of being able to delete or block redirects that upnp allow, say if someones device(s) in the household wants a port opened that you rather it not have access to for example. If there is already a way to remove active redirects in R1's current GUI please by all means forward me that information. As I would make use of it as soon as I know how to.
  7. Thanks for the replies fellas. ended up decreasing brightness on monitor to 40/50 (which greatly reduced the amount of power the monitor consumed. More so by Half of the maximum amount) . Then went ahead and bumped up the contrast to near 100 . This helped with eliminating some of the dark/blind spots since the monitor does not have a black equalizer similar to what a Ben q has. What I also took from this was to make sure you have instant mode ON.
  8. you can ping google for a while & sometimes they don't send back from a request. SOMETIMES. For example if you ping your isp at say .5 second intervals, they could possibly think they are being attacked from 2 many requests so they may ignore said requests which could result in packet loss on your PP graph. Number of reasons why they may appear. Though like I said if your pinging something to quickly it may look like an attack on their end and might reject some pings since pings are of low priority when it comes to Bandwidth. Has much to do with your isp and how they respond to ping requests . Try pinging at 1 second intervals or even 1.5 seconds. At that rate the requests shouldn't be alarming to the isp. Hope that wasn't to much info at once!
  9. My rule of thumb is if your connection is working fine without causing you any problems, best bet is to not worry about it. That right there Will save you tons of headaches.
  10. well, from what ive witnessed so far while using geo filter (strict mode off) & playing ps4 destiny in United States are a few things. finding a lobby with geo filter active is easy, it searches and connects you to a host in your area if thats how you have the distance set. once it finds enough players (6 out of 6 for example in the skirmish playlist) it then begins loading the match or "flying you in" as they say in destiny. my assumption is that the 1 game you didn't get booted from happened to keep the same host the geo filter connecting you to initially. to my understanding AS its flying you into the match, the lobby continues to choose one of you as host when it already chose one in the beginning of matchmaking (which is the person you connected to that's in your geo filter range), & when it starts flying you in it can possibly change the host to someone that is not in your GeoFilter distance thus causing the disconnects/boots/beaver errors. I encountered a situation where the host i connected to in my geo filter ended up backing out/leaving the match mid game and Destiny quickly chose a different host which so happened to be one outside of my geo filter range. This also led to me being booted & receiving the beaver error. there may need to be some sort of intermittent auto turn-off switch on the geo filter that way after it connects you to the host, it shuts itself off to keep you in the lobby even if the p2p lobby changes host mid game. Because if/when it does change mid game to a host outside your range , the geo filter thinks "uh oh this person is outside your filter distance, I need to block them that way you don't connect to them" then quickly gives you the hot boot. we are not being booted because we cannot connect to a dedicated server, destiny 1 PVP only uses servers for game data like tracking score kills and deaths. thing like that . then the host's console handles the gun shooting, players movement, kill feed and so on. "Destiny 1 hosting duties such as player physics, shooting mechanics, are performed by player consoles and only script and mission logic ran in the dedicated data center" similar things seem to happen in uncharted 4 as well. the people that appear in my geo-filter-circle won't have any movement issues/hickups the whole game (which is usually like 2-4 people), but those who are outside my geo filter circle (typically around 4-7 people) will periodically appear to have their character dragging/skipping across the screen as if the geo filter is dropping the packets that depict their player movement. like if the duma is trying to block you from connecting to them or something.. ends up causing strange player movement from people outside geo filter range.
  11. if you have no other way of accessing the GUI of your netduma, i would try the reset button located on the back of the unit near where the power light indicator is. FInd yourself a bobby Pin or a toothpick, then insert that where the reset button is. here is text directly from netduma wiki on resets reiterating what i just mentioned above. " Reset via Hardware Please only do this if you cannot access the NETDUMA interface, if you can please follow the above steps for resetting via software. You can do a reset from the hardware itself, at the back of the router where the power and ethernet cables plug in is a small circular hole with 'RES' written above. In order to reset you will need to push something small into the hole such as a pen or pin. Once you have done this the router will reboot. Please note the wifi password will now be 'netdumar1' if you are having trouble connecting to wifi please use an ethernet cable into a PC to access the interface and change the wireless password."
