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  1. Encountering "couldn't connect to server errors" with geo filter enabled after finishing a match, which in turn voids you from receiving any XP or progress acting as if you left the match voluntarily. the error occurs rite after the game ending kill cam, and does not show any match stats when removed back to main menu as if you never even played in the match you got disconnected from.


    I have not encountered this error with geo filter disabled.  Anyone else experiencing the same? or have you all abandoned the beta already lol

  2. That i can count for sometimes players are knowing my location before i even get there with out a recon uav up.

    in WWII you can hear enemy chatter and they can make out your location by this as well

  3. Ok received my beta code for the COD WWII website and took care of that so what is next? Will it automatically download to my console or will I get another code to use for the xbox. Kinda anxious if you can't tell.


    I preordered the Scorpio too and November can't get here quick enough.

    input into cod website, then you will have to wait for them to email you back with a follow up code which then is applied to your console store.

  4. Yeah, looks like I will be having same issues with this game as I do with every other COD but no other games outside of the COD franchise. Another wasted purchase. The game itself is pretty boring anyways. 

    if you don't want it ill gladly take it off your hands :) i enjoy it so far.

  5. Not mine it's something i found online to show people sometimes that shoot first die first BS is tranditional cod :lol:

    could also be due to the screen people play on, on their screen you might not see someone poking out, but the enemy might if their screens input delay is closer to that of a CRT screen.

  6. I'm really enjoying it had no lag whatsoever had fun i didn't rage as much so must be a good sign hit detection as been fantastic i've seen players try and scuf but it aint work for them :lol: i was connected with loads of players in the uk geofilter actually worked blocking out spain and germans.


    Here's a screenshot i grabbed of all the players it connected to. I'll try and get a better one later today of it blocking out the spanish.



    just seen your gif of AW... so funny.you never stood a chance to that BAL lol lol....

  7. Just got in 7 games, now while the duma has been really poor with Destiny it was fantastic tonight in the WW2 beta.


    I was using the COD Ultimate profile, every game had a mean ping of between 25-28ms, no laggy rubbish or getting booted like in Destiny, good stuff.

    cod is running off of dedicated servers, so if you are connecting to the same one repeatedly ,than chances are your connection in game should be consistently good through out..

  8. I am so looking forward to playing this next week it is probably good for the UK with servers here and I know how you play and if you say it feels good then I am happy thanks for letting me know nfx.

    there are about 4 or 5 U.K. dedi servers for WWII on ps4

  9. game plays well so far.. not as many dedicated servers on this game from my understanding. mainly in U.K. and near east coast... find the server nearest you and connect to that one on strict mode. went 19 and 5 my last game.... just keep playing upgrade your weapons and attune them to your liking (sensitivity included) . this game has a much different TTK then previous , if you are lagging i would attest that to many things, possibly a congested node? 


    keep us updated on how its going and follow up...i will as well, though so far it is working well for me..remember farther you are away from the dedicated server, the more often enemies will see you before you see them. just find the server closest/or that works best

  10. i was trying to post a picture of the Dedicated server locations, but apparently i cant post imgur.com photos? 

    they have quite a few of them in the U.K. ...then some spread quite thin in the USA.most being on the east coast 

  11. If you connect it right, and set it up correctly then it will magically make it so that there is no effect. While uploading/downloading my ping only increases about 10ms which you wouldn't even notice while playing a game.


    First, what modem do you have? Is it an all in one with wifi? Gotta make sure all your devices are connecting through the Netduma so it can manage your bandwidth properly.


    As for your slow speeds, the Netduma actually works better with slower speeds. So you'll have better results than I do with 240 down lol.


    Any other questions?

    i DO notice when my ping fluctuates about 10 ms(especially when playing on a monitor).. the hit registration changes. may not notice it but you Will "feel" it. shots don't connect as smoothly. 


    try the congestion control and see if that improves your ping fluctuation while using netflix



  12. listen, most of those router mentioned by OP are the same exact routers that are already on the market today, just with a different coat of paint & a re skinned GUI and re-wording of the QOS system they have in place to entice gamers specifically.  They are not really building anything from the ground up towards gaming. Best piece of advice, save your money on those things as they are more or less gimmicks.Just to be clear , i am not talking or referring to the R1 only to those routers which OP has suggested as well as even the netgear nighthawk "gaming switch".. these things are no different from what is already available and do not do anything special that a simple router or switch can do. its merely a nicer "cooler" looking device with rgb Led's on them to make them considered "gaming" peripherals..


    the linksys ac3200 has the EXACT same internals as the "Linksys WRT 32X Gaming router". yet they are pushing it for i believe $100 more..

    the asus AC5300 is that expensive because of the real world wifi throughput it offers and is the reason the router is on the rather large size.. has nothing to do with gaming but looks pretty neat and has extensive wifi coverage. this is aimed at gamers because most casual gamers play video games over wifi and their product aims to be in the wifi coverage department with all sorts of edges and curves on it to make it look futuristic for gaming... none of these router will really do anything different than a $80 router in terms of ethernet performance(not talking about wifi performance, most certainly a router with more & powerful antennas could output stronger wifi signal) . Not to mention if their firmware isn't stable than your base ping could increase by a couple/few milliseconds just by using the router. im fine with the R1 since it adds no additional latency/jitter on top of the base ping directly from the modem. just use an ethernet switch if you need more ports.



  13. curious, does the geo filter use more router cpu power when its opened in a browser? or is it generally "always" running regardless if you have it opened in a window or not? 

    just asking to see if it can reduce cpu load by not having the GUI/Geo filter open to view 24/7 type of thing, 

  14. Go to miscellaneous settings, Enable turbo mode, as well as the second turbo mode option. This should get you as close to your 1gb speeds as possible.and yes I would leave the congestion control at 100% . As there is more than enough bandwidth to go around for all of your devices.


    Hope that helped answer your question :)

  15. Can confirm , still being kicked from matchmaking with geo filter on , strict mode off, cloud set to auto and bleeding edge,and distance set to 750miles. Continuously receiving beaver error (played some Saturday, and just now). Like we said it will find us players near by then as the match loads you in it will change host resulting in booting.. that smart geo filter thing I mentioned would come in handy.. when I manually try to disable geo filter myself after finding a match , it seems as if the filter is still active (my assumption is the anti cheat kicking in) because I still end up being booted and receiving beaver error in destiny 1 ps4.


    also still getting packet loss errors with geo filter enabled in uncharted 4.could be the geo filter ignoring packets from people outside my filter range, which is causing the game to think I have packet loss issues.


    UPDATE: just found a match in 6v6 destiny clash. thought I was safe & got half way in score then got booted from lobby. host probably changed mid game, geo filter did its job and ignored host outside my range which resulted in me being booted. = problematic . geo filter should shut itself off during match to keep from you being booted after already finding a lobby. Unfortunately no additional I.d.'s will solve this, seems more like a distance filter issue even with strict mode off :/

  16. I have a simple question.  If it has been answered already I hope maybe you can point me into the right direction. With 2 different threads on the same topic one has already been closed since people can't agree and disagree as adults....My question is which MODEM should I purchase TODAY that is compatible with NetDuma R1 router and hopefully other routers as well.  My ISP is Comcast/Xfinity my download is 120mbps and my upload is 5mbps.  Thank you to  you and everyone else for being helpful and supportive.  


    SIDE NOTE: My current MODEM is:Arris SB6183


    netgear CM600   / CM1000  or

    arris sb8200   . if you think your area will eventually get docsis 3.1 then cm1000/SB8200 are 100% perfect for future proofing.

    but the cm600 should be more than enough by the looks of your bandwidth plan.



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