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  1. was curious at howcome the geo filter never displays the correct amount of players in the lobby? like in destiny it only shows about 60% of players in lobby in cod about 70-80% and in uncharted about 90% sometimes it only shows about 30% of players in lobby on uncharted or destiny (peer 2 peer)
  2. whoops, then consider this thread closed. i will move my id's to that one. tnx for the heads up
  3. keep posting id's so we can get these added to the cloud. remember , id's not player hosts. a lot of people get the two mixed up. when you click on a dedicated server , it should say "temp ban" which indicates its a dedi server and not an actual players ps4 as host.. 2734c893d1c61419
  4. there are only so many people who game that have this type of connection.. probably the best you can get. Although its a superb connection, you are essentially paying what the whole neighborhood would pay for access to the node. say you have 25 houses on your block. that more or less all feed to the same node.. you would have to pay for all of those houses internet plus yours.. surely the costs is in the thousands per month. so its either you pay for all of it, or it is SPLIT into people that live around you which is why you get the price of around $60 a month depending on what u have, Essentially it is like the route in your home. everyone in your home connects to that, and if everyone is using at once, then your connection can become slow. this is the same for the node that your neighborhood is connected to. this is why you see hardly any residentials owning a dedicated line. businesses tend buy these or lease them. which now is a fibre line since they would have to run new cable or wiring to the location. hopefully fibre makes its way to existing neighborhoods because you transfer data so fast through fibre that local node congestion will become a thing of the past.
  5. i believe this, AW never felt directly instant when shooting shots. it also felt like it compensated for peoples connections a lot even though i was on a dedicated server literally down the street. Sledgehammer is amongst those looking for equal skill gap within their game.. i always felt like i got cheated in WWII. as well as AW. though in AW my dodge movement is very decent allowing me to avoid the "they seen me first when on my screen i fired my weapon first" situation. this is the thing i enjoyed very much about AW.... but i digress
  6. there are many factors that go into these release dates.. 1 i can think of very quickly at the top of my head is, when the kid plays the midnight release, they wake up sometime the next morning go to school & talk about it to their friends. Word Of Mouth is another huge factor in the sales of these games. one friend says how much they enjoy it convincing another friend to buy and so on and so fourth. say more of their friends buy it, this means there are more chances of them continously playing the game because their friends are playing, resulting into dedicated players who in turn will more than likely will invest more $ into the games DLC. not to mention the kid who they do not know sitting/standing near them listening in to the conversation who will probably be interested in the game and end up looking it up online and probably buying it as well. & thats just 1 reason why they may do this. cheers!
  7. Playing COD WWII i encountered a lot of "wow i should have beat that person to the shot there" . although i firmly believe you can sometimes fix lag, R1 will assist in that.. although it can only do so much when the video game developers introduce tools that involve lag compensation which ultimately determine your experience in game. even so for fps games. the developers design a system that tries to lower the skill gap between players that way the less experienced players can have a good game which in theory would keep them playing and buying dlc. this video will go into detail about some of the topics we discuss here frequently. watch the video when you have some free time. it basically reiterated what i have an idea of regarding shooters & lag. and will most likely enlighten those of you who are interested in understanding why a player "sees" you first before you see them. cheers
  8. lets get this addressed!! many of us will be playing this game. need it to be playable with geo filter enabled because it is still a Peer2Peer game and can result in ruff connections if connecting to host with a ping that's more than 50ms..So in short the game will connect you to one of their servers for player movement and gun shooting so your shots will feel instantly fired, then the actual host of the game is another player in the lobby (p2p) . so its a hybrid system. post the id's to the servers you are connecting to (not the players hosts) everyone report back with your experiences so we can get this fixed as soon as possible. thanks
  9. will netduma further support D2 on pc ? regarding the extra features pc users are able to utilize such as viewing packet loss jitter etc on a PC game ?
  10. where? anyhow i would recommend this monitor
  11. you did not ask, though my base ping to google is about 11ms.. when i hit a BO3 server very close to me , my ping to it is around 16ms (which is the lowest you can be at in a cod game).when im at that 16ms mark my shots hit instantly, feels like im playing on LAN. these are the instances where i end up seeing people before they see me.
  12. next guess would be your distance from the closest server. these games run hybrid, part dedicated server when you can connect and enough people to connect to one, and then peer2peer. could also be your connecting to a peer2peer when those ping spikes occur. for instance, on Sledgehammer games (Advanced warfare, WWII) my connection to people doesn't feel the best that it can be, though when i play COD BO3, they have a server very very close to my location. as where AW & WWII do not have a server very close by unfortunately.
  13. keep it real. it could be a number of things... my guess is its your internet line, or modem they provided to you... find the model number & look your modem up online. check if it has an Intel Puma 6. <- that is the root cause of a lot of peoples ping spikes. cheers
  14. i have a ps4 beta code if anyone is willing to trade their xbox one beta code
  15. do you have a spare beta code by any chance?
  16. ill trade a ps4 beta code for an xbox one beta code, anyone?
  17. did you just #ad me ? lolol guess there is no open beta.. shame
  18. will there be an OPEN beta? like for those who haven't pre ordered?
  19. why do you have 2 xbox 's active on the geo filter list? might be an issue there... is one a 360 and the other an XB1?
  20. mountainping

    COD WW2

    i found it to be very enjoyable.. the thing they can do to make it V enjoyable like BO3 , is lower or remove SBMM.
  21. mountainping

    COD WW2

    you know what, it might have been directly related to the WWII servers... checked out a few streams to see how other peoples hit reg was fairing , and came across 2 people whom had the same issue. I also do not believe they use the R1 as a router, so it may have been an issue occurring in the beta. and to answer your question, the only thing appearing on geo filter was the yellow triangles blocking players outside of the range. I do notice that say when you connect to the host/or dedicated server for that matter with geo filter enabled, it does not show the other circles whom connected to that same host/Dedi that are outside of the geo filter range. They appear for a few seconds as yellow triangles then when game starts, they disappear since they are not in your filter range. This exact thing occurs in Uncharted 4/destiny and so on.. So in reality i'm usually only able to see where folks are that are inside the filter distance after the match starts,and when disabled everyone shows up. Hope how i worded it wasn't to confusing. cheers
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