  12. Many of us use computer monitors as our displays when gaming. I'm having a little trouble with properly optimizing a monitor to both look good and not strain the eyes after extended periods of use, as well as make it easier to see enemies hiding in dark/dim lighted parts of a map. For example, in something like cod ghosts it's difficult for me to be able to spot enemies. They blend in so well with the environments and seems as if people always see me when I can barely spot them. Anyone here very knowledgeable when it comes to optimizing the :brightness, contrast, hue, sharpness etc? does having to much contrast somewhat increase input delay etc.. owndo you guys prefer to set up your monitor? I like mine to look vivid bough not sure if this will hinder performance at all. Cheers
  13. check your network monitor on the duma user interface, find out what the name of their device/ or i.p. that the Duma's DHCP server is lending them and then go to your congestion control (the flower) and look for that specific device or devices. Now you have the flexibility to move the slider to what ever percentage of your network you want to enable them to. be it 50% or 1%. depends on how much bandwidth you want to allow that device. hope that helped answer your question
  14. correct, actually the geo filter was disabled when i played..there is an option for you to choose which part of the united states you want to connect to. east, west and so on.. so back peddle on what i mentioned above as it works great with or without the filter since you have control in game of who & what server you connect to in that regard.. cheers
  15. thank,, You. Appreciate you always taking the time to get back to our inquiries.
  16. I will never purchase another infinit y ward game again after ghosts. Lol
  17. In my speculation on how halo 5 works with Duma - I'll find a lobby , it will create a dedicated server showing people connected , then there will be no indication that the game is loading on the monitor of the xb1. I will look over at the geo filter and see a pad lock indicator that shows up near NY which I'm not trying to connect to (I'm in Colorado, USA at the moment), then halo 5 will tell me something is wrong with the server and boot me. Shortly after the pad lock dissapears then I have to re que until it finds a server closer to me. In uncharted 4 it will find a lobby close by as geofikter indicates , stalled matchmaking in my screen then boot me out of the lobby and re que . I found when manually disabling geo filter right after finding a match seems to yield same booting result. It's though as if the geo filter is still active For some odd seconds after being disabled .
  18. In fact even in the beta they did not want to scare off any potential buyers by matching them against a bunch of decent players lol.. So for that reason they had strong sbmm perimeters to keep the casual pared with the casual and the slightly more skilled players with players alike
  19. Sorry to break it to you but in no shape or form has destiny 1's matchmaking in pvp gone strictly CBMM. There is a high percentage of sbmm involved other than in trials of orsiris. In their language it's to protect the average casual player from the growing amount of v decent players.
  20. Here is another id that I whitelisted on my end , without it white listed I cannot connect to halo 5 and or sign into halo 5 with geo filter enabled & set to within my states radius. ID: 90d1723d6e2f0d12 Worth to note that I Do have both auto cloud and bleeding edge cloud enabled . Along with "host filtering service" set to xbox1 console, Halo 5 instead of Xbox live.
  21. This is speculation but it might be because destiny switches host as you load in? maybe it finds us the host close by, thus connecting players who are not close to you. Then as it loads you in the lobby it maybe switches the host to someone who is outside your distance filter range that connected to origins host you found which was close to you, thus resulting in you being booted since the host is not a match to your distance filter. Don't quote me on that but maybe that is why we are all getting booted from destiny?
  22. Curious, How does the adding I.d.'s work exactly Fraser? It seems as he is providing you the id's to the peer2peer players he is attempting to connect to and not a server of any sort. Does this mean those players id's will be whitelisted for everyone; and end up allowing us to connect to them when we matchmake even when they are not near us since they are whitelisted? if so this is confusing since his region/area is not the same as ours. Still learning about the workings of the cloud & hope to understand it a little better
  23. was not aware it takes 4 hours for cloud settings to take affect. tnx for the heads up!
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