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  1. Could you have a look at the actual CPU graph please when the load average is high and see what it is doing please? The load average could be high because there are a lot of tasks that are being processed/waiting to be processed, especially with how many devices you're using. While I agree 200+ is high, if the CPU usage graph itself is not maxing out then it shouldn't be a cause for concern.

    The issues that you mentioned could be due to the fact that you have IPv6 enabled which in its current state will mean QoS isn't running as effectively as it should. If you disable this and then use your normal QoS/Anti-Bufferbloat settings to eliminate local congestion then the issue should be resolved.

  2. Quels serveurs recevez-vous habituellement via le filtre géographique? Quel ping montrent-ils? Je suppose que ce serait bien pire pendant les heures de pointe et, en fonction de votre situation géographique, de l’acheminement. Voulez-vous dire que le routeur redémarre tout seul?

    What servers do you usually get through the Geo-Filter? What ping do they show? I would assume that it would be a lot worse during peak times and depending on your location the routing as well. Are you saying the router reboots on its own?

  3. Selon vous, quels sont les bugs qui vous empêchent d’obtenir un bon gameplay? Le filtre géographique ne vous permet-il pas de vous rapprocher des jeux de ping faibles?

    What are the bugs that you perceive to be an issue with ensuring you get good gameplay? Does the Geo-Filter not allow you to get low ping games close to you?

    38 minutes ago, DanyKTM said:

    Bonjour Fraser,  je crois que les guides en anglais sont très bien monté, pour des setup de base, j'ai pour ma part débranché mon netgear XR 500 car je passe trop de temps à essayer d'ajuster,. j'Ai un travaille a temps plein et une jeune famille, donc je n'ai pas 1 a 2h a passer sur mon modem a essayer des configurations, je veux jouer, donc depuis quelques semaine, je joue en WIFI, ben oui sur le 5ghz de mon home hub 3000 et sa va quand même bien, j'ai des gameplay assez honnête dans l'ensemble mis a part quelques joueurs invincibles que je rencontre mais dans se temps la je change de lobby.  J'attend impatiement la prochaine mise à jour !

    Merci de toujours nous donner un service exemplaire !!! 💪

    Je peux tout à fait comprendre ça. C’est l’un de mes arguments. Je pense que si au lieu de modifier constamment les paramètres et de les maintenir sur ce qui est recommandé, quel que soit le type de match, vous verriez toujours de bons jeux.

    I can totally appreciate that. That's one of my points, I think if instead of constantly changing settings and keeping them on what is recommended regardless of how one game or the other may go that you would see more consistently good games.

  4. Your forum profile is still showing the IPv6 is active so you may need to disable this from the modem itself. The Xbox doesn't need that much bandwidth at all, games only use less than 1mbps. You don't need QoS with your speeds so disabling that in the Anti-Bufferbloat options is fine. The latency shown in the Xbox settings is not representative at all of what your gameplay will be like. It is just the ping to an authentication server to check you're online and has no bearing on game ping so you can safely ignore this, it is likely gone up because the Geo-Filter has blocked a server. The main thing to check is whether you're getting your full speeds wired through a PC and to check the ping you're actually getting when playing a game by checking the Geo-Filter.

  5. 4 hours ago, d.o.c said:

    Results so far...


    • 500 miles
    • Strict Mode - ENABLED
    • Auto Ping Host - ENABLED
    • Ping Assist - 30

    -- Booted up Steam/Destiny 2 while in Filtering mode

    Not sure if this is a Steam issue vs. Bungie match-making system issue but it seems that the first match of any PvP mode will result in a local lobby which is what we want when using geo-filtering but after the first match it seems that either Steam forces you into another region server (making geo-filter not work properly and not display any details on the host).

    Otherwise when it does work; you will have the steady connection you are looking for, while also being able to show you the host details (Auto ping host - enabled as seen above in my settings)

    --Booted up Steam/Destiny 2 in spectating mode AND THEN set filtering mode when in Orbit before starting a PvP match.

    Currently, this will most likely not work. I've only had it seem like it is working & I only say this because I've had Auto Ping host enabled and it will give me details when it seems to work yet the connections I see in the lobby are suspect compared to the above situational set-up.

    Do you get icons appearing with dashed circles outside your radius? If so that's due to Ping Assist and I wouldn't suggest having that enabled for Destiny. Does that change the behaviour at all? Change it to 0 with the game/steam completely shutdown.

  6. Excusez-moi si je manque le sens, la traduction n'est pas exacte. Vous n'avez pas besoin d'activer la QoS si vous avez une connexion gigabit, nous le mentionnons aux utilisateurs gigabits. Si vous avez un double NAT avec la console dans le routeur DMZ, vous devez effectuer quelque chose avec le routeur ISP, que ce soit en mode modem ou en utilisant le XR500 comme DMZ. Je suggère rarement d'utiliser le transfert de port car il peut être difficile à configurer et la plupart des gens le feront de manière incorrecte, suggérant donc habituellement UPnP qui devrait le faire dans la plupart des cas ou la zone démilitarisée. DumaOS Classified Games priorise les ports utilisés par le jeu afin que le trafic de jeu soit en avance sur la file d'attente de paquets. D'après mon expérience, les gens modifient constamment les paramètres pour trouver la configuration «parfaite». Si vous tenez compte de nos recommandations ou essayez votre propre réglage, comme avec le guide PingPlotter, laissez-le simplement pendant un certain temps pour obtenir une expérience plus cohérente.

    Je pense que le problème se résume à une barrière linguistique. Cela aiderait-il si nos guides étaient traduits - pas par Google Translate?


    Excuse me if I miss the point, the translation isn't accurate. You do not need to have QoS enabled if you have a gigabit connection, we mention that to gigabit users. If you have a double NAT with the console in the router DMZ then there is something with the ISP router that needs to be done, either being put in modem mode or the XR500 put in it's DMZ. I rarely suggest to use port forwarding as it can be tricky to setup and most people will do this incorrectly so usually suggest UPnP which should do it in most cases or DMZ. DumaOS Classified Games prioritizes the ports that the game uses so that the gaming traffic is ahead of the packet queue. In my experience people constantly change settings to find the 'perfect' setup, when actually if you leave it on our recommendations or try your own fine tuning like with the PingPlotter guide and just leave it for awhile you would get a more consistent experience.

    I think the issue comes down to a language barrier, would it help if our guides were translated - not by Google Translate?

  7. On 10/21/2019 at 9:00 AM, xlr8r said:

    ok, so i downgraded to .40 like you suggested and then up to .40 hotfix. The firmware still shows .56 ....? So it seems this cosmetic issue has left the router scarred for life lol....

    also, the router is rebooting itself roughly every 24 hours (sometimes twice a day) , usually between 6 and 7pm....weird....?

    The version number will be cached in the browser, if you clear the cache or do a hard refresh on the window it should report the correct number. It is also a good idea to do a factory reset after an upgrade to ensure no legacy issues have carried over so do that first and see if you still get those reboots.

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