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    gamerukali got a reaction from ColonicBoom in Looking for a gaming monitor   
    Hi i know this isnt really netduma related but i need some advice on a good monitor for my ps4.
    I wanted to buy benq rl2455hm but i cant find no online selling it in uk because its a bit old. Does anyone know any better alternative for sale ?
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    gamerukali got a reaction from Born Highlander in will this router ever get any more firmware updates ?   
    I am one of the very early adopters of the netduma and when it was first starting we use to get regualar updates on the router and was prmoised much more, its been like 2 years or so since a update whats going on ? I hardly use the features avalible since for me i dont feel ot really makes a diffrence and with no news on updates etc maybe its time i leave the netduma and find something else
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    gamerukali got a reaction from N3CR0 in Getting Virgin Media 200MB Fibre Optic, what are your experiences?   
    I joined them 3 months ago gamer package,  i made the wrong decision , its not good for gaming and the current superhub yey give has a major fault causing jitter etc. Avoid virgin for your own good 
